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SCS - identify plan manage

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The Mission of Sun Consulting Sun Consulting seeks to transform companies to global success through innovation and service. To succeed in the global market, companies must transform their culture in a way that develops and sustains a distinct and innovative level of global leadership. From this change, companies will be able to gain and better serve clients while decreasing risk and increasing profits. SCS and it consultants, partners, and coaches assist in the transformation of companies into knowledgeable, experienced, and networked global companies through the development of global leaders. SCS first develops these characteristics through the NextGen Global Leaders Program, which is a systematic learning process that produces sustained results. The NextGen Global Leader program is a customized solution specifically for our clients' needs. Part of the training process involves: E-Learning to create ideas. Workshops to develop the ideas And finally, Coaching (or Mentoring) which is implementing the ideas into the participants' day to day job. Since the program is based on our client's needs, we're focused on results. The NextGen Global Leaders program produces the following results: Top performers in your company who can confidentally do business any place in the world through managing their strengths, effective communications and teams, and strategic thinkers through creativity and innovation. Another result is the ability for management to identify future NextGen global leaders in the company. (We estimate only 10 to 20% of managers will meet these characteristics) Once a NextGen global leaders is identified in training, then management will have a clear picture of where the NextGen global leader will contribute the best for their company. SCS then connects our clients and their NextGen global leaders to our consulting services and networked partners and investors which will increase success for the company. SCS's goal is to serve our clients with excellence, as we not only provide consultancy, but we coach and mentor during the project to ensure the methodology is passed along to the company. This typically involves our consulting framework approach to projects. To Identify, Plan, and Manage Our Advisory, Partnership, and Strategy services are framed around the specific strategy created in the earlier stage with the company as we serve and coach our clients through the given project. In the end, our mission of transformation is complete and the company is now a global company that grows on the success of their NextGen global leaders.

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