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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~18:26:18 - 18:41:18

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-Now or they'll be ruined... Do whatever you want. -Why does Hamza get to use the plate? -Hamza is nicer. -I don't want to open the rest. -I won't do anything with them, I won't do anything with them. I won't do anything to them. When you finish, if you make something nice, I'll let you decorate it. If you don't, I'll decorate it for you. Ahmad, look what you have done. Where is the apple Ala'a? -Pretty! -Where is the apple? You guys are too close. -Isn't it pretty, Jamila? -Yep. Randa's kids are really annoying, Dad. -Where is that one? -Move, move. Ala'a, bring the things and we will sit on the floor. Look at my piece of clay. -It didn't come out right. -Oh no!... I’m going to explode. Make room for me. Put everything on the floor. Ala'a, put them on the floor. Bring everything down. Everything. We will start from the beginning. Bring the bag of sparkly pens. Today, maybe. Where is it? Where is the knife? Bring the knife. Where is the knife? I also have a scraper. -Where is it? -She wants it. Will you play the game with us?♪ I'm sad. I’m going to make it like... -I finished. -Oh God, Aboudi. Welcome, welcome.♪ -No, no, no! Shut up. Shut up. Who wants a pizza with herbs? Who wants a pizza? Who wants a pizza? Alaa, you mean I can't make one more beautiful than yours? Fine. I can’t. Move Hamza. I can’t make a lady... Like this? If I can’t, then tell me. I can make a better one and more. Huh? I want to get... I want to get a brush. No one should tell me give me the brush. Give me the brush. I want to decorate. -There is a brush here. -Ok. -Who wants a pizza with herbs? Pizza with herbs! Pizza with herbs? -Me. Who wants a cheese pizza? For two fifty, for two fifty. Listen, now I want to make them pretty. Oh! I did not use this one. This is very pretty. Do you have a circle? What do you mean? I don’t understand. My machine gun. My weapon. God is Great. Show me that. No, no, no! Come here, Aboudi. Did you feed him? With my weapon... God is Great. Oh God, God is greater that those who destroy and Gaza is for God♪ -No!... My country... -Put some for me here. -Just here. -Is this an apple, Ala'a? It is gorgeous. It blows my mind. I will leave these somewhere so they won't be taken outside. Oh, Sister, may God Protect you ♪ Don't use them... Don’t leave them open... I'll close it. Oh, sister♪ Close it, close it. Don’t take too much, Ala'a. Give him some food. Give me that. Give him some food, Ahmad. Wait a second. Look! A little while ago there was a glitter. Oh, sister, may God♪… Now I don’t want to put any colors. I want to decorate some more. Ala'a, where is the cover to this? It did have a cover, right? -Hamza has it. I didn’t take it. -No, Jamila. -Here it is, Jamila. -Oh no! I still have. -Here, I'll do... There are a lot of open containers, Hamza and Ala'a. -He's closing them -Who fed you Ms Ala'a? -Where did you see it? Put it down. -Put it on the... Oh, poor baby! Give him some food. -I swear I fed him. -Give it to him. -Give him some. -I fed him! -Give him some, son. -I fed him! -Give it to me. God! If you let me go to heaven♪ This is the greatest thing I wish for♪ God! If you let me go to heaven♪ This is the greatest...♪ No, Hamza. It's very pretty. -Seriously? Seriously? -Look at the apple, how it changed! Oh, my sister, may God Protect you♪ I want a brush. I want a brush. No. No one can use the brushes except me. -Here, take it. -I'll give it to you now. I'm not missing anything. I'm going to sit down. Look at what I'm going to do... Where is the knife Ahmad? If I don’t find the knife, I will kill you. -Look, it's sparkling! -I'm going to put sparkles on my hands. Look at what I did. -Oh, my sister, may God protect you.♪ -Dad! I didn't give him a lot. -Oh beautiful♪ -I didn't give him a lot. Get up and get rid of one. -Don't feed him potato chips, Ahmad. -Ahmad is mean. -I want an apple. Where is it? -Ala'a has it. -Are you done? If they give us the world and its money...Don't forget us! No, no... ♪ Put it here. -Oh, that's what I thought. -No. Put the clay here. Look, I buried the clay. See, the clay will be like this, flat and smooth... Move, move. Look what you have done, Ala'a. You can erase here too. You taught us what it means to mourn...♪ If you gave us the world and all its money...♪ -A small bit. -Look. I'm making it bigger. Make the clay bigger if it was a small piece. I'm giving myself a manicure. No, no! I don’t know what I’m doing, because the clay is small. I'm going to scrape it. Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood anymore. -Mom, when do we have lessons? -Tomorrow. -Tomorrow is Friday. -I don’ t want a lesson tomorrow, we have to work. What are the two of your saying? So what? I hope you get on TV Ala'a and look ugly. -Oh! I want to color this. -I don't want to be on TV. -You will be. And I'll be on TV too, and Jamila and him. All of us. -And she'll be on TV too. -God is Great, God is Great. -I took a picture of her. -God is great. -I finished, Jamila. Where shall I put it? It's dirty on the bottom. Where is it? Peace be upon him...♪ He circumambulates the Ka’aba. He saw him...♪ Fadi! Fadi! Fadi wetted himself. And by His grace…♪ Get up and throw this away, Ala'a. Get up and throw it away. Who gave you permission? -Take it. -Your clay, right? -You know what? She likes him. I know so. I don’t want it. I'm bored. -Give it to me. -Put it here! -Jamila, help me. -I'll give it to you. -Lucky! -Yeah, lucky him. -I don't want any. Ahmad won't borrow from us anymore. Where should I put this? You took it from me. And you too. Hamza, no! Where is that one? -Right, like this. -Jamila? It's inside. None of your business. Don't touch, Hamza. Don't touch. Where is the apple? Where is the apple? Don't touch. Who? Dad, com here. I swear by the Koran, I won't give it to you. By the Koran... Because you are sitting there playing with the stuff and I have nothing to do with it. Who, Jamila? Ahmad? -Ahmad? -Yeah? -Come here. -She took the two balls. -He gave them to me. -How did you make the apple? -Give it to me. Put it in the middle and do like so. Peace be upon him♪ He circumambulates the Ka’aba♪ Now give me another piece. -Ahmad! -Listen, you know what? I’m going to gather my stuff. We'll sit down and have fun together. We'll chat. I don’t want this anymore. I'm fed up. Ask Mom if you can sleep over. Tell her Jamila is asking whether you can sleep over. We are going to have a great time today. Whatever. The Prophet, peace be upon, said...♪ He circumambulates...♪ Enough. That's the last time. Here, everything is closed. I don't want this. -I want to throw them away, I want to throw them away. -Give them to me. I don't want to anymore. Give me the pencils, Ala'a. Give me the pencils. All the pencils, give them to me. All the pencils, give them to me. All the pencils. Give me all the scrapers and…Where is that net? Where is it? Where is the net?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 142
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 20, 2009

Jamila plays outside and then comes back home.

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