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007女郎 露易丝·麦斯威尔:死后变回青春少艾! 分享死后妙趣横生体验!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: My CrossOver - Lois Maxwell (ahem) Hi! hi..this is (akr) Lois Maxwell, and..i am Young Again (laugh).. well, i'm Still Alive..(um) Not Breathing..i'm Not Able to say i'm Alive and Breathing, i'm Able to say "i'm Alive"! (akr), i'm Young! (akr)..what i Mean by i'm Not Old...(laugh)..i Died Old - Absolutely, it was Definitely, Most Absolute time To Go.. Most Definitely, Most Absolutely? Yes..(, i'm excited at the moment, i am..Enjoying myself - Very Very Much, there's so Much that..i have Not Understood..At All that i Didn't Even know it Existed for that Matter, so at the Moment, i am Investigating.. and i am Exploring, and i am..just..Curious, i am so Curious, because (um).. Did you know..that there are Actually "Dimensional Beings".. Within Human Beings - Here on Earth! i Did Not Know That! know (umm).. you don't Even take it into Consideration - in your Life, while you're Here on Earth, you know you have Your have What's in Your World..what you Experience, what you See.. what you Do - and That's All that Exists! and That's it, you just Carry On you Carry On with your Life and..Everything seems "Normal and Fine", and you know.. you Go Through your..Trials and Tribulations, and your..Joys and Triangles.. you know, Keeping yourself Kind of Busy in Your Life..(um).. it was i Kinda Experiencing Mine..(akr) and Then - You Die! and..then, you Still Live.. i Really Did Not Expect myself to Live - Really (um) know, you Hear of All These Things..Slightly, but Only with Half an Ear..but then, you'll only go: "Ah-Hah..(um)..what I Heard and what Was Said - Actually Does Exist" so, it's been Fantastic (um) Life (um)..i Regret One thing, and that is: I Haven't Lived (smirk)..Yes, i..i am Sounding Different, i am Feeling Different (um).. i am Experiencing myself Different (um), "i am Different". god, I’m in an Egg-Shaped form - for That (laugh)..i know it's Strange, but that's how..Everyone - Express themselves, in the Dimensional Existence but, of Course..when we're Inside human beings, excuse me, (um) when we are Inside human beings - we Become the human being, oh my god - that is so..Fantastically Amazing - (um)..when you’re Inside a human being’s body, it Feels in the Beginning all Squishy (akr), when you start Going into the Cells, and the Veins.. and the the Muscles, and then you go into it Interdimensionaly (laugh) i mean and then, you can See Everything - in Quantum time, of (that) being's Life.. of what's Going On Inside them, their thoughts, how they're thinking.. Oh! the such a Noisy Little is Amazing - this World is Noisy you know, i'm Not Talking about Car Noises, or Building Noises know, etc. or Music Noises..i'm Talking about mind Noises, it-Actually-Sounds..(ahem), like a Fabric Burning human beings are Screaming and Scurrying out, it is Horrific, i Actually get a Headache.. as a Dimensional Being, Inside a human being's body..and it's so Painful sometimes.. to be in a human body - oh my goodness. i really Wonder, if people.. Experience that Amount of Pain - the Physical Body is in. Did you know, every time a thought Comes Up..the Body goes (spasm) - like a Little Mini Shock i..i Promise's Astounding! and you know what? i wasn't Even Aware of thought i wasn't Even Aware of what thoughts Do, what Emotions and Feelings.. God knows Emotions and Feelings, you know you've an Idea of them but - Gee Whiz i Didn't know the Extend to the Effects.. thoughts and emotions and feelings Have: on your human physical Body - Really. you have a though, your whole Body goes (spasm) like a it's Extensive, but human beings are so Not Attuned.. with their physical Body. that they Don't Feel it, that they Don't Experience it so, it Shows you the Level of Unawareness..of this World (outside Reflects what's inside) Oh, and i've been Talking to thing i thought it was Never Possible - Animals, Trees, Flowers, Plants - you can Speak to Anything and Everything! of Course, i am Busy with that at the Moment - that's Where i'm at..i'm Communicating and i'm Speaking to Everything I Possibly Am Able to, to Find out..their Perspective, How..What they’re Experiencing? how they’re Enjoying themselves..and.. then the concept of Oneness and Equality - but it’s not, Even a concept - it’s in manifestation this Whole World - in Oneness and Equality.. Wow. Well my Main Question, of course, is still Regarding Self-Honesty. (Hmm)..sure you’re Hearing All the Beings Coming Through, Speaking about Self-Honesty, (and) Oneness Equality but..that's Who We Are and that's What Will - Manifest in this World. Yes. Because i Say So (laugh) Not, No. now this World..Requires some - Extensive Change, wouldn't you Say? Humm? Absolutely - so we are Able to Start Really Living..but Everyone Together, Really Start - Living..that Would be: Heaven (Laugh), on Earth - Definitely okay, this is Lois Maxwell, and..i'm Young, i'm Vibrant..i'm Joyous and.. i'm..loving Every Moment of my Experience, of Where i am now, and.. i can't Wait to come back! but i'm Only coming Back, once i'm Satisfied this World is - Heaven then i'll Come Back..Yae, Okay..Thank you very much Again. Bye Please Join us for Discussions: For Interview Updates: Join, Beyond the grave -

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