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Basak Taner - Istanbul, Turkey - Turkish (Global Lives Project, 2013) - 15:30:00-15:59:59

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Yes. I said let me call and hear Zeynep's voice No. No . I am on our side of the city. Zeynep! Sweetie! Yeees yees . Mommy heard you. Ok. Sweetie. See you. Take care. Bye bye. Cem, what's up? Ok. If you had told me I could have fixed that before. Ok. Bye Bye. Hi. Mother. How are you? I'm fine. Are you home? I said are you home? Ok. I am on my way to you to bring your medicine. Hesna? Oh she's not there. Ok I am on my way now. I will be there shortly. Just gonna drop the medicine at your door. Em. No. No. I mean normal normal. Ok. Ok. Alright. See you then. Bye.. -Hi. Hi Uncle. - Where is your daughter? -What? -I said where is the girl. -Oh, she's at home. -How are you? - I'm fine. How are you? - I'm doing ok. -You were with Ayten mother and going back home now? -Yes. -Tell my regards. -See you uncle. - Thanks dear. -Helloooo. -Hello dear. Welcome. -Thank you. -Very good. How are you mom? -Thank you dear. Welcome. Please come in. Welcome. (to cameraman) -This is your medicine. -Thank you so much. Thanks, thanks dear. -Is he sleeping? - Well, sleeping yes, but he's gonna be up soon. -Oh, let me not disturb then. Ege wil also come soon I believe. -Oh yes, yes. Thank you very much again. -Many thanks. - Thanks.Thanks. Let me see Grandma too. Grandma! Grandma! Grandma Hi! -Hi Hi. -Hi. Welcome all. How are you? - Very well. How are you? I just left the medicine to mother Ayten. Just dropped by and wanted to see you too. You look really well. -I am well . Thanks to God. -Ok. See you then. -Zeynep is doing fine too. You were asking about baby. She is good, good. Thanks to Allah. -I don't remember to whom I was asking about her? - Could it be mother Ayten? She is 17 months now. -Oh. May Allah save her! She's already over 1 year old eh?

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Producer: Mutlu Vrysopoulos
Views: 102
Posted by: globallives on Aug 20, 2014

Basak works.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Basak Taner, a pharmaceutical delivery person in Istanbul, Turkey. Produced by Mutlu Vrysopoulos, Onur Aldogan, Huseyin Kok, Orhan Caliskan, Mert Aldogan, Semih Gur, Suphi Uzun and Muhammed Genc, this video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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