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ACTA Assignment

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3? 3? Yeah 3... 3 left.. Hi There.. Hi.. Hi.. Ok? Ok? Yeah. Well let's start. Can you explain what attracts you to this post? Well, I been in the same role now for 3 years and in that role I've acquired alot of skills And I'll let to put these skills to use now Right.. okay So you consider yourself of good communication skills indeed? Yes, both written and verbal communication skills are excellent Okay.. Right.. Could you give me an example of when you've worked part of a team to achieve a particular goal? *thinks hard* *looks away* *fiddles pen* Would you like me to repeat the question? No, sorry my mind's gone blank and I'm just struggling to think of an example. Could I have a minute? *stares at watch* We're abit push of time, let's come back to that on at the end [both together] Oh for you erm.... Oh. Is that me or is that you? It doesn't really matter.. Want me to do it? Yeah you go for it Have you ever had to deal with a difficult customer or customer complaint? Erm, yes. In my current role customers have complained the time that they've been taken to get served I did apologize to the customer for the amount of time and... [interrupts] Thats great.. that's great.. yeah.. *Frustrated* Can I ask how much absence you've had in the last 12 months Erm, 3-4 days? I can't remember specifically *scribble lots of stuff* So, on that basis, do you have any personal health issues which might cause all the problems at work? No.. Not that I can think of.... I can see from your application you've got some experience in supervising staff Erm, can you tell me abit more about that please? Yes, that's right. The last supervisor was on maternity leave and I did it for 6 months Right.. okay. Most of the stuff ISN'T particularly about this role and that's great, you've got them, sort of the experience And it's definitely something we'll bear in mind when we make our decision Ok? Done? Yeah! Well, thanks for everything. Thanks for coming in and you'll hear from us soon Sorry, I've got a question if you don't mind Yeah? Go ahead. Would I be required to work weekends? [laughs] Yeah, I'm afraid so. Part and parcel of this role.. Ok.. That's fine There is just one thing though Erm, I notice on your application form, you've got 2 young children. And, I'm just wondering how it would affect your ability to do the weekend work? It won't be a problem at all, I shall be able to arrange care for them Great, alright Ok, thanks for coming along today Thank you Yeah, thanks, cheers, bye Okay, 1 down! 2 to go

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