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Building Plant Models Activity Overview

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[CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Building Plant Models] >> So what today is going to look like, first, you guys are going to make a plant completely out of your own mind, from what stuff that you know about plants already, okay? And we brought some plants that you can look at, to design your own plant. But I want you to include like roots, and stems, and a flower if you want to, leaves, and then we are going to learn about plants. Okay. So let's go look at the plants really quick, just so you guys can get a quick idea of what you think you might want to do. >> To get a better understanding of plants, youth design a plant model labeling all the essential parts. >> We have tape, we have pipe cleaners. What's the first thing we need? >> Stem. >> We need a stem. >> Okay, what's the second thing we need? >> Leaves. >> What's the third thing we need? >> Roots. >> You guys are gonna have about 20 minutes to complete your original, imaginative, quality plant, okay? >> So, let's look at the root really quick, so the primary and secondary roots and then the different types of roots. Can you guys guess what that primary root does? >> That's what gets all the water and the nutrients. >> That's the main root. >> It digs all the way down. It grows, and grows, and grows, right? And what... Do you guys know what leaves do? >> Yes. >> Yes, sort of. >> Honestly, no. >> They do photosynthesis, right? >> Are you super gluing that that? >> I have the stem, I have the leaves, I have the roots. I have the seeds, and I have the petals. >> These are the roots, it has leaves, and it has two boy flowers because it has pollen. Yeah. [CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Building Plant Models] [filmed in collaboration with:] LINCOLN COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTERS]

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Posted by: click2science on Mar 23, 2016

Youth work with Staff to draw, design and discuss a model of a plant.

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