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MyKabbalah Lesson 4 mission 3 Engsmall

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Shortening the Process Hi. We learned how to extract a gift from our painful past processes. Now how about embracing the present challenges, the present processes. Imagine going to the gym, and you're dreading, and you can't wait for the exercise to be over The pain becomes suffering. Instead of the pleasure of working out. It's the same way in life when we dread the change, when we dread the process The pain is prolonged, the process is prolonged, and it turns out as suffering. When we inject consciousness of knowing that we need those challenges, those processes to grow and we embrace them, we can shorten the process. When we inject consciousness and embrace them, we become clearer. We begin to see the connection between the cause and effect. And even though we may not always know the end, and the outcome will not be exactly as we we desire it, we're going to start to feel that those processes are giving us blessings. As they taste sour, we may even perceive the sweetness because we see how our processes are helping us grow. Please, think of a moment now of a challenge you're going through. Maybe it's the change that you have to make in your relationship. Maybe it's a process that is really difficult and stressful in work. Maybe it's with your colleagues or with your own life. Please write down a process that is hard for you right now and it's uncomfortable. Write it down, and when you have it ready, come back to me. A Challenge I'm Facing Now, feel this process. What is the opponent telling you? How is the opponent trying to make you avoid this process that you know you still have to go through. What is he telling you? Maybe he wants you to get angry or blame. He's making you feel all relaxed and how you're not capable, and it's too hard, and it's never going to end. Blame, snooze, continue, avoid, over it, over drink, deny. The opponent will use time to sabotage those necessary processes. What do we want to do? We want to inject that consciousness of I need this process. I have to go through it anyway. My only choice is am I going to listen more to the opponent or am I going to pause and inject the consciousness of I need this process for my own growth. The pain is healing me. Maybe the pain of the process in a relationship is building strong inner foundations. This process is healing me and I want to embrace it. In this Mission, I would like you to meditate. What does it mean for you to embrace the process? In the next Mission, we're going to learn how to receive help to embrace it.

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