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Trauma Competent Caregiving

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Trauma Competent Care Overview Every child that Back2Back serves has experienced trauma in one form or another. Trauma can be defined as abuse, abandonment or neglect. A traumatic event is an event that shatters one's sense of safety. Trauma impacts a child's brain, body, belief system, behavior, and biology. Trauma Competent Care teaches it's participants to understand the impact of trauma and how they can be a part of helping children heal. This 9 module or 9 lesson training series is a compilation of research from a variety of sources around the globe. The Trauma Competent Care curriculum was developed by David and Jayne Schooler who joined the Back2Back Team in 2015. Back2Back offers the complete 3 day Trauma Competent Care training to our staff and national partners. In addition, local volunteers who serve with Back2Back receive a condensed version of the training. Back2Back's mission trip participants and interns are also given an introduction to Trauma Competent Care principles during their stay with Back2Back. Back2Back believes in sharing resources open-handedly and has trained literally 1,000's of individuals from organizations and ministries around the globe to help broaden their impact on orphans and vulnerable children. In this training, we teach the principle that children who have been hurt through the context of relationship, can only heal through relationship. And as Dr. Karyn Purvis says, "All children are capable of reaching some level of healing." Therefore we all have a role to play and we invite you to join us in the journey of becoming trauma competent.

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