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Cheryl TNT

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Hey you all, it's me Cheryl. And once again, welcome to Tupperware. We are so excited that you said yes to the Tupperware opportunity during our big TNT recruiting challenge in August. And today I'm going to share with you the top five reasons why you're going to want to hold Tupperware parties. So are you ready? Reason number five: It's a great way to get together with your girlfriends and or your boyfriends. Reason number four: You get to practice making those delicious recipes that you can find in your getting started guide. Reason number three: It's a great way to give away some free Tupperware to your family and your friends. And who doesn't love free. Number two: It's also a great way for you to earn your very first gift in your confident start program. Check out that flyer that came in your opportunity kit. And the very number one reason why you're going to want to hold Tupperware parties is because you make money! [bell ringing] And who doesn't love that. Now you might be thinking, well shoot doggy Cheryl, where am I going to find those parties? So don't forget guys, use your frank list. Okay, that's your friends, that's your relatives, your acquaintances, your neighbors and your kids' friends. And or, don't forget about your T-zone. That is the neighbor across the street, the neighbor behind you the neighbor to the left and the neighbor to the right. So you also have your up-line director and your business leader and they are there to help you become successful. We can't wait to see where you're going to take the Tupperware parties. So remember, thing big, start small but begin now! See you all.

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Cheryl TNT

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