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Atiq Radio

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Hi...Pathlighters, we are still in Nanyang Polytechnics with Ms Mildred Tan. Hello...Yeah... we are still interviewing all the healthcare professionals. Okay, right. So, now with me is Atiq Isnarti. Hello She's a? Radiographer. Working in? Mmm, healthcare group. Yeah, haha. Basically, maybe you want to tell us where is your, I mean, from what I understand from you, you move around hospitals? Yeah, I am actually moving around, I don't see to it at one place. So it is basically like a polyclinic based. So, whenever there is not enough manpower, or I need to cover some places, yes I will move around. Mmm, If you don't mind, what's your age? Mmm, I am 25 right now, but some people think I am 18, so yeah. Hahaahaaa... Woohoo.... hahaahaaa... Okay, so probably, this is your first job? Ah yeah, this is my first job. Ah, I see I see. After I graduated. Okay, maybe you want to share with us as a radiographer, what do you do? Take video? To contribute to, the people outside? So basically, my job is to take images of, all parts of the bones. So, whenever they come for X-Ray, probably because of fracture, or query of fracture, or broken bones, or anything, yes, they will come down and see. Maybe, do you want to share with us also, what are the challenges that you face, as a radiographer? So, basically challenge I might face is, how to communicate with them in a short period of time. So, I only have probably 5-10 minutes where I have to give instructions. Long, lengthy instructions to them, so, usually it's how I communicate with them. Sometimes, they come with different languages also. So, I have to, quickly pick up and then learn, and then go and do. Example Hokkien? Erm, abit of Hokkien, abit of Chinese, say abit? No noooo...Hokkien cannot! Li jiak ba buay? Chinese can, Chinese can. . Abit of Indian words, yeah... so basically, you have to learn one or two words, to make it fast and go. Those basic words. Yes, definitely. I see. Okay, maybe, you also want to share the significant moments that you have, working as a radiographer? Mmm, basically my significant moment is when I interact with aunties and the old-aged like the eighties. You know when they come, they always think that they are useless and everything, so it makes me feel like keep telling them that actually they are not useless, to me. They are actually still, functioning in this society, or else we won't learn from them also. We will grow up not experiencing alot of stuff. So, that's why, I told them, they are not useless, you teach me, I teach you some stuff also. I see. Yeah. Okay. What is the most disgusting part about your job? The most disgusting part is probably, actually, when they come, and then we had to do a foot X-Ray, and they wear a shoe, with a pair of smelly socks, so yup, and it's terrible, really terrible. Or, they come with a cast, remove their cast, and that's the BOOM! You get that, you have to breathe for five minutes, in and out, in, out. So yeah, that's smelly, so...please, please... Do you use a N95 mask? No, no, we wear normal mask, that's why, we don't wear N95 mask, if you wear N95 mask, obviously, you won't smell. But you wear the normal mask, you still can smell. Would you ever consider getting a N95 mask? Nah... I wouldn't want to make the patients feel bad about it. So I just ignore it. Just tell yourself, it's okay, five minutes will do. I see, since there's haze recently and today it's 1st October, I think it's justify to wear it right? HAHAA...No.... HAHAAHAAA...No... Okay, good, nice one. Maybe you want to share something with our Pathlighters, you want to wish them something, for their future? Mmm, basically, I wish you all, don't ever give up on whatever you do. I came from a long way, so yeah, I believe, no matter how long you have to go, you will still reach your destination somewhere. So, wish you luck in the future then. Alright, thank you... Like...thank you...Hahaa.

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Atiq Radio

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