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Before Saying Goodbye/Avant de Vous Dire Adieu

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Last night, I finally brook up with my girlfriend, Marie. When I met her after my release from prison in 2011, she introduced herself as a revisionist who wanted to serve the cause. My first marriage was a fiasco unrelated to revisionism. I left with Marie. I then could note her sincerity, especially when she went to Iran to represent me at the festival about Hollywoodism. I thought that I had finally found the woman I needed. Marie wanted a child. I accepted. The first splits then appeared. To Marie, I was working too much, I was giving too much to the cause. But knowing that this was my life, she faced it bravely. Then arrived the searches in 2014 and the beginning of serious legal troubles. Gradually, Marie was filled with doubt and fear knowing that she was not made for this kind of tribulations. A life constantly challenged by a growing repression. This repression worsening, I went abroad. She refused to follow me. I then offered her to come and together to start on new basis. Promising to ease off in the revisionist combat. But her parents then blackmailed. ''If you go with him, you will no longer be our daughter!'' Last night, Marie told me that she didn't to lose her parents and that she wanted a stable life for our daughter Sonia. A normal life, with outings, real holidays... In brief, a life that I couldn't give her because of my devotion to the cause and especially because of the ongoing repression. Mad with pain and feeling betrayed, I then chose to break definitively. At 46, I found myself alone, without a family, without my archives without income, other than a few donations from spectators. With the law hunting me, without hope of social integration or pension. In the short term it will be financial ruin. Oh! I do not complain. I chose. I totally sacrificed myself for a cause, that I consider not only right but also noble. I have liked the truth. I always wanted to evolve towards it without worrying about an alleged orthodoxy. Finally, I always wanted that my thoughts benefit others by saying what I thought Without worrying nor about the laws, nor the susceptibilities. But after 25 years of struggle, 25 years of fighting continuously, the conclusion is clear, I go straight into the wall, as we say. Maybe am I paying now the price for my excess, of my faults in my private life. I accept it. As, I rather pay down here, than later in the afterlife. Anyway, the audience recently asked me to make a video that would summarize vibrantly the main revisionist arguments. I therefore realize a project with a few synthetic videos. Then it will be the end for me. I will bow out and I will disappear. Good evening.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 25 seconds
Year: 2015
Country: Andorra
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Producer: Vincent Reynouard
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Posted by: didi18 on Aug 22, 2015

After 25 years of struggle, Vincent Reynouard assess the situation.
In this last video Vincent Reynouard reveals his final projects...before saying goodbye.

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