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Norwegian Foreign Minister lying about Hamas contacts

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Norway's Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre has had secret talks with Hamas. Have you self spoken to the Foreign Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Støre? There were quite a few phone conversations between him and myself. We hold the Norwegian government in very high esteem, also its politics, which is different from the European as well as the American one, both with regard to the Palestinian case and Hamas in particular. Have you personally talked with Meshaal? No. In an interview with TV2 in Damaskus, Khaled Meshall says on tape that he has talked with you, had talks with you on the telephone a number of times. You, eh... Can't we do, eh... eeeh... the recording of this afresh, just the start, for you see... your last question was a bit imprecise. My last question? Whether you had talks with Meshaal? Yes, so, I take it you're saying... You ask whether I have had meetings with him. No, I ask if you have talked with him. Yes, but can't we just take it... take it again, then we can go straight to it. I can put the question in this way. Eh, the leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, says in an interview with TV2 that he has had several phone conversations with you. Yes, it is correct that in 2007, when the Palestinians were negotiating between themselves on a common government foundation, eh... then I had, eh... a couple of telephone conversations with him. And it was on request by the Palestinian president, Abbas, in the course of negotiations the Palestinians had then, from a meeting in Mecca until they agreed on a governmental platform. But haven't you then had political contacts with Hamas? Well, you can say that a phone conversation during negotiations where there were messages back and forth between the Palestinians, eh... then vi had a political contact, but we haven't had political contacts with them as such since the coalition government [...]

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Posted by: cskaug on Jan 31, 2011

In an interview with TV2, Norway's Foreign Minister denies having had contacts with Hamas. When the journalist confronts him with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal having said the opposite, he wants to interrupt the interview in order to present another answer.

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