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Philo PT

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Good morning fellow humans As you may note, it has been two months since we have been stranded in this forlorn island This island has many dangerous creatures that have taken away many of our comrades’ lives We also do not have the technology we used to have on earth thus making it harder for us to survive Therefore, we should establish a government to properly organize ourselves and create a just society so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress. We have decided to adopt a monarchy where one person holds most of the power and others to help him choose the right decision This is an effective system of governance as it helps to maintain stability How so? In the monarchy, some of your actions might be restricted. Therefore, the situation in the island would be controlled. Even though you might not have as much freedom as you might have had on Earth, we assure you better security, safety and happiness Also when in a monarchy, decisions are made and implemented quickly thus suiting your needs efficiently and quickly We will give you the right to choose our leader hence it would be someone you trust to be moral and highly capable to lead this population. So you can trust the leaders to make right and beneficial decisions that helps to improve the society Next we have decided to implement proportional income taxes as a method of distribution This is because we strongly believe that this is the fairest and provides most equity as both the rich and poor will have to pay the same percentage of their income taxes. This ensures that whoever are willing to work hard and earn more will not have to suffer the consequences of paying a higher percentage of their income to taxes The ones who are willing to work more will still get to keep a higher amount of money than those who do not, also encouraging them to work harder this way The tax money collected will be spent on the community's basic services like policing to enforce the law, guards to protect the people against wild beasts on the island, getting clean water and sufficient food for everyone as well as spending it on transportation, houses and tools required which will benefit the whole society instead of just a group of people All these services will in the end bring happiness and security to everyone by satisfying everyone’s basic needs. THUS, YOU SHOULD ADOPT this method of governance and distribution as they benefit you the most. We chose this method after much consideration and we hope you will have faith in us.

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Posted by: lions3010 on Apr 28, 2015

Philo PT

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