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Jacque Fresco - Depression (1976)

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So people have a vocabulary for behaviour. Things to do. Okay? They want to get drunk, get laid, then you go to work in the other day. That is a habit. Now very of you people on painting rush to a book seller, and say look, this is what I think, and the rest of us supplies what they think are drawing suppliers. Or going into lowest, you know that, they don't have enough things. So, if you can build a vocabulary of behaviour, whereby you get part supplies, Wednesday you go roller skating, Tuesday swimming, and you go down and go sailing. I don't mean what you do all these things, but if you build enough behavioural areas that are pleasureful, you would destroy it too. It's not enough for being depressing because you have so many others. But if you keep saying "Why didn't Virginia call me this week, couldn't call me" On and on, you see, after calling, Virginia would call me. Now that habit is only based on living in Virginia top of building. You know what I mean? You are moving into that top building? In the theatre, top building is the actor. Now you can get Virginia top building in the (?) best dressed man in town come from the building, when somebody moves in the town better dressed than you are, and Virginia goes out with Sam, then you have being wiped out, you don't need having (?) values. So you don't have emotional bond, okay? Now, there are other emotional bonds, which very, in emotional bond, when you are running into depressing, you go out and get drunk, that is going in the another area involved. Because when you can wake up and hang over and still be, right? So, think about how many emotional bond would go right, and this is the way you get on. Usually you don't get out of the depression. What you do is to develop habits you can not be in depression, that you are fulfilled. Another happening, trying moving around, some people buy couple of bucks, and you get Spanish movies, french movies, Greek movies, and some people go to cookie exhibitions and shows, you know? And some people spend time and they join the chats club, they discuss things, and somebody found a new place. I'm not suggesting you to do that, but there are people that have enough alternatives, so these distractions anyone doesn't means that they are over there. As drama is a good thing, but drama does always reinforce, unless when you get a job. Drama can be very painful if you are not capable to get any job. And you can telling everybody can't be proud of it, all right, then you depress this guy. Now, if this guy wants to date a women, he goes out and can't get it. He can't make out with this woman, can't relate with her. And he has to go out with women, and the depression is always follows the fact that you approach somebody and they say no. And you always get into depression, rather than saying what if people say no about them. They say no about habits and how to identify them. And by the way, in a strict baptist church, and kind of date anyone available girl there, they won't reject my point of view. And I would be pressed to continue, because go with that church people. You know, a lot of people they go (?) continuously, they want to know why they get depressed. So you stick yourself into a zone where the depression is being generated. Now, when you join up a lot of people that have a low level of value system, low grade, this is the way I think, usually occurs in the industrial plant, where people with much more credit in work, and one of them becomes the 'sloppy fingers Joe' you know what that mean, because they drop someone there, they hang on you. And when comes drop those come nothing that impress you, you know what I mean? So, you can keep going back to the born bond, because you don't go any place out, when you go some place yourself, you wouldn't have contact with other people. You say have may contact the whole science, that where on the conversation thing. Or if you make contact with others you can build other real contact. Now, depression, like I said before, depression doesn't start here, it starts somewhere, by some signal, and what you have to do is like the engineers do, as I tried to describe yesterday. The engineer puts a propeller on an airplane, and then when the wing goes on a certain speed, it flies apart. That used to happen on these things. Scientists wanted to know how fast they can wear a steel ball. So they put hold all and felt apart at a certain speed. So, another scientist made a ball smaller, and then can go faster without pockets in a saying mess. The prime was when the little about this time. When you stay spoon, and the fact really was, several million revolutions per second, by electromagnetic. When they turned them off for one year, or something. Now, they have to identify the problem that the things flies apart. So when an airplane propeller flies apart, they don't know what to put there in the airplane, they put on the test track, design part propellers, instead of shield all around, you know? In a concrete wall. And they have what they call flies apart, giving all airplane propeller at 3000 of revolutions per minute, they (?) them up for 4000 and still holds together, and says that the propeller beyond 3000. You see? They have a safety line. They identify the problem and then gave you a hand out of this problem. You're not keeping yourself and the machine out of the ring, you see? You have to look at the instructions and identify out the problem. Normal people that have problems, say I'm depressed, that is one part of the problem. And the next thing is what makes me depressed. "What makes me depressed?" Then you have to identify, 1, 2, 3, 4. This is what makes me depressed. I had to the plane that guys would have be the plane. Without you, it would be terrific. So I'm sensitive to criticism. I just made a black mark there, and leaving sensitive criticism, then you know how it would say that. I get that down. This doesn't get out this is next thing. The guys says fucking fact one this. In Florida, everybody was locked inside. That is another show nothing know criticism would not address. Another thing that I can't stand is when I put my arm a long time ago and said phased. You see? That would be pressed, see as rejection, no end, you see, that I meant on that. Now I know what these are and they said impressive by anybody. The most people just feel depressed, and you said what bother you, I don't know, I just work shit, they go on, because they don't identify the problem. Now let's try again, you put normal people, non psychological problems, mechanical, in a boat. Here they are. And they said that they don't have any outside depressions, they have boats. You, in that boat, see more in, you see water in the boat, and you see it (?) in, you can identify quickly the position of a problem. And the next thing is you don't have any contact to show him at home, there is nothing in the boat. You cut up the piece in shirt, they your wife says I paid 9 dollars for that shirt in the boat. You see? And you put around (?) that you think. You know what I mean? Now there are times that shirt has no value at all, except that hole, you know? That you can't swim a mile, you know, unless you can swim a mile. But if you are a mile off shore, you can't swim very well, "Fuck the shirt!" Now, you don't have a shirt, so you got a baby in shirt, take your wives bra and shove it in that hole, you know what I am talking about? -He didn't. It's like umbrella that did it, fit in a dollar or dragon, or anything. -Yes. Okay, so this is problem solving because the problem is identified, you know what were in the boat, and work in this area old lady to do it, and walk in that area. One movie were (?) about in the boat, and to come in, and stand in fact that understand the rule of the bad guy, and was standing to get the water out of the boat. And, oh my, so stand close of the bucket, this (?), most of them. So when you drive at it, you out but in the world around. But in the water you couldn't go out, so the boat side get warm, what if they put that pull out the inner (?), and the (?), they would do things they are not problem solving. A lot of (?) you got when you have trouble with your wife and not getting along, they put the cock out of the boat. Is not the (?), they put the (?) out of the (?). Then they bring (?) together. You both have each other (?), so they have children, in order to have problems and the children. And the relative says "What about having another kid?" Another kid?! There are many people that comfort you in your arms, and put you in a deeper hole So, the recognition of a problem is number 1, and the answer, not the answer right there, but the answer you find, whether you (?) say something other, you pick all there. And get busy, and then the depression doesn't disappear, unless, now...

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A clip from Fresco's Classic Lecture Series, (3d.) "Depression"

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