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0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) So .... who would like to look under The Purple Bag this morning? Stella? Go ahead. Look under The Purple Bag. Look under The Purple Bag. It's a light ... really? What makes that the light? Okay. You turn it on. Okay. You turn it on. [Children studying what Pastor's holding] So then what's this? [Response not heard] Okay, so this is one part of the lamp. What does this part of the lamp do? [Pastor sets lamp gently over his head [Pastor sets lamp gently over his head as children look on in awe] as children look on in awe] And it's not a hat. No, it's NOT a hat! But when the light comes on, this helps. It protects the light. Right? And then the light isn't as bright in the house just so the light doesn't hurt your eyes. Right? Right! And you're very right, Brandon ... this is not a hat. But in our Epistle Lesson for today and in our Sermon for today, it talks about Moses wearing a veil. Because when Moses went up on Mount Sinai, and was with God ... God was SO bright in His ... all of His holiness and ALL of His perfection. Just like in our Gospel Lesson it told us that Jesus' clothes became white ... whiter than anyone could bleach them. So much so that it would be hard to look at them. It would be like looking into the sun. It would hurt your eyes. So when Moses was with God, all of God's radiance ... all of that brightness, was on Moses' face! And it tells us that when he came down, Moses put a veil on his face. Think of this like the veil. Think of me like Moses. So I go up and I'm with God and I'm all bright and shiny, because of all of God's holiness. I put this on my head ... not as a hat ... but so that all when the brightness goes away, you won't see that that fades. And then, when it was gone, Moses took it off. Because what Moses didn't want any of the people to see, was that the glory of God could fade. Because it can't. God's holiness is always there. It always shines brightly through Him. What Moses didn't want everyone to see, or to think ... was that that holiness of God could be diminished or go away or get turned off like a light switch. He wanted everyone to know and remember that God is holy. And He's good and He shines with all of the brightness that we can barely understand. And he didn't want people to think differently of the Lord. So that's what it talks about in our sermon for today when Moses put a veil over his face ... it's like me putting on this lampshade to make sure that people didn't see that glory of God's fading. But we're to reflect that glory of God because His holiness has come to us through Jesus. So now we're little lights in the world. And we're gonna go let our little Gospel light shine ... right? Okay? Okay. Anybody have any questions? Yes, Stella. [Stella softly asks a question] What about the lamp? [Stella motions to sections of the lamp] Yes, there are four things that hold this on the lamp. Yep! The lamp goes right on there. That's how it works. Very good! Anything else? Yes, Brandon? [Brandon asks a question] Nothing! Because I couldn't fit this in The Purple Bag. Sometimes pastors can't do everything. Okay? That's why I put it over it. Can you live with that today? Yeah? Good! 'Kay everyone can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our hymn-of-the-day ... Hymn 97.

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Posted by: hischild on Feb 19, 2012

What's under The Purple Bag today stumps the children until Pastor Dave explains the glory of the Lord to them.

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