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Jason Silva - Radical Openess

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You know I love this idea of 'radical openness'. The free exchange of information. The free flow of ideas. Creating spaces in which ideas can have sex as Matt Ridley talks about. And this is huge because it turns out that ideas are just as real ... ... as the neurons they inhabit ... ... as Jim Gleick Tells us. A new kingdom rises above the biosphere ... ... the denizens of this kingdom are ideas. Because ideas have retained some of the properties of organisms, it turns out. They leap from brain to brain. They compete for the limited resources of our attention. They have infectivity. They have spreading power. They are what Richard Dawkins calls 'the new replicators' ... ... born from the primordial soup of human culture. Their vector of transmission is language and electronic communications. And though ideas are not made of nucleic acid, they have achieved more evolutionary change and at a rate ... ... that leaves the old gene panting far behind. Ray Kurzweil says that our ability to create virtual models in our heads combined with our modest looking thumbs ... ... was sufficient to usher into secondary force of evolution called technology. And it will continue until the entire universe is at our fingertips. This is unbelievable stuff. It speaks to the telescopic nature of evolutionary change. More change in the last hundred years than in the last billion years. Terence McKenna actually wrote from the moment that human beings invented language, ... biological evolution essentially ceased ... ... and evolution became a cultural epigenetic phenomenon. Now we take in matter of low organization, we put it through our mental filters ... ... and we extrude it in the form of space shuttles and iPhones. The Imaginary Foundation tells us that what imagination does is that it allows us ... ... to conceive of delightful future possibilities. Pick the most amazing one ... ... and pull the present forward to meet it. Imagine how impoverished this world would have been if we had not invented the ... ... technology of the oil painting in the time of Van Gogh. Or the technology of the musical instrument ... ... in the time of Beethoven and Mozart to unfurl through it ... With the revolutions in Bio technology and Nano technology the free exchange of information is allowing us to conceive ... ... of radical new things. Freeman Dyson says in the future new generation of artists will be writing ... ... genomes with the fluency of that Blake and Byron wrote verses. What is great in man, said Nietzsche, is that he's a bridge and not an end. We're on a trajectory smack in the middle between born and the made, wrote Kevin Kelly. And so radical openness, it's huge. It's a universe of possibility. It's grey infused by color. It is the invisible revealed. It is the mundane blown away by awe. We need to cultivate radical openness as a way of participating and accelerating evolution. Wow!

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Posted by: arthurkruisman on Jun 27, 2012

Great performance by Jason Silva on Radical Openess

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