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Domestic Migrant Worker Food Challenge HK - Blog 2

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Day 4 So it's Thursday, which means it's Day 4... and I'm really starting to feel the effects of not eating properly. It's especially difficult when I... from 4:00 in the afternoon until I get home... I have to have a banana for breakfast, and then I'll either have a packet of noodles for lunch, or porridge... And ... it just isn't enough for me. I mean I'm six foot tall, and a big northern lass... so I need a little more than most people anyway... So getting used to it has been really difficult. I'm already feeling that my blood sugar is really low, I'm feeling faint, I'm getting hot flushes. And I've got worse as the week has progressed... I saw my friend in the supermarket this evening - Michael - and ... I wasn't able to hold a proper conversation... I mean I'm OK now, I've sat down, and what have you.. but Actually you know, during that time between lunch and dinner, I'm really not OK... yeah. I'm also getting a bit bored with my food, I have to say. I've spent $5.90, no, 7.90 on a tin of tuna, on the way home because... I just can't eat the same flavour again tonight. I can't eat udon and curry powder and vegetables again, I just can't. Can't do it. So.. I'm gonna have a little bit of tuna, and split the tuna into maybe three or four portions, and spread that over three days. I seem to be able to do three days of the same thing, but not four. I also bought some eggs, as I need to have some more protein than the tuna, and the eggs will help for sure. So.. it's a bit difficult at the moment. Another worry for me is that my bananas are steadily getting softer. And I have three more days, before I can spend some money on breakfast materials again. So, next week I'll probably buy some apples, and instead I'll have some apples for breakfast, just because they last longer... But bananas have more energy, so it's kind of like you have to weigh your options, I guess. Yeah. I'm gonna show you what I'm gonna cook for my dinner tonight, and see if we can get that time down to five minutes. Helpers will only have about five minutes to cook, five minutes to eat dinner - less for lunch. They might not even get breakfast. I'm quite lucky, because I'm not a helper. I'm not a domestic worker, so I actually get to eat my breakfast, albeit on the way to work. So, it's gotta be timed, in order for it to be workable. I'm also running out of udon. So I think after this evening, I'm going to have to start using my instant noodles instead in the evening and having that with tuna and some vegetables...but it's really bad for you, it's full of really nasty things like fats and oils that aren't very good for you, so, I think I've been more optimistic that I should have been at the beginning of the week. I didn't realize things were going to go off (get rotten)... but if you're going to do this properly, then you have to realize that, you know, they have 5 minutes to eat, right? And 5 minutes to cook. But they certainly don't have time to go out and shop, during the day, really. And unless they're going to shop for their employers, they're not going to go and shop for themselves. So, you have to sort of, I'm trying to face that reality of the situation as well. One thing I would say, is that it's actually affected my work. Today I couldn't concentrate at work. Because I'm drinking so much water to try and keep myself from feeling too.. empty or too hungry, I keep having to go to the bathroom as well! So.. I mean, if I think, if anyone's in any doubt they should pay their helpers more for their food, if they're that way inclined, I would suggest that it would increase their productivity if you're that mean-minded. Sign the petition:

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Posted by: danielleis on Aug 2, 2009

Blog 2 of the Ten HK$ a day domestic worker challenge...

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