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Darley Jones

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I was not on the mission yet, Her Uncle was a Martyr & went to Paradise. He is now in Paradise! - Who? Your uncle? He is in Paradise. - What? - In Paradise. In order to show how our fighters resist, Like our young engineers Muhamad Sawamiya and Abu Genadel. What did they do? They were young engineers who put death traps. They blew up the tanks of the Jews. They threw stones at the tanks. We went to see when they Buried the martyrs, And a tank came up to us so we threw stones at him, And the soldiers ran away. We went up, me & my friends, And hung the flags of Palestine, Iraq and the Islamic brigades. It's true we are a small country, but we have young engineers that can make grenades and bombs, and blow up tanks, Then the soldiers run away. We don't want peace!! We don't want peace!! We want war! We don't want peace. We want to die like all the martyrs in Jenin. What a chance is there for peace if you teach children to die? The young ones don't forget those who died as martyrs? You do not forget the blood of a martyr, he is a martyr. He is with God, we don't forget him. We will fight until we die as martyrs. With God's help we will have a future. And I will be just like Sheikh Mahmoud. That is my future. Who was this Sheikh Mahmoud that you want to be like? He was an Airplane Engineer and all He would build bombs and send martyrs to blow up everything, buses and everything. Do you see your future as a martyr? No that's not my future -So what is your future? Our future is that Israel disappears. That is our future. That Israel disappears God willing.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 31 seconds
Country: Israel
Language: Arabic
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Posted by: han613 on Aug 1, 2014

An Australian humanitarian volunteer at Jenin speaks

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