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Brief History of America (dbm)

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Now it is time for a brief history of the USA Hi, boys and girls. ready to get started? Once upon a time there were tohose people in Europe called Pilgrims and they were afraid of being persecuted so all they got on a boat andsailed to the new world where they wouldn't have to be scared ever again Oh, I am so relaxed. I fell so much safer but as soon as they arrived they were greeted by savages and they got scared all over again Indians! So they killed them up Now you think, wiping out a race of people would calmed them down But no. Instead they started to get frightened one of each other Witch! So all they burnt witches in 1775 they started killing the British so they could be free and it worked but they still didn't feel safe so they passed the 2nd ammendment which said every white man could keep a gun I love my gun This bring us to a genious idea of slavery you see boys and girls the white people back then were also afraid of doing any work so they went to Africa, kidnnaped thousands of black people brought them back to America and forced them to work very hard for no money and I don't mean no money like I work in Wall-Mart and make no money I mean zero dolars, nothing, nada, zip doing it that way made the USA the richest country in the world So, did all that that money an free hand calm the white people down? no way They got even more afraid that's because after 200 years of slavery the black people were more than the white people in many parts of the south weel you can pretty much guess what came next the first started rebeling and chopped off and when white people heard of this they were freaking out And they were: "oh no I don't want to die Don't kill me big black man well, just in a knick of time came Samuel Colt who in 1836 invented the 1st weapon ever that could be fired over and over without having to reload and the white men of the south were Yee ha but it was too late the north soon won the civil war and slaves were freed yeap. They were free now to go chop all their masters' head off and everybody was like. Oh no we are gonna die but the free slaves took no revenge they just wanted to live in peace but you can't convince the white people of this So they founded the KKK and in 1871 the same year the KKK became illegal terrorist organization another group was founded the National Rifle Asotiation soon politicians passed one of the 1st time law making it illegal for any black person own one it was a great year for America the KKK and the NRA Of course they have nothing to do with each other and it was just a coincidence one group legaly promoted responsible gun ownership and the other group shouted endless black people and that's the way it was all the way until 1955 when a black woman broke the law by refusing to move to the back of the bus white people just couldn't believe it why would say no? Why doesn't she move? What's going on? Black people everywhere started to ammend for their rights and white people had a major freaking feeling and all they were "run away!" and they did they all fled to the suburbs where all was white and safe and clean and they went out and bought a billion guns and they put locks, alarms on their houses and gates round their neighbourhoods and finally they were all safe and secure and everyone lived happily ever after

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Brief History of America (dbm)

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