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Hi everyone , welcome to class number two of Power of Kabbalah 3 today we are going to speak about what we call the four phases the subject four phases refer to how the original vessel was created and how does it practically connect to our life more important, we will try to learn today how to build a true desire because when we have the real and true desire the light will be there one of our biggest problems in life we don't have real desire, we don't have real vessel and when there is no real vessel the light cannot be there the light cannot be constant so first let us understand the difference between false desire and real desire then eventually we will learn about the four phases that it took the vessel originally in the endless to be created, and we are going to learn those four same phases we need to undergo in order to be able to build a true desire true vessel that can reveal the light in our life the first understanding is that the light is infinate and there is never shortage of light As it says, the cow wants to feed the calf more than the calf wants to drink from the cow the light wants to help us, more than we want even to receive the light want to give us abundance, financial abundance Any type of prosperity, health, love, relationship, inner strength manifesting our potential Creating miracles, making a difference All the blessings we are seeking and want to have the light wants to give us more than we want to even receive So, what's missing? We don't have a true desire because at the moment there is a vessel the light will reveal itself there's no coercion in spirituality, the light cannot force itself In the world of free will that we live in we need to have the vessel to activate the light all the blessings are already within us but we need to have our vessel, our true desire to activate and to reveal that light and i'm talking about before we get into the idea of sharing or restricting it all has to start with a desire Imagine these infinate blessings in the room it can be water, it can be health, it can be wisdom, it can be money But as long as we don't have the cup that can hold that blessing that blessing does not exist for us so the idea, how do we create the real cup, the real vessel so a few ingredients from lessons from the Rav Berg about what is a true vessel versus false one so the first one is the idea of continous desire versus temporary desire what is a temporary desire? Yes I want money Yes I want to change Yes I want to grow. Today I feel bad, I feel difficulties I'm sure I want it, I'm convinced, I'm motivated, I'm energized. and than, when things are a little easier tomorrow when things don't seem to be as bad tomorrow or when I'm a little too down, I gave up I don't desire anymore, I don't crave anymore that's called temporary desire temporary desire is a false desire. The light cannot dwell in a temporary desire so the fact that I'm today saying "I want, how come I don't get?" it's a temporary desire, it's very simple I want the light, I need to be like the light the light is a constant desire to give if I don't have a constant desire to receive how do I hope to connect with the light? We ask for the light, we want to be in a world and act like you and it begins with a true lasting desire and it's not easy because there are times, that indeed I want something but because we are so affected by our feelings we don't want it so much the next day intelectually we want it, but we don't want it so much but that's the first thing we want to learn how to create lasting desire to receive, perseverance in my desire, constant vessel when there is constant vessel, nothing will stop me from achieving what I want that's one aspect. Another concept is needy desire versus true desire. what is a needy desire? when I'm desperate to want help from you, without appriciating you that's needy desire very often when I'm so into myself and I don't appriciate the light or other people around me and I'm so needy to get what I want or to relieve the pain that I have I'll desperatly will push to get help from that person or the other person, any type of help But the reason that it's not a real desire, because there is no appriciation from the source that giving it to me it's just about getting what I want and that's it and that desperate desire is not truly... while I'm ruled by this desire I don't care about the source that gave it to me I'm not really in a state of appriciation and I couldn't care less if it will not be this person, I'll go to someone else and the same is between us and the light of the creator I'm going through major pain, I'm desperate,- "please please God help me" Yesterday I forgot about God when I had issues, but now I need him so I'm desperate I'll ask for help and when things will be fine I'm not desperate anymore, so I'm back to normal so desperation that doesn't come from the heart and the soul and doesn't come from the place of apprieciation is also not true desire true desire is knowing that the light is the source of all blessings the lightforce of the creator is the source of all healing the relationship, healing physically, spiritual abundance, physical abundance, inner change, it's knowing and appriciating so when I'm wanting to improve my relationship I know it's the light of love in my life that I need or the light of financial abundance so I know the source, there's appreciation for the source it's like a person that's penniless yet appreciates tremendously the quarter because I need it, is it a true desire? maybe yes, maybe no but when that person became rich who cares about this quarter but when a person has a true desire he has one dollar to his name or has a million dollars to his name he will crave to connect with that quarter because he knows the light of the creator is inside this money so it's not about comparing to me desperate desire, it's all about me it's not about appreciating light and vessel, giving and receiving that's circutory so when there's no appreciation and it's all relative to my problem or my 'no problem' now it's not a real desire, it's desperate Kabbalistically when a person is healthy he should beg and pray for health like the time he is not healthy because the light of health is given to us daily the fact that I am healthy doesn't mean I don't need the light of health it's a constant gift of being rejuvinated on a daily basis but desperate desire is 'I don't need health, I have money issues now I have relationship issue' those are my issues God I don't care about God, it's all about me I don't realise that the light is the source of all things so true desire, my intensity of my craving to connect with the blessing of the light will be the same when I have a problem or when I don't have a problem because I realise that the fact that I feel good right now it's still the light is gifting me right now and when that connection will stop, I will loose it and it's back to the idea of continious desire the light does not force himself, at the moment there is no desire there's no appreciation of the source the light cannot be there because there is no coercion in spirituality it will be bread of shame so that's another ingredient of true desire versus false desire. Another aspect of true desire which is connected to the other two is the idea that a true desire can never be full we can never be truly satiated because if I'm satiated I'm limiting the light, is the light limited? The light wants to give me endlessly so if I'm really connecting to my true desire, my desire gradually in life will expand and expand and expand and one of the reasons people would have chaos in their life because they allow themselves to be so content with themselves and so full and so limited so there's no more room for the light to come in so when I'm really connecting my true desire it's total expansion and expansion especially when we speak about the seed of old desires which is the desire to grow spiritually how can it be limited, how can I ever be satisfied with myself and the question is how do we build a true desire? What are the steps? And before I'm answering it before I'm going in to the process of the four phases it is important to know, that in every area in my life and I want you as you're listening to these words to look in your life in every area in our life that we lack in relationship is not the best that I wish financially it is not the best that I would wish spiritually I'm not as excited as I used to be I'm feeling far away from my potential, I'm feeling blockages and disconnected the first thing we need to ask ourselves a question if there is a blockage, if there is an issue my desire needs to be truly built there's no shortage of light, there's shortage of vessels there's never shortage of light and as I'm saying of course eventually things have to be for the sake of sharing with the right consiousness but I'm talking even prior to that first let's build the true and real desire so if we can look at our life and we can see a blockage or something not satisfying that's one of the ingredients that don't have a real desire in that area and what do I need to do to build one so in order to learn that I would like to go over back for the idea from the study of Rav Ashlag called "Ten Luminous Emanations" which is based on Rabbi Issac Luria "Tree of Life" with commentary of the Rav Ashlag and I had the merit to study about six hundred lectures with the Rav Berg from the Ten Luminous Emenations and we'll open at the page that discuses the whole idea of how originally we were created how the original vessel, the original desire to receive were created what is the step that we had to undergo I'll start to read in Hebrew and translate What Rav Ashlag is very important saying the reason why the vessel had to under go four stages until it became established as the real desire to receive is because when the light initially manifested the vessel created the vessel, the lights only desire is to give and it created the vessel which desires to receive originally the vessel was created and as it was created it was filled with entire light but it was not a real desire! Why? Because a real desire, the vessel has to want because I want it not because I was created that way and if I'm receiving only because I was created that way it's not real desire, the desire has to come from within the craving has to come from within so the vessel has to undergo a process until the desire comes from within. For example: a baby's born to a very wealthy family and he's worth, the baby's worth, one billion dollar Does it belong to him? Yes Does he have it? Yes Does he have true desire that comes from within, with true craving I want that billion dollars the answer is no so there's no real desire, there's no real fulfilment and the reason the light of the creator wanted to allow us to go through steps until we build a true desire Because the light, what does the light want it wants to share infinitely with us so the only way the light can share with us infinitely and will cause us happiness and joy, if we truly want it. For example: does it make you happy, right now, that you don't have a toothache most of you that don't have a toothache it doesn't make you happy. Why? because you didn't feel the need for relief from a toothache so yes, intellectually I don't want to have a toothache but does it really make you happy the only way I'll be happy, or fulfilled by something if I have a true craving "Wow I don't want to have a toothache" and then I'm getting the relief from a toothache and that union between desire and craving and fulfillment creates joy if there's just ownership without true desire it's not a real desire so what Rav Ashlag tells us: the vessel has to undergo a process that is started from receiving robotically, just being created that way to going through a step of developing not having or disconnecting, or lacking and then building Yes I really want that pleasure I really want that light, I really want that joy so we needed, and we still need daily to undergo the four steps that our desire, our process, our consiousness needs to undergo until we're in a place we truly crave if I'm just born with blessings, it's tough, just those blessings stay forever it's really tough to crave them, to desire them but remember the light doesn't want to curse us the light wants to share, the light wants to cause joy and the only way joy, or fulfilment or happiness will be caused, if I feel the lack of these blessings that I want to receive so initially the vessel was created without lack the vessel had everything but then the vessel had to go through a process of developing a lack not a chaos lack, healthy lack wow, I really want it, I appreciate, I remember it, it's amazing I would love to connect with it and that lack, that's when there is a real desire that I feel that I want from within because even from the light point of view if the light is a sharing force and I'm receiving robotically without truly craving it, I just get it so the light is not a sharing force even with your child, or with your friend you give when they don't even ask, they'll take it but they don't even ask, why not, I'll take it do they have any appreciation, is it a lasting connection to the blessing that you give them not at all so when you help someone, the help will be real if they're lacking if they're craving, if there's appreciation and if there's a need they know they need it, I know you need it so you'd better receive it it is not enough that I know you need it You need to know, that's the same relationship between us and the light I need to feel I need it without it is not true desire so that's the bigger picture well it has to be a process it cannot just be the vessel was born and the vessel have it all so that's another thing that Rav Ashlag says it's getting a little deeper what Rav Ashlag shares with us that of course the light of the Creator is one force but it consists of two elements and it's saying whenever I'm receiving directly the light of the Creator that's called The Light of Wisdom the light of wisdom whenever me as a vessel interfering in the direct receiving and saying no I want to share I'm not interested to receive right now I want to give outside of myself in that moment I'm not connecting to the totality of the light maybe later as a result I will, but in that moment that I'm focusing on sharing and giving and I don't want to get anything for myself in that moment, I'm drawing an aspect of the light that's called The Light of Mercy because actions of giving considered to be merciful action so when I am drawing, when I act as a giver I'm drawing aspects of the totality of the light of wisdom let's say one percent of it is called The Light of Mercy the goal is to be filled with the totality of the light the light of wisdom and the light of mercy when we allow the light to share with us and receiving it and I'm wanting it and appreciating it I'm connecting with the totality of the light, named the light of wisdom when I'm focusing solely on giving in that moment I'm concealing 99% of the light and I'm getting just 1% of the light called the light of mercy The goal is to have both. The light of mercy and the light of wisdom. the light of mercy even though it comes while I'm sharing it's only one percent of the light of wisdom but as we're going to learn without the light of mercy I cannot receive the light of wisdom I need both But when we are speaking about the life force the energy of miracles, blessings, joy, health, abundance it's the light of wisdom that we all want so this is just an introduction to the idea of The Four Phases that every time the vessel focusing on giving light of mercy being drawn when we finally receive the totality of the light it's called the light of wisdom now before I get to the details before I get to the details of the four phases another thing from the Rav Berg I've learnt the usual way for most people creating a craving because the idea is to reach a level to truly crave the light don't just desire, o.k. why not crave from within it's a process of first I have the light, I have the blessing For example: I have money, I have relationship, I feel spiritual I feel connected, I have love in my life and then I'm going through a period I'm lacking I'm suffering I'm undergoing chaos and then comes a stage Wow I remember what I used to have I crave it, I love it, I want it back that's one type of craving which is painful because I have to undergo chaos in order to realise that I'm craving the light, craving the blessing and I appreciate what I used to have and if you look at our own life very often only chaos is the one that awakens us to appreciate the blessing that we use to have to cause us to crave them again what we want to learn from these four phases how do we build desire without needing to go through chaos how do we build appreciation without needing to go through chaos but definitely has to be a process that the lack is being created because the only way a person can ever desire something if he doesn't feel it so always will be a process of having a blessing disconnecting from the blessing and craving the blessing in everything in life and if we look at our own life that's a cycle we are all going through the only thing is what we want to learn is how when we inject consciousness into it we don't need to go through chaos we might need to feel the lack of the blessing in our life but it doesn't mean we need to undergo chaos in our life the goal, which will never achieve it just tomorrow it's an infinite goal it's to be able to crave every aspect of the blessing of the creator in our life love, relationship, health, spiritual growth crave and appreciate everything but in practicality it's a constant process of four steps that will build a desire and we lost it, and we build it again, and we lost it and we build it again if we do the real spiritual work we can avoid chaos as a teacher to help us to crave and to desire so what else do we need to do if it's not chaos, to feel the lack just think about it, if I don't feel the lack why would I grow if you run a business and things are ok and you fulfil a desire and you don't have a lack, you don't feel, I have to go to the next level You will not grow and it's just you're not going to grow because you don't feel the lack or you don't feel a strong desire, even what you've got you might loose and the same thing in relationship I crave it, I wanted it, I connected to that person, my soul mate, my connection and gradually I'm loosing that interest, that craving I love her but there's no major motivation and craving to make things better because there's no desire, I'll have to undergo chaos and chaos may awaken me back again to appreciate what I have we want to learn a different process and we are back here now of how the original vessel in the endless was created and it's saying step number one was the step when the light created the vessel, and the vessel was instantly was filled with the light that's called step number one is it a real desire? No it's a passive desire the vessel doesn't crave the light he was born like a baby, born with the wealth that's step number one the vessel has no awareness of itself I don't know if the vessel didn't have awareness yet I want and I get and I'm so happy. He's born that way with the infinite light so that's called step number one step number four will be I'm getting the same light and the same blessings but now I crave it, I appreciate it, I yearn it have tremendous desire to it and it's a totally different experience step number one is a passive desire I want, I was born that way but I don't really appreciate and feel and connect with the blessings step number four it's the same energy but now I'm alive I went through a process, I didn't have it, I felt the lack of it now I really appreciate and crave it endlessly from within the question how do we get to step number four what are the steps number two and three to get there so what was the second step, the second phase we went through it was the second phase second phase is, in the vessel we're filled with the light the light has a desire to give so that's the first awakening, we're the vessel the first time we started to be aware, from being a baby born with light to any desire, suddenly there's a desire to express the light in me which is the desire to give and that's the second phase of the vessel I've a tremendous desire to give, a tremendous desire to share tremendous desire to impart everything, I don't want to receive anything the light in me is an infinite desire to give and that's what I want endless giving that was second phase if you remember we said when the vessel desires to give what type of energy we draw- light of wisdom or light of mercy? Indeed the light of mercy and we've learnt the light of mercy is one percent of the light of wisdom because at the moment I'm just focusing on receiving I'm not really have a craving for the light I want to receive which is part of the process necessary but when I say I want only to give which is second stage it will bring the third stage which is the result of the second stage which the light of mercy is revealed in my vessel we feel the light of mercy we feel aspect of the light of wisdom we feel one percent of the light of wisdom now what does it mean what does it mean it means that now for the first time in the third stage I feel the lack of what I used to have in the first stage the first stage we had the totality of the light of wisdom but we were passive receiving it we were not aware we even had it but we were born this way second stage we say I want to share and as a result of that sharing we ignited that we revealed the light of mercy which is only one percent of the light of wisdom so ninety nine percent of the light is concealed now because I'm only focusing on sharing and I feel the light of mercy but in that third stage now I feel wow I used to have a hundred percent of the light now I've only the light of mercy which is one percent of the light I want it all it's amazing, it's everything which is what the fourth stage is about I crave the hundred percent that I used to have in the first step so stage number four as a result of the lack of experiencing in stage number three stage number four is: "I want it all I crave all the hundred percent I realise I didn't appreciate anything in the first phase I realise all the blessings that I have wow, it is amazing!" but the only thing that allow us to have stage four which is true craving for the light is stage three which is lack, which is void that's the only way to appreciate the only way to appreciate light if I feel aspects of concealment of the light darkness, or a little bit of light it's the only way to truly appreciate things that I used to have King Solomon said there's nothing new under the sun so we already had the entire light all the blessings in the world it's said that when a person is born actually before a person is born in the womb of his mother the little baby knows everything all the wisdom, all the light, all the Torah, all the teachings my soul mate, my lessons, everything and then when we come out of the womb an angel touches our lips that's the reason we have a little split and causes us to forget everything then we go through a process of trying to reconnect to what we used to have stage number four is craving what I had in stage number one But what allowed us to reach that level of craving? Connecting to the light of mercy what brought us to connect to the light of mercy second stage, the energy of giving that's stage four in the story of the endless is when our desire was totally manifested total craving and when we received the endless light we had everything and the fact that afterwards we decided to use all for the sake of sharing that's now what we are focusing on now here we're focusing on a true desire our origin had to go through four phases now you know all life how do we translate those four steps to our own life how to build true vessel in our own life how do we translate it what does it mean stage number four we had all the light, stage number two we're just giving stage number three we feel the lack, stage number four we're now craving the blessings that's great, how does practically it goes with relationships, with money, with love, with spiritual growth in every aspect of our life how do we translate it so before I answer this question which will probably be the next session I want each one of us, let's summerise some basic ideas number one the light is infinite all the blessings in my life are already within me if I don't have a real desire to connect with them I will never get them and that's the first question I need to ask you do you really want to build a true desire do you want to go through the steps, the four steps in your life to build a true desire and if you don't feel naturally yes I want there's a step before as the Rav Berg would say to have a desire, to build a true desire if you have a desire to build a true desire you are in the right place it's a good beginning so first identify in your life in what areas your desires could be much more stronger much more craving, much more real much more constant step number two those four steps, from having the fulfilment to the fulfilment becomes concealed because I'm becoming a sharing until I have a true craving I want you to think what does it mean in your own life how do you translate these four steps in your own life before we were just feeding you with the answer I want to build a desire in you what does it mean to you in your own life give me examples in your own life think about it when you have phase number one have the fulfilment, have the love, have the spirituality and then you undergo some process of building a desire think hard how do you translate it in your own life and then how do you build a true craving so I would like you to really think about it write it down for yourself and in the next session we will see how to practically connect it to our own life Thank you very much

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