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Illegal Experiments of Artificial Uterus on Pregnant Women

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The Artificial Uterus. The victims speak out. (Anne Beauquier, Librarian, Versailles) I realized that was about artificial uterus. Had I been told about artificial uterus when I arrived at Chicago I would never have put Lucie in an artificial uterus. never. never. (Elise Renart, Social worker) We quickly become preys for businessmen, people who want to do tests, experiments. (Barbara Coello, economist at the world bank) People have no idea. people do not talk about it. Although my research shows me there are films, there are people doing those kind of experiments... and that it is there, it's something that exists. and nobody talks about it today. A topic by Anne-Laure Bonnel Eversince the beginning, Science never hesitated to use the human body for research. As we speak, some laboratories make women participate in illegal trials of artificial uterus without their knowledge. Forbidden experiments that raise ethical questions. it's about time we do raise them. Anne and Barbara were victims of an american clinic who contacted them with the promise to help with their difficult pregancies. They would come back from Chicago without their children. Dead without explanation. Elise narrowly escaped horror. Today, all three of them decided to testify to spare other women. Following my numerous miscarriages I get used to chat in a forum for pregnant women. they are many of those. I started to look at all these forums, there are many in the US. I've been on forums. I chatted with girls. I've been on websites. Without taken it too seriously. But rather with anxiety about the ending of my pregnancy. I was a bit worried you know. And then I've been contacted by telephone in french. I was told they had a brand new method for women in my situation who give birth before full term. that they had a kind of incubator, latest model, the best available. that they were offering me to deliver earlier. They were giving me a solution that seemed... suit me well. which was giving support to women who today are alone and have to work and at the same time be a mother. As it was a very modern clinic, of course I trusted them. it was a chance to me. The clinic in Chicago, refused to give me graphic documents of my baby. And the only pictures I was able to take is a video A video of Lucie in her incubator. There is a liquid, I was told it reproduced maternal amniotic fluid. She was intubated. That was like an incubator but reproducing the maternal womb. It's true that I could have had some doubts She was entirely in an amniotic fluid. But I was set in confidence. I was told the purpose of it. Immediately I was accompanied, supported So after a week I go back (to France). A few days later they call me and give me the news about the death of my child. One morning they came to see me and said there had been a problem. that Lucie did not survive. I took the decision thinking that was the best there was for my child. So today there is that, that I did not know the risks. I took the decision without knowing the risks the child could face. and there were many. I had to insist an awful lot to obtain a document from the clinic. The lab takes time to answer me. And eventually I'm allowed a document stating I miscarried. But I had a Caesarean section. From that moment on, I know something isn't right. It's clear to me. Going back to France, I realized that what contained the document didn't correspond to what had happened overthere. For them I had miscarried. Which is totally false. I went in order for Lucy to come into this world so that she could be a child a little healthy baby. All the sudden it didn't go well anymore. she was dead. that was awful and nobody wanted to understand that I wanted to take back Lucie. we asked everybody, we insisted and I couldn't... I went back without Lucie. I realized that was about artificial uterus. Had I been told about artificial uterus when I arrived at Chicago I would never have put Lucie in an artificial uterus. never. never. they lied to me. Later I saw images of animals I think it was a goat it was bathing exactly in the same liquid as for Lucie That was exactly the same procedure. Doing my research, I realized that that goat was not viable. and they did it on my child. My research little by little made me realize I had maybe be part of an experiment the first worldwide on humans on artificial uterus. At the very moment when I sign the discharge and decide to proceed even though I did studies I think I'm well educated and informed I have no idea. I've been cheated. that's it. They did a medical experiment on my baby like they did with a goat. It's exactly the same thing I'm persuaded now that I've been the victim of an experiment. they made me go overthere for something else than I believe it would be. some doctors used my baby. I had only been on forums and websites and a Chicago institute contacts me saying they have solutions to my problems we are quickly preys, victims as soon as we are a bit fragile. in the future we could see the purpose if it worked and the financial interest behind this. it represents a lot of money for these people. they had an interest into deceiving us and let us believe it was benin and that they weren't any risks. it's a business that if I were an investor I would put my money in it. when we know a bit about pharmaceutical industry we ask ourselves, haven't we been trapped? they play with the distress of people to develop something which has nothing to do it's again a new way to make money a new market that's taking shape. just saying that I have chills. it's sci-fi for me. you realize we're lab rats. it isn't normal it's frightening It's scary Today if I talk to you it's really to warn other women so that tomorrow they're not victims of a forbidden experiment on artificial uterus. today it's hard to have been cheated like I had and I just don't want it to happen to someone else. currently I'm persuaded they are other women in the US without a doubt who went through such an experiment but who don't dare talk about it because they feel guilty or they are afraid. With my blog I could make contact with people from Belgium, Canada and France. But I feel, and I understand, that there is a fear to talk about such things. But we currently cannot avoid that question of the artificial uterus. we can't. Today, we have to denounce that all together because it's serious.

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Posted by: becvert on Apr 22, 2012 Women were victims of illegal medical trials of artificial uterus. Those women had had abusive c-sections without knowing the risks they faced. Their children were placed in artificial wombs allowing out-of-body pregnancy. Their children are dead. The technic is not viable yet. Those experiments are forbidden.

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