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Water Theater

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This is the desalination plant of today. Soon to become the plant of yesterday. To be replaced by this The teatro del agua The desalination plant of tomorrow. Designed to create water from thin air, it takes modern architecture to another dimension. The water theater will revolutionize the way we make fresh water. Greenhouses in Northern climates work because they trap heat within the building. The water theater works on a slightly different principle because we are recreating the natural water cycle where sunlight shines on the sea, sea water evaporates up into the sky forms clouds, turns into rain and comes back down as fresh water To recreate the natural cycle and make water from thin air, first a series of plastic pipes is cooled by pumping icy sea water through them. This sea water is then sprayed onto an absorbent mesh surface. As warm sea air passes through the mesh the sea water turns to vapor leaving its salt behind. The sea breeze then carries the vapor back to the cooled pipes were the water condenses, forming droplets of fresh water. Finally the fresh water is collected in a tray ready for use. Unlike typical desalination plants, The teatro del agua needs no fuel. It harnesses the natural forces of sea, sun and and wind. Result, an unending supply of fresh water and a spectacular backdrop for an open air theater. The water theater would create enough water for a city. So as well as being a fantastic place to go and experience outdoor concerts and so on it's doing something very useful, it's creating huge amounts of fresh water from sea water. The Eden project has transformed the greenhouse... This project could transform the Globe. I think we are going to see more and more examples of this kind of technology around the world and hopefully celebrated in all sorts of architectural forms. It's performing a very useful function, it's creating water but there are other opportunities as well. To create fantastic public buildings, to create exciting architecture that engages people. The water theater could be used could be implemented on any scale in places where it is hot and sunny and where there isn't sufficient fresh water. This project has the potential to change the world.

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Posted by: paulg on Mar 2, 2010

The desalination plant of the future.

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