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'a Little Bit Of Life' Award Winning

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Everyone's life doesn't play like in stories But, everyone's life somehow..just fits, its own story Like some moments... Just like a river flows, which gets lost in the ocean of time... Maybe so, but we don't forget paths we take - in our journey.... ...Neither do the paths forget us... A Good friendship should not be set as an example or result or something created by effort... It sticks in some sense or another to our lives... The question is...have we found it or not? <Scene change> Find what? What is the use of finding it out immediately? Fine, so she doesn't like me. Big Deal!....If she's not around, as if my life won't be awesome!....I am surely going to be happy! know wht SHAKESPEARE said about life?....?..... Just Google it! I want to do something different..... < eats something bland:|) Sometimes it is horrible.. <angry at the waiter> Go get another one! o{:-/ I am not going to feel sad one bit that she's gone! o{:-/ <Narration> "But this guy has become this way because of "feeling" too much...His name is Reuban Samuel...He likes girls a lot, but it is they who don't like him. But a lot of ppl say he's nice... That's a big lie..They only say what u want to hear...Don't I know about them? The people who became engineers in the Dotcom time are now poor, so they'll trust anything that is these times, India Shining is the dream as if that is the biggest problem.. Tell me, there is someone in the system who says services are provided, there is someone who argues nothing is being provided..what is this, a tale of two cities in the mind? <Narration> Didn't understand a thing! Did you? Don't worry, even we don't understand what he says. His name is Ashwin Aadeeth....Noone might listen to what he says, but I have many times <Narration>I think he was probably talking about cell phone companies... Whatever it is...look, as if it is the most important issue! "Deepti, i don't know this, I don't know that!" "What am I? Your servant?...Do you know what? Girls are far more mature than guys..listen to this"... My neighbors house has two little kids- brother & sister. The sister has started speaking so well, but the brother is still a dumb fellow! "Same story here, his assignment and he wants me to go the library. What's his problem?!" <Narration> I don't know why girls can't go without scolding boys. Anyway, her name is Deepthi Sharma. What do we do? Her word is our command! "Why should I listen? Who are you to tell me all that? Because Im cooperative & nice, doesn't mean I have to necessarily listen to whatever you say does it? Then comes your advice. Change & adapt your life according to the situations. Who are you SIR to tell me all of it? ......(Background: Anna I ordered u a coffee instead of tea!) Why can't I decide whether I get coffee or tea? <Narration>......Uff...I don't have anything to say about her beyond this. Her name is Anna Matthew, a typical Christian. But, a good girl.. <Narrator> Are you wondering who I am? Before that let me say something.. I'm also a character in this film, an important one. Not what you are thinking...... I'm outside of your imagination! (I am the voice of the story) Well, my life had no special destiny (points to a plain palm)...But, there are some things I'd like to say... My name is Afthaab Haasen & the others you saw are my friends. I was born as the last child into a "If Study then Engineering" family..which I hated! I liked writing, but you ask my dad - He'd say "Arts & Science studies is equal to a mango & coconut seller's dream". ...Because he studied M.A. English & now runs a fruit shop. I joined engineering at a tough moment, to fulfill my father's dream... During that time I met my friends....Us 5!.... ...No pressing needs, relaxed, forgetting problems, passing time as the wind blows...we would talk a lot, we would laugh a lot, we would hype & blow..this was our life, our college life! Life in college....was unique, I enjoyed a lot - probably a lil too much! It was like a new freedom.....but after 3.5 years, 15 backlogs showed me! I didn't worry. I have never worried about the future....<scene changing..> but my friends were different. Always busy - placements, exams...<scene changing to the library> What happened to the placement results? Those 2 got selected (Ashwin & Sam)...What about Afthaab? He didn't attend. I got a call from his home 3-4 times. I don't know what to say....Yeah, what can we do? He's got to take care of his life.....Shouldn't we do something.....Ok lets talk to Sam & Ashwin and figure out something. <Library scene 4 friends> What has this assignment got to do with our project? Assignment? What assignment? Are you asking about last semesters assignment? Are you very busy Sir? I'm asking you Sir, you only! What's this assignment got to do with our project? <Confused> Assignment.?.?.? <Sarcastically> Wow, great! You can't see your future, can you Mr. writer? You think you'll go to each director's house and ask for a story and they'll give you a story? What's her problem man? No, I don't understand. What's your plan? Quit engineering and join a grocery shop or become a coolie? Dude, ask her to get up and go! Deepthi, careful what you say! I know what I'm saying....Have you ever seen your face in the mirror? you don't have time to shave? Noone will call you an engineer I'll do what I want. What's your problem? Look at him. He's a friend too. Right? I asked you earlier too to keep a beard da! The beard is not a problem da, it just won't suit me da! You guys can continue smiling and laughing. Can't take this, I'm leaving! Deepthi please...Ashwin stop her! Go, Go, Go after her <mocking> Cha! I've got to do Sam's work now :( Go die you dog! What's wrong with you? What's it about you & writing? As the centuries pass, man has followed his own traditions to find his own answers in his own different ways Writing is like a commentary... Writing is like food & blood for the head... It is like the fuel of a great revolution & fire in anothers' mind... God & the female have only the power of creating & breathing life into this universe... ...A writer is really, much the same.... His work has life! While breathing life into it, the energy that wakes inside like meditation Getting the form in the centre of his mind, diving deep into the blood of the form itself, forgetting the whole like moksha The feeling...will not let you go... even if you let go Anna: You've gone mad...! Yes! I have gone mad... So, I wanted my life to be the way I visioned right?...<unapologetically> yea, I must have been mad! <Scene change to Sam & Ash studying> "Before I die, I desire to do just one thing that makes me happy..... Doesn't seem wrong to me, that ....." "I want to study this subject of life in my own way, the way I like." Sam: Dude, are you studying seriously? Ashwin: Tch! Study da! <annoyed>...(phone rings......) Was that Deepti that called????.. .?.? Did she say something about the placement results .?.? You got selected da Somehow, my dad now doesn't have to listen to the neighbors nagging questions about my job da ..seems like you've suffered a lot, no? =P It wasn't funny da...that was a really terrible time... Anyways, Deepti called to about Aftab Yeah, he didn't attend placements too, right? What Deepti said - .....To avoid him for sometime,.,. to give him some space.. She's right, no? He also is like .......that. <Scene change> Aftab pondering over what next Noone spoke with me at all... Completely left out & alone.... What is next? I had no clue... Everyone kept thinking that I am missing out on something big in, I thought...and I came to - a decision. I couldn't even imagine a life, without friends... If I thought I was going to be the one to take the first step, it was actually them...<scene change> .. So, I went again Dude, how did this (formula) come? I can see that myself, dog! But, how did this formula come?! Dude, just learn from the book directly! What else to say? Should I say it again? Never mind, there is no point asking you! Oh! Has he come? Dude talk to him! Dude you only talk to him! Finally, you have come to, exams are upon us, there's no option anyway! Give me that pen.. This is what is a pen, you write an exam with this!, only if you write you get marks, otherwise you get a 0! <whispers> pass the sketchpen... sketchpen is very important, only if you sketch well, the figure will set itself Please da! Study da! <annoyed> Study da, that's what is important now <sarcastically> Dude, listen to what this bugger said - this formula is given in the book and comes from the other formula, but has no idea HOW it came! ..Atleast we should be asking HOW, right? <scene change All Together> The path of life teaches us so many things... From sadness, it gives us experiences From suffering, it gives us strength.... To give us a backbone to take the correct & just decisions in life... Beyond all of this, it has given us good friendships a matter of commitment in our life... It will cause us lots of worries.....lots of bitter moments....but at the end.... "chod na yaar" - that one sentence alone and its feeling cannot be described in words Writing the "extra back exams" alone was pretty sad though...but that loneliness taught me something - the things that I missed out in my life "Nothing wow in what I wrote" but I think I'll pass.... But, i will never stop writing you see.....I will write as much as I can.... OUTRO Scene............. "Hi, I'm Aftab. I was studying when I got an idea for a story. There are 5 kids, one of them has issues with his parents. How that affects the others. Can we discuss this small storyline for 15-20 mins. When will you be free?"

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Posted by: ash_what7 on Dec 5, 2017

This was originally made in Hindi by a Virtual friend SK Karthik and was one of the most amazing movies ever made. Here I just make a humble addition in terms of subtitles for the larger audience.

The tamil dialogues & dubbing make it amazingly original.

The beautiful hues of the movie deserve a lively Subtitle and that's what I am trying to add here.

###I own no rights or privileges of this particular movie made by SK Karthik whilst he was still a student @BIT Mesra - my step-sister alma mater incidentally, being from BITS Pilani ;)

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