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Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO. Thank you for being with Bloomberg. Thank you for having me on. Let's get right into it. You've been praise-worthy of the President's tariff proposals. Why? Well, because tariffs are the only way that you have to endorse or to make sure that cheaters are held accountable and that you have fair trade What we have seen is a number of countries have been cheating. Nothing has been done about it and we have paid the price for that. Who is cheating? A number of countries, right now in this country we have 435 tariffs that were imposed because one country or another, or one industry or another or another has been cheating Everybody uses tariffs. Every country. The EU, India, China, everybody uses tariffs to enforce the law because they are a common sense way to enforce trade laws and we haven't had that before. I want to pick up on China in particular. Because, they really are doing backdoor dumping so to speak or flooding the markets of other countries in order to take advantage of US policy. So why were Mexico and Canada excluded from this if they still have that relationship with China? Well, China does put steel in through other countries. But, the relationship with Canada, they've been playing by the rules Mexico, less so. But they've been playing by the rules. Mexico still cheats on the wage side. They still don't enforce their trade laws or their labor laws. They get an unfair advantage that way, but quite frankly this tariff they should be exempted from.

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