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Scrubs Season 2 Extra - Stunt Casting

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There's,.., There's always a lot of guest stars Guest stars is a show are divided into 3 groups One - Pop Culture people that we caught up and thought it would be cool to see them on TV David Copperfield - that's like pop culture heroin for the writers and the fact that we can think of how odd it is to have those people's faces running around your head and actually see them in front of you a day later J.D - Ha ha.. David - Magic!! The next one is there is a lot of, uh, we have a lot of friends that we think are funny Woo hoo.. I got a tube in my penis! Third category for us is stunt casting Stunt casting is trying to get someone who the network thinks is famous enough to bring in more ratings Dick van Dyke was kind of an idol of mine To actually meet him was really, really a kick. Thank you, for being you Dick van Dyke belongs in that category of people that make television viewers be with televisions In the last 50 years the culture has changed drastically and comedy reflects that There's a much faster pace. Everything's aggreviated. It's a little harder edge Do me a favor, will you son? Grab that for me Thanks! So it's something that a role handler like me has to get used to Oh, Season 2 was the Heather Locklear episodes too Heather made a beautiful, beautiful entrance She's just the most smoking thing on the planet We both know that you'd love nothing more than to smack this fine ass Times when she's smacking her ass and walking away, and I am, it making me shudder There was not a damn bit of acting going on There was one scene where I am eating a steak staring at her breasts the entire scene And I swear to God, I don't think I had a line in that scene But I got fan mail Would you like to know what would seriously be good for you? What brand are my diet? Jay Mohr was very funny The pace of the show and the style of the jokes is a kind of unique thing and some people commonly get it and some people.. it takes a more while to get up speed and Jay Mohr totally got it You are probably thinking why didn't you do that before I got here But you weren't sure if you would be overstepping your boundaries What if I was a territorial ass with a giant eagle or a territorial eagle with a giant ass? Stop me Sally, Please Rick Shroeder came on to play a guy named Paul and he was the hottest thing Hey, Don't you work at the hospital too? Its kinda cool to walk out and think Rick Shroeders is here I love the Ricker Ricky - the Ricker. He bought all those back Sarah and I were talking about how we all had a crush on him when he first uh, spoke, you know, All little girls Oh my god... What? Silverspoons was a sentimental show for me So when he came by, I was like "Its Ricky Shroeders" and he was like "Its Rick" Its Rick now

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Stunt Casting in Scrubs Season 2 - Extra video!

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