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An Evening With Bones

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[INSIDE MEDIA @ THE PALEY CENTER FOR MEDIA] [The Paley Center for Media] [An Evening with Bones] [INSIDE MEDIA - May 9, 2011] The moment I sat down and read the pilot, I was just taken in by the chemistry and by the characters and the way it moved. I never really look at something as, "Oh, I'm going to do this for--" You're asking the wrong person. >>What? You never think about the future or the past. [audience laughter] I don't. You're absolutely-- >>It's true. I'm not-- >>[off camera speaker] David lives in the moment. He really does. >>I'm not really someone who says, "Oh, I'm going to do this for six years." I'm just going with the flow and having a good time. And I think that for me, as long as it's challenging and there's stuff that's going on, I enjoy playing Agent Booth. I think to be surrounded by such a great cast and people on a show that allows you to interact with ideas is just a blessing. We're so fortunate. I don't say, "Oh, I want to just do it for a year or two years." You know, the money's got to be ******* right. [laughter] That's what I was looking for. That's what I was looking for. [laughter continues] There's your answer. >>You could have led with that. You could have led with that. David has said to me before, "It's all about the art." And I say, "No, it isn't." He says, "You're damn right it isn't." He also said to me at Christmas of the first year, he says, "Three years and out, man." "Three years and out." I thought three years tops. I was like, "How much can we do with skeletons?" [laughter] What can you do with skeletons? It's just bones. How long? Three years tops. I can't even think any more than that. That's too many bodies. >>That's what we said too. And it keeps going. So we've been proven wrong too many times. I do know that I told Hart that I would like to drive a tank through the lab. Yes. >>This is my God honest-- I really would like to do that. He hates the lab. He wants to knock it down. That's probably going to be toward the end of the season. I would just like to drive a tank right through the plot. I think you had seen that James Garner film where he drove a tank, and you wanted to do that. >>Yeah. The tank was shooting paint. [laughter] The lab is very expensive, David. >>I know. Hodgins can afford to build another one right after. [laughter] You're wealthy. You're wealthier than Facebook guy. [laughter] Why are you driving? You should be owning the Prius company or whatever it is. You need Hodgins to talk to 20th Century Fox. You know what I'm thinking at the beginning of the season? I'm feeling it right now. Hodgins on a pogo stick. I don't know why. [laughter] I really don't know why. I just have this image. >>Hundreds of those images on my computer. Just jumping up and down, like a pogo stick. You should put that one in the bin. >>It goes in the bin. I put them all. The bottom of the bin. >>You just start on a [imitates pogo stick noise]. You hear the noise [imitates pogo stick noise]. Have we had someone on a pogo stick? >>No. Is he teaching his child how to be on a pogo stick? There you go. This is how we come up with Bones episodes. Let's talk about the will they or won't they sort of tension of it all. There's a perception out there, and I think the fans are kind of ready for something to happen after six years. [laughter] Did you have a plan? It's like six years, and now we've got to start seriously hooking these two up. But I thought a lot happened in the past six years. I'm talking about the act. >>We killed 127 people. [laughter] That's something. A lot of bones. >>I think more than that, actually. Yes, more. Probably a lot more. >>Because some episodes have multiple-- We didn't kill them. >>multiple victims. >>Time out. We didn't kill them. Stephen and I killed them, and you found them. >>They killed them. We bickered, and Sweets figured it out and then we all went home happy. Could you imagine if we had to figure out who killed them? >>You do. That would be terrible. >>We can't do both. >>I thought you guys just did it. Well, we do, but you do it in the writer's room and that takes a while. It's the central question of the series and has been for-- We started talking about it around Christmas of the first season because who knew we'd still be here six years later? Our two-year plan went away, then our four-year plan went away, and now we have a seven-year plan. >>Yeah. But yeah, I think it's an issue that has to be dealt with pretty damn soon. How's that? Do you believe in the sort of Moonlighting curse? Do you feel like there's a-- >>Oh, please. [laughter] I don't think there is. I don't think there's any such thing. Each relationship on television, whether it's Sam and Diane or Moonlighting, they're very-- >>Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero. [laughter] Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero. >>Yeah, it's true. People kept watching after Spock and Kirk started having sex. [laughter] But they're all very specific relationships. This is not going to fall into the Moonlighting curse at all. It's a very different dynamic. We're assuming that something happened. I was just upset and I went to his bed. [laughter] That does not mean that anything will happen. We were exchanging-- >>Brennan is very stubborn. I don't think she'd just-- We'll see. You were very distraught. You were in a compromised state. >>Yeah. What was the delivery scene like? I hear it was pretty humorous. I watched some clips on YouTube. [laughter] No, I mean-- >>"Wow! Look at that one." No. I have to say--clips, clips--I was really nervous. I was very, very nervous about it, honestly, because I'm not a mother. And many of my very close friends and my sister have babies, and I didn't want to make it this, like, caricature of-- [laughter] I'm going to Twitter that. [laughter] You can't really see anyone. It's just lights. [laughter] Anyway-- >>I'm sorry. Emily lent me a really great book that I actually didn't have too, too much time to read, but-- I gave it to her the day before she was shooting the scene. >>Yeah. Yeah, it's true. But we did all of them in one day, and it was great. It was great to lay down and work. [laughter] That was really great. I do that every day. [laughter] TJ I have to say was the perfect father. You got yelled at quite beautifully. Well, my parents are here, and my ma has--there's six kids in our family, and my dad even-- >>Hey. How are you? [laughter] Pleasure to meet you. That's so sweet. I've never met your parents before. It's exciting. I don't think I've ever met them before. That's so cool. Your parents are there. They're right there, front row. >>I've got to call mom. [laughter] I'm sorry. Go ahead. >>So ma was saying how even with the sixth child, my little sister, my mom was about to give birth, and my dad left her out in the car and left her. I believe I was born in the hallway because they were laughing so hard because he left her in the hallway and she was doubled over laughing. So I had my own research right there. [laughter] I gather from the last scene in the episode we saw you guys won't be doing a musical episode any time soon. [laughter] That was-- >>Not while I'm on the show. >>What is it with that? Twinkle Toes Stephen might like that, but I'm not-- I hate that. No, we're not doing musical. >>No. >>I don't think it's a good idea. No. >>And you can quote me on that. Almost everybody can sing, ironically, but-- >>I can sing. [laughter] No, no. I'm not doing it. I can sing. >>Sing! [laughter] I'm not going to do it, but I can sing. >>Emily, I sing with you. Give me a song, I'll sing it. >>Do "Hot Blooded." "Hot Blooded." >>Oh, no. [laughter] No, no, no. "You Are My Sunshine" >>No, no. No, no. I had to do that in-- [audience member] "Mandy" >>No, no, no. I'm not doing "Mandy." Why don't you think of a song then? >>This could go on a long time. No, no. Let's stop. We're not-- >>Did you balk at the singing? No. I like singing. I just think that there's a place for singing. >>And it's Glee. [laughter] You know, our stunt coordinator works on Glee. >>He does? I know. The amount of stunts we do is amazing on the show because we don't do enough of them. But it's funny-- >>Would you like to have some more stunts? That would be great. Can I add that in? >>I'm glad we're communicating like this. David, you wouldn't even get in the Everglades. You said, "I'm not getting in the Everglades." I'm not getting in that water. [laughter] There's things in the water. I got in the water. >>There are things that are growing, there's alligators-- There was an alligator right over, like where-- Pregnant Emily is standing in the Everglades going, "Hey, look at the baby alligator." Stupid. >>And there were snakes in the water. >>Stupid. Poisonous snakes in the water and you're standing there. No one told me about the snakes until after I got out. >>Exactly. Exactly. Point taken. Didn't get in the water. But I'll sing. We should do more stunts. >>That would be nice. Our stunt coordinator, he does Glee. [laughter] Did I say that? Do you have a story to tell about that? >>Yeah. The stunts all kind of look like this. [laughter] I'm like, "So how do you do a stunt on Glee?" "Do you guys--" >>You've got to sing and move. "Do you have to wear tights tomorrow, guys?" >>"You got to hit a high note?" "Guys, you got a 9am call. You've got to do stunts." "All right. You're in black, you're in red, you do the stunts, we'll do some flying." I think they have fights and things. >>They do? Really? >>I don't know. [laughter] They have cheerleaders. >>Look, I think singing has a place. I really do. Honestly, I think Joss-- >>And it's Led Zeppelin, 1975 at Madison Square Garden. I'm going to say I think Joss Whedon's show was great. I mean, I think he was a forerunner in the episode that he did with the singing on Buffy. I think that was great. I really do. >>That's true. [The Paley Center for Media] [] [©2011 The Paley Center for Media - All Rights Reserved.]

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The cast of Bones at the Paley Center on May 9, 2011

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