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[MUSIC PLAYING] Is'nt it interesting how things have changed? Not that long ago the American dream was a good, secure job with benefits. But those days are gone! Today the American dream is different. People want freedom. Mom's want to be mom's. Dad's want to be dad's. The older generation wants stability. The younger generation wanta have fun and do what ever they want. In there best selling book, "Why We Want You To Be Rich", Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki speak to those that want to enjoy the new American dream. They recommend to start a home-based business. The home-based business concept otherwise known as direct sales and network marketing is a proven business model. There are more than 56 million people participating world-wide who produce more than 100 billion dollars a year in sales. The challenge, however, is that many of the work from home opportunities are either unscrupulous companies trying to get in your pocket book or product companies trying to get you to push their high-priced vitamins, lotions, potions, pills, make-up, candles, jewelry and cookware, all of which you can buy at Costco or Wal-mart at a fraction of the cost. Having said that, there are a few really, really great companies out there. One is Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Pre-Paid Legal is a 38 year old New York Stock Exchange company, headquartered in Ada, Oklahoma. Recently, they were listed in Forbes magazine as the 66th best small company in America with annual revenues of nearly half a billion dollars. Pre-Paid Legal has thrived for almost 40 years because they offer a unique suite of services you can’t buy at Wal-mart or anywhere else for that matter that offers real value to the customer. Those services are called the Life Events Plan and the Identity Theft Shield. With the Life Events Legal Plan members enjoy unlimited access to the best attorneys in the country. Have you ever been ripped off, taken advantage of, had someone owe you money, been overcharged, gotten a speeding ticket, lost a security deposit, or had a warranty or insurance claim denied? These are everyday situations that a Life Events Legal plan can help you with. To better explain how this works, pretend for a moment you are an attorney. The average attorney charges around $200 an hour. And let’s say I came to you and said $200 an hour is too much for my budget. Rather than pay you by the hour I'd like you to charge me a flat monthly fee for the following services. first I want to be able to call you toll-free and have unlimited phone consultations for any personal or even business legal issues. I may have a question or two or might just want to know what my rights are because the reality is, if you don’t know what your rights are, you don’t have any. Next, if ever someone over charges me or rips me off, or treats me unfairly and if you think it’ll help, I want you to write a letter or make a phone call to that person or to that company on my behalf. before I buy, sell, rent, lease, join or agree to anything, Next, I want you to prepare a living will for me. You know many states already have a will in place for you in case you die without one. And I’m not ok with the state deciding where my assets and my children go. And finally, I want to be covered nationwide. In whatever state I have a question or legal issue, I want you to take some of the money I am paying you monthly to pay an attorney to help me in that state in which I have a question. So, if you were an attorney, at $200 an hour how much would you charge me each month for this list of services? I think we can agree this amount would need to be hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. But I have a counter offer. How about you do all of these services for me and at the end of every day I’ll drop by your office and lay $1.20 on your desk and you can split it up amongst your office any way you see fit. As absurd as this sounds, this is exactly what Pre-Paid legal does. For $35.95 a month or less, depending on the state in which you live, and a one-time $10.00 enrollment fee, As you know identity theft is sweeping North America. Everyone knows about it, most fear it but very few know what to do about it. As an identity Theft Shield member you and your spouse or significant other will have access to your credit reports as well as your credit score. If ever something looks suspicious, you’ll be notified, and if ever your identity is stolen, you’ll be assigned a licensed investigator who will assist you every step of the way in attempt to put your life back together the way it was before the thief took over. Should you join the Pre-Paid Legal team, your focus will be on two main activities: sharing our service and sharing the incredible income opportunity with people that you know and may come in contact with. As a new associate with Pre-Paid legal, you can earn $34.57 every time you market a membership. But for those of you who are willing to get your business started fast, you can earn three times that amount. If you enroll one associate and three members within your first 45 days or five members, instead of getting paid $34.00 for each membership you can earn $103.70 and get your first promotion. Three members and one associate is $311.00 in commission. Five memberships is more than $518.00 in commission. We call this Fast Start qualify. And this is just the beginning. The more successful you become, the more money you can make per membership. The second way you get paid is override income. In the current economy almost everyone is looking for ways to earn additional income and it’s easy to share the Pre-Paid Legal opportunity with them. When you join the team you’ll get a free website just like this one. You simply invite the people that you know to come watch the same video that you’re watching now, and if they join you, you get paid. This is called override income. Again, this is the money that you earn when someone on your team shares the membership. Imagine if you had just ten part time people on your team enrolling just one new member a week. That would be 40 memberships in a month. Even if you earn the smallest override amount available of $34.00, that would be $1360.00 a month in additional income on top of the income you earn from your own personal efforts. The third way you get paid is in Fast Start bonuses. Every time you help a new associate get Fast Start qualified, you can earn up to $170 in bonus money. Truly, as Zig Ziglar once said, if you help enough other people get what they want, you can have everything that you want. You can get paid every year of your life on every membership that renews. Some Pre-Paid Legal associates are earning residual income on members they enrolled more than 30 years ago. Can you imagine? And, you can get paid daily, via direct deposit right into your bank account. You can literally start on a weekday morning, Pre-Paid Legal also has a car bonus program of up to $500.00 a month, exotic vacation incentive trips to places like Cancun, the Bahamas, and Dominican Republic and Pre-Paid Legal pays for everything. All you can eat and drink, gratuity, airfare and accommodations for you and a friend. You’ll have unlimited income potential, you’ll be surrounded by great people and it’s tons of fun If you’re willing and able to follow a powerful copy/paste system, we can show you how to supplement or even replace your current income in a very short period of time. We’re only looking for people who are looking for us.

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