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Jim Peterson

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I'm Jim Peterson, wheat breeder for Oregon State University. And this is my office, where I get to work at OSU. The biggest change in wheat breeding and genetics has really been the application of molecular markers. And I'm proud that OSU is taking a lead in molecular marker development and applications here, with my colleagues at the unversity to be able to use molecular technologies to improve an applied crop base, and germ plasm based that we have, gives us tremendous, powerful tools to improve, again, disease resistance and productivity. Varieties developed here at OSU are being grown on hundreds of thousands of acres right now in the Pacific Northwest. Varieties with higher yield, with better disease resistance, with better end use quality. All being grown by our producers. But our program has impact far beyond that. As the parent material that we supply to our colleagues and breeders from around the country. Our key parents in varieties in the Midwest, up and down the Great Plains. Also internationally through our exchanges with other colleagues and scientists around the world. So while we have a small base of a program here in Oregon, it has a far reaching impact in turns of productivity, disease resistance, and world food security in many countries, in many areas of the world. Wheat is pretty fundamental to food security around the world. And we- I wanted to make a difference in my career, in terms of food security, productivity, and having an impact. And OSU has led us, has allowed us, to do that. OSU has an impact in productivity, and has a worldwide footprint in our program, through our graduate students, through our germ plasm, through our genetics are impacting many, many areas of the world.

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Posted by: umarket on Nov 13, 2009

Discusses genetic innovation and increased food quality.

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