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Discurso Camila Vallejo - 19 de Octubre 2011

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How are the chilean students, teachers, workers I want at this moment, make a loud greeting to you Those who have maintained for more than 5 months this mobilization Greet you by your conviction, by your strength, your perseverance that is admirable here and in the world. That perseverance and struggle that you have fought Despite the adversity, although that the state terrorism has been operating strongly expressed with repression, violence, torture, in these laws projects forward to criminalize the social movement Despite the intransigence who also has this government Blind to what is causing through his educational reform which is to destroy the public education even more which is to progress in social inequality We can not allow this to go ahead and for that we have all the strength of the world, all the support not only of Chilean society but also of our compatriots abroad We also want to note that the task we have undertaken and the struggle we have been giving is not easy. The government has closed the door and is trying to move the discussion to the parliament The government won't listen, is not able to see the situation in Chile This is a historic moment, a historic opportunity in which we have to make structural changes And gives grants as if they were given drugs, to make us unable to see the disease that afflicts our educational system. That is, the market as regulator of the entire educational apparatus We are going to fight it, but maybe not just this year but perhaps it´s a struggle that we'll have to face in the coming years And for that we must be willing to work in unity and social articulation Because the structural changes we are asking, also require structural changes to the social movement. Strength of organization, strength of political discussion And hereafter advance to achieve the structural changes we are asking Lots of Strength!, Lots of strength to all of you And know also, now that we have returned, with some colleagues, from Paris and other European countries Where we have realise that what we are asking is not utopic, or regressive There are many countries that today are developed who have reached broad national consensus Where have realized that in order to reach the level of development that have It was necessary that the State ensure a quality and free public education. What we are claiming here in Chile, it is necessary and has been applied in different countries. We're not crazy, our demands are legitimate, are just and also are supported by international organizations such as UNESCO and the UN Where they have indicated to us that the Chilean State also has many outstanding tasks in educational matters. It has much to do about, as ensuring that education is a right not a commodity That education ends with the discrimination Not only social economic but also cultural, of ethnic, and gender. This commitment was underwriting by Chile in the seventies And the Chilean state underwriting that commitment And after forty years we have not been able of fulfilling it And today when this social movement, backed by these international organizations must be given the task of enforcing the Chilean state by what was committed That is to ensure public education as a social right and universal to all of us I also want to greet all in addition to students, who are present from the public and private areas also the workers, teachers and all organizations who have been converging on a social platform, wide. where we were all ready to move in the short, medium-and long-term even by the goals we have entrusted the majority of Chileans. Which is not only to recover the education as a right back for all Chileans and for all future generations. But also move to a new democracy, to a real democracy where progress is made in ending the deep inequality of the distribution of wealth in our country. Both economic and political and even mediatic It is a task that requires significant challenges and requires above all the unity of all sectors I call for it!. To persevere, to continue working, to continue in this fight long is the road that take us to victory. Thank you very much.

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Posted by: lagartijo on Oct 20, 2011

Discurso Camila Vallejo - 19 de Octubre 2011

Frente a la Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas de la Universidad de Chile - Educación pública de calidad , laica y gratis!

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