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Never Let Me Go (2011)

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My name is Kathy H. I'm 28 years old. And I spend most of my time, not looking forwards, but looking back at what happened to us at Hailsham. (girl yelling) Catch it Tommy! (woman) Why didn't Tommy get the ball? (girl) There was once a boy who had run off, beyond the boundary. They found him in the woods, with his hands and feet cut off. (woman) Who told you these stories? (girl) Everybody knows them. (woman) And how do you know that they're true? (girl) Who would make up stories as horrible as that? [students singing choral music] Students of Hailsham are special. (students) Yes, Miss Emily. (Miss Emily continues) Keeping yourselves well, keeping yourselves healthy inside... of paramount importance. ♫ [students continue singing] None of you will do anything except live the life that has already been set out for you. And sometime around your third donation, your short live will be complete. That's what you're created to do. [papers rustling] (Kathy) We were moved from Hailsham at 18... Tommy, Ruth and I. (male) Exactly how much experience have you guys had with the outside? (girl) Quite a lot. (boy) No we haven't. Drinks? 5 Cokes, please. (Tommy) If there was a boy and a girl, and they pretty in love, and they could prove it, then they would be given a few years together. Before they began their donations. Why do you do that thing? Squeezing Tommy's shoulder? I'm allowed to touch Tommy, aren't I? It's the way you're touching him. (Tommy) Suppose for a second that there were a special arrangement for Hailsham students. If they're in love. (Kathy) Tommy really likes you as a friend. He just doesn't see you that way. We are modeled on trash. (Tommy) We're in love. It's true love. Verifiable. (woman) You didn't have to look into your souls. You had to see if you had souls at all. [man screaming] Aaaaaaaaah! [continues] I wish I could help you. You poor creatures. (Kathy) Maybe none of us really understand what we've lived through. Or feel we've had enough time. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 12, 2011

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