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Customizing the header of your theme in

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With some themes you have the option of using your own image as a custom header for your blog. To find out... ...which themes support that feature, just head to the Appearance menu... select the Themes option, and then head for the filters dropdown menu over here Scroll down and select the option for "custom header" Now hit the "filter" button and you'll see all of the themes that allow header customization I'm using the "Benevolence" theme, which might be slightly different... the one you choose, but the principles will largely be the same Clicking on Custom Image Header I can see that there are a few options for me here I can choose to show the text title of my blog, or... ...hide it. This can be useful if I have text in the graphic I upload If I keep text, I can select the color I'd like to display it in, or... ...use the original color of the theme Once I make these changes, I need to make sure I save them with the "save changes" button Now, for the image, the size for this particular theme is... 700 pixels across by 225 pixels in height If I like I can prepare a file with these exact proportions in a photo editor like GIMP or Photoshop but it's not necessary - if the image I choose is the wrong size... no problem! I can crop that image to the right dimensions after I upload it So, I click on "Choose File", select it from my computer and then... click "Upload" If I need to crop, this is where I can do it And that's it - I have myself a new custom header And if I ever decide I want to change back to the original or... want to change the text options, I just need to head back to the "Custom Image Header" option... ... from my Appearance menu And that's it - an extra touch of customization for my blog

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Posted by: wordpresstv on Mar 30, 2009

If you want to change the image in the header of your blog's theme, this tutorial shows you how

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