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20.11.17 Matt Joseph and Peterboroug Part2

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Think about in this practice now what do you have to do to receive the ball in space. And if you do move and someone comes with you because people aren't just going to let you have the ball, what are you going to do to protect the ball once you've moved to receive. So sometimes your going to have to receive when you're marked, sometimes your going to try and receive it when you're not marked. You need to keep your ball, OK, for as long as you can. You need to keep your ball for as long as you can. However the first team to have secured possession of two footballs, wins. Which means someone in your group has got to go and get theirs, and someone in your group has got to go and get theirs. It might be one, it might be two, you figure out how you've got to do it. Go. Red ball it's gone out. So Red ball has come off you and it's gone out. Now keep it, can you keep it, Red's ball again. You need both balls on the possession. Stop there. Blues 1-0 on this pitch. OK both Blues have got the ball, so its 1-0 to the Blues. Red's think about how you're going to win this game back. Play, go. Keep possession of the ball. Stop there, Red's 1 point to the Red's. So it's 1-1 on this pitch. 2-1 Blues. Brilliant stop there. 2-1 to the Blues. That there, that's a perfect time, do you remember we practiced that game. Now just let him have 1 point, because if you stay like this he can tag you but he's not going to get the ball is he, alright rather than try to face him up. Ready to play? Go. So think about when you just need to protect it. Don't give it away, keep the ball. Now your getting tired, keep the ball. How many points are you going to give him? Well done. Brilliant, well done. You going to see the longest period you can have of keeping both footballs. Blue's you need two footballs, Green's you have none your job is come and get it back off them. Give it to someone who can keep it for longer. He needs your help. Get it and keep it. It's 4 seconds both ball's, can you get it again? Blue's you've got to win it back, Red's you've got to work hard to keep it. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, brilliant, 8, 9, great work, 9 seconds, now get the other one back again. Help him to get it back. Brilliant work. 10. Work hard to win it back if you lose it. 11, work hard to win it back Red's, work hard to win it back. Work hard to win it back. Work hard to win it back. Brilliant. Are you going to leave him 3v1 over there? Are you going to leave it 3v1 to win it back? Or are you going to go 2v2? Do you trust yourself? Work hard to win it back, work hard to win it back, that's jogging. Excellent work you two over there.

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Posted by: dannyfranklin on Aug 27, 2018

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