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Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap

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[thunder crackles] -Whoa, this isn't the kitchen. What's going on? -Hello, Orange. -Hey, I know that voice. -I was hoping you and I could play another game. -Yay! It's Emo clown! Hey, are we gonna play Twister? That's my favorite game. -No, Orange. The name of this game is Deathtrap. -Cool, what kind of deathtrap? -I'm glad you asked. -Is it a water bed filled with piranhas? -No. -Killer bees in a piƱata? -No, that one never works. -Oh, is it a drunk guinea pig with a chainsaw? -What? -A drunk guinea pig with a chainsaw. -Die, you bloody [?]! [laughs evilly] -No! How did that even get in here? -Well, what is it? -Oh, Orange, don't you see? The deathtrap is you. Captioned by SpongeSebastian -I'm not a deathtrap; I'm an orange. -No one has ever escaped me... except for you. That's why I have chosen you to become my apprentice. -Apprentice? What are you? Donald Trump? [laughs] No. Today, you will help me by annoying my victim to death. -What are you talking about? -Whoa, where am I? -Whoa. -Hello, Marshmallow. Want to play a game? -Oh, yes. I love games. -Everyone loves games. -And I love everyone. Yay! -Yes, all right Orange. Your time to annoy him to death has come. Now, begin. -Miss. -No, begin. -Nope. My turn. B-2. -What? -B-3? -No. -B-5. -Hey, you sunk my battleship. [both laugh] [Jigsaw groans] -Hey, hey Fluffyface, you will like a mini-pillow. [laughs] -Oh, yeah? Well, you sound like a chipmunks riding a rainbow. [laughs] -It's funny 'cause I do. [laughter] -Everybody shut up. -Geez. Who cut off Jigsaw's funny bone? [laughs] -No, don't annoy me. Annoy him. -[tune of This Old Man] I'm an Orange You're a mine Jigsaw's so boring, it's a crime [laughs, Marshmallow giggles] -That's it. I see my apprentice requires further training. Let this be a lesson for both of you. -Whoa! -No! Not squeaky fun guy! -Oh, that tickles. [both laugh] -Stop laughing. -[giggling] Oh, it tickles. -Hey, the Donald's gonna take another stab at it. [laughs] -Come on, you stupid thing. -Stop. Do it again. -I knew it. I knew this wouldn't work. [growls] Orange, you're fired. -Whoa, you really are the Donald. [laughs] -And you, Marshmallow. You're roasted. -Whoa! I feel all gooey! -Marshmallow, you're a real hothead now. [laughs] -Stop laughing. -Whoa, you really lit a fire under me. [giggles] -Hey, hey, stop it Donald. I don't think he can take any s'more. [both laugh] -That's it. I'm out of here. Can't take it anymore. I need to get a new job. -Hey, where's Jigsaw going? We were just getting warmed up. [both laugh] -Well thank goodness, they scared that guy away. I didn't like where this whole thing was headed. [all yelling]

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Duration: 3 minutes and 45 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: Spencer Grove
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Sep 26, 2010

Jigsaw uses Orange for his newest game. (Captioned using

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