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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Manchester giving lecture on spirituality 7 of 7

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We say that if there is anything objectionable you come and tell us. They even don’t come to us. First of all they made a base for the opposition (based on the book spiritual journey). We wrote a book “spiritual journey”. In that we have narrated all the hardships we came across in this spiritual journey. There whatever things we had written which happened in the state of dreams, they presented it as these were in apparent. Based on that, they given the verdict of infidelity against us and demanded that we must be killed. Then the people went against us. When they went against us, we had to give our clarification. We asked people to read the book themselves. When they read the book, all those things happened in dreams. We drank Bhang that was in dream. Verdicts (fatwa) don’t apply on the dreams. Then the people asked them (scholars) that you made a big breach of trust. They said that there is another book. Then people came to us that is there any other book also? We said there is no other book. And if there is other book then the theologians would also have that book based on which they issued verdict, so go to them and asked them to show us? The opposition started from here. When they said such things of defalcation then we told them openly. Because they fix upon us such blames, which never exists. Then we told them in an open meeting, that people say that this child is a Satan and that child is a Satan. But he is not a Satan. He is little Satan and he is Satan for himself, he is not a cause of loss to others. We said that the definition of Satan is that he would also be a scholar and regular in prayer as well and will be aware of all the points (of Quran and Hadith) but he will be full of envy, proud and lust. They disliked it, so they called a meeting that he called us Satan. Thus all of them become against us. I said that, only after so much of annoyance, so that somehow I might be free from them. But it is reality that Satan was a big theologian and abstinent and was aware of many things and he knew about all issues. Where did he not offer the prayer? Where did he not adore? It was lust and proud and envy that made him a Satan. And you call this child a Satan; he did not do anything like that. So from that very day there are after us till now. But Allah and His prophet are with us. They (Mullah & scholars) can not harm us. Question: Who are these Molvies (Mullahs)? Answer: Most of them are Mullahs. Those Mullahs who are holding the truth are silent. If anyone of them accompanies us, they go after him as well. They use to expel him from mosque. So now we have ignored the Mullahs. We ask intellectualists to come in for conciliation between us, because due to them (Mullahs) many of the young people are misguided. The biggest objection of Mullahs is that I am not studied from any of the Madrasah (religious institution). Dear! I say that if I am not studied from any Madrasah, it is true that I am not studied from any Madrasah but then how do I talk all this? I must have learnt that from somewhere. I know I am not studied from any of the Madrasah but I know more than you, and such things which you even do not know. What is the reason for this? So there must be some Madrasah. You have studied in the Madrasahs of cities but we have studied in the Madrasah of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Then we tell them also. And they say this knowledge is neither in the Quran nor in the Prophetic tradition (hadith). We say fine, if it is neither in the Quran and nor in the Prophetic tradition, then you prove it false. Then why do you shake your heads (yes). They also can’t prove it false because it is the truth. We have been told this that you gather Muslim, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and heathens means gather everybody. And make them stand in row. When the Lord will look at, He will look at a shining heart. He will not look at Muslims, Hindus etc. He will look at a shining heart. And we have done its experiment. Question: You say that before Doomsday seven Sultans will come. So can I ask that how many of them had come already? Answer: As far as we know! We can tell above five, thereafter we can't tell anything. Last Sultan was “Sakhi Sultan Bahu” (fifth Sultan). After Sultan Bahu (fifth) people are finding the sixth Sultan and they are finding it tough to know that who is he? Because many people have claimed to be the sixth Sultan. One of them is 'Faqeer Noor Muhammad Kalachi' who is the disciple of Sultan Bahu. He said "I am also a Sultan". His caliph 'Khawja Hameed' also claimed to be a Sultan. Many said in Palestine that they are Sultan. Who knows who is a Sultan among them? But a sultan has a sign. If you took Bait (Oath of allegiance) by any saint/wali, then you can't be a sultan. Faqeer Noor Muhmmad Kalachi writes that Sultan Bahu made me a disciple/bait me. It means that he (Faqeer Noor Muhmmad Kalachi) is not a Sultan. Sultan Bahu writes that “I took Bait (Oath of allegiance) from Holy Prophet (PBUH)”. So whoever will be the sultan, Holy Prophet (PBUH) will bait him. That’s enough. Rest of it will be on tomorrow.

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi giving talk on spirituality in Manchester, UK.

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