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Where do you keep your racism?

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My friend always complains about racism Real testimonials There are two old ladies in my apartment complex that everytime they meet me at the elevator, they say: Mail, dear? Shouldn't you use the service elevator? No. Neighbor. Everytime I cross the street when the lights are green, I can hear the sound of the cars locking behind me Where do you keep your racism? I asked her to participate the campaign, she didn't want to be exposed. Don't keep it. Throw it away. I study in a private university and there are no blacks in my class. They tattooed in the society in an unnatural way, that blacks just sing rap and are soccer players. It was then I realized that there was only one black in my school. We took our 3-year-old godson to a birthday party and a kid at his age said: My mom hates black people and so do I. Where do you keep your racism? Don't keep it. Throw it away. The service didn't end up well, and the boss said it was a "black service" I go to the beach and my friends always ask me: What for? To tan the soles of the feet and the hand palms? I entered a taxi with a friend who was also black. And suddenly the taxi driver was "finishing his day". My wife and me went to vacation. We arrived at the hotel and they said: "You can't come in here". "We're a family hotel". Where do you keep your racism? Don't keep it. Throw it away. The lady looked at me. I'm black. Crossed the street. You're a bandit. And at the other said I looked, there were two white young men. And she was mugged. I was in the bus with my ex-husband who is white. There was a police blitz. I, the only black woman, was the only to be checked. I... was never stopped in a blitz. Where do you keep your racism? Don't keep it. Throw it away. Every beginning of year, the parents whom entered my room, asked my three white assistants who was the teacher. I avoid to go to the mall in a black suit because soon enough I can be mistaken as a security guy. I gave her the check, she looked at me and said: I can't accept it. I'm a maître But one of my waiters said he doesn't accept orders from "crioulo" [ni***] Where do you keep your racism? Don't keep it. Throw it away.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 37 seconds
Country: Brazil
Producer: Diálogos contra o Racismo
Director: Diálogos contra o Racismo
Views: 206
Posted by: diegocasaes on Sep 14, 2009

The Brazilian campaign "Dialogues against racism [for racial equality] is an initiative of more than 40 organizations from Civil Society. The campaign was elaborated in order to question some facts of racism amid Brazilian. It is said that 87% of the population believe in racism, but only 4% of them admitted to being racist. The campaign then released a series of video questioning "where do you keep your racism?"

All credits go to the campaign organizers. For more information, visit their website [in Portuguese]:

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