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Making Homemade Pasta - Taste of Home Magazine

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Non store-bought pasta can mix the flavor and the texture of homemade pasta and soup side dishes or casseroles. Making your own pasta is simple. To make the down by hand, put the flower into a mug on a clean flat surface or in a large bowl. Make a weel in the center of the flower. The weel should be went two inches of diameter. Put the lightly beaten eggs into the well, add a pinch of salt and a little of water or olive oil. Working with the wooden spoon, begin incorporated the liquid into the flower. Mix until well blended. When it becomes too dificult to mix with the spoon, then use your hands. After the mix holds together, form a ball and leave for eight to ten minutes, or until the dough is elastic or very smooth. For easier handling, cut the ball into thirds with a sharp knife. Work with one portion of the dough at time. On a flowered surface, role the dough into a rectangle about one-eight inch thick. Use plenty of flour on your surface so the dough doesn't stick. Lightly flour both sides of the and roll it "jelly roll style". Using a chef's knife or, if you like, a pizza weel, cut the roles into slices from about a quater-inch to one-half inch wide. For more uniform strips, use a ruler. Repeat until all the dough it is cut into noodles. Unroll the strips and let them dry on wax paper or papel towels for a least one hour. You can also simplify the rolling and cutting process if you have a pasta machine. To cook, bring water to a rapid boil, add a tablespoon of oil to the water, drop your noodles into the water,and cook until tender but not soft. Fresh pasta cooks much faster than dried. The noodles will flow to the top when done. Uncooked pasta also freezes well, divide the uncooked noodles into serving size portions and store in a freezer container. Just defrost and cook later. Once you have made homemade noodles and taste the wonderful flavor, you will never go back to the store-bought.

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Recipe for Homemade Pasta.

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