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Rahim! Yes Come here, come Whats up my Mehdi? Come let me give you a kiss Ahh my dear Did it come from within my Mehdi? Yes. from within. Thank you I brought you some biscuits Thank you Miss Teacher Its really tasty If I dont feed you then who will? well it is the Turkish army that protects us from the enemies So come on, open it up and let me pass This door's nice but to keep opening and closing is going to be a bother Okay anyway let me not bother you, I'll pass myself Nah, nah, nah, you're not allowed Whats going on? Let me pass You're not allowed Whats going on here? I should ask YOU whats going on? Give me this here. whats this? biscuits? Why you eating biscuits for? The Turkish army does not accept bribery, Miss. I didnt do nothing wrong, Im only going to my school and plus i brought you breakfast. From now on you can't cross the Turkish border What do you mean i cant pass? Do you have a passport? No... In that case, you cant pass..come on move along But passports are for foreigners, i dont need one, this is my village. No passport? No pass. You should've told me from before, what do you mean i need a passport? Come on, leave Look, look they're not letting the teacher pass If they wont let her pass through, then dont let her pass through, not as if shes any good for the children anyway This borders a good thing, what is a newly wed bride doing standing next to that man? Maybe his eyes are on your adopted sister? Come on, dont exaggerate Adem! You dont know the kind of secret duties that we have He's the son of The Head Of Border, dont act stupid Ahh who cares who he is! No-one cares about whatever he is..! Watch your foot, I'll make you slip! Thank you my beautiful daughter Whats up? How come you're back? I couldnt get to the school Why? Well they never let me pass to the other side Who never let you pass? Ahh you see whatever his name is, Mahmut or what from Ankara, him. Apparently the border's here now so we cant cross over there and they cant cross here Was Mehdi there? i didnt see no Mehdi. Dad, whats wrong? I dont understand but i have to go have a word with Mehdi. Hey Crazy Selami, did the government not let you pass the border either like me? I wish i could eat your Helva (Helva is a sweet that is eaten after someone dies) so that you'd stop singing Yooo my Mehdi! How are you? Are you well? Ahh thank you, how are you? Im very well thanks to God. I didnt see you for a whole day and i missed you Just let me pass quick Wait Rahim, wait You cant pass, you're not allowed Why would you say that? Adem! put two teas on, im coming! Wait Rahim, i told you, you're not allowed. Why?!! Well we have a border between us! Oh Mehdi, what a great border you have put here before us. Yes. What a great borderline you have put right here what a great complete straight line Take your leg back to your side Such nice barbed wire you have put up here Put you arm in And how great is it that we cant pass, innit? Yes. And take your leg back to your side. Now. So that means whenever i want, i cant come to yours and whenever you want, you cant come to ours, is it? It is. But, if circumstances change, then you could pass Ahh look now, Uncle Mustafa is coming So are you saying that Uncle Mustafa wont be able to pass through? Whats this on this side? --ahh Shisha Outside. Now. when you want, you cant come over? Wait father, do you have a passport? --what? whats goin on? Passport? What passport? I dont have one, i dont know what that is. Im going to bring the child some bread, this has always been my route. From what i understand..this circumstance is not useful for Uncle Mustafa either What great understanding you have Where have you come from?! --Passport, father? Passport? I dont know no passport, i've never seen passport Is this a new law? Its forbidden Father, forbidden i dont care if its forbidden, this is my way, im a 70 yr old grown man and this route has always been my way since i was a child Are you trying to cut off my way? Mr Mehdi, tell him something, what's he talking about? Im going to pass from here Its forbidden father Why cant i pass? why are you trying to cut off my way? Uncle Mustafa, without a passport, you cant pass I dont have a passport and I've never heard of a passport Id never heard of it! Uncle Mustafa..come with me, lets go somewhere and have a little chat It been understood Hold on wait sister. Your not allowed. What? - Passport Move bruv, im passin Its forbidden sister, its forbidden. Father! Father! Whats goin on here? Yes how can i help you? --Call Mr Mehdi Hes busy at the moment, what did you want? Im going to pass brother. Did you have a passport? -- what? Whats your name? --Mahmut Thats my house over there and all i want to do is go into my village. If you dont have no passport you cant pass. Well then how do i get one? Move over, Go ask your own Dad, Go! Wait let me pass Go away Crazy Selami, its not allowed I'll stick my foot there if i want, i'll stick my ass in there too What happened? I waited for you and you didnt come? look at the wires, i couldnt pass Is this what they meant to do then? What about the gates at the border? why didnt you pass there? They said 'port', 'port'? Passport Come with me Im gonna stick my foot in Crazy Selami, my son, everyones foot is for themselves, put it back on your own side. Look at my foot, its here and its there! Filiz, im going to talk to my Dad, wait. Dad, Mr Mahmut doesnt let Filiz pass Well does she have a passport? No. but Filiz is like your own daughter Dad Very well, but the government is everyones father, we must do as they say because they have the last word Come on, move over Filiz come on, you move over aswel Everyone look im stickin my foot in!

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