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Minister resigns in Germany

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She was considered one of chancellor Angela Merkel's closest allies, Annette Schavan's resignation was a fresh blow for Merkel's government. It's with a very heavy heart that I have accepted this resignation. In Annette Schavan... the government is losing one of the most recognized and distinctive policy makers in the field of education and research. In actual fact, the most recognized and distinctive policy maker in education and research. Schavan has been the focus of months of controversy over allegations she plagiarized parts of her doctoral thesis. She says, she is resigning to protect the integrity of her office. A law suit between the minister and the university would be a taxing issue for both my office, the ministry the government and the Christian Democrats. I can't afford to damage the reputation of these institutions. Annette Schavan's reputation as a calm, loyal and influential politician, propelled her to the top ranks of the Christian Democratic Party, the CDU. Schavan began her political career in Baden-Wurttemberg, in the mid 90's and became education minister there. She allied herself with Angela Merkel, then opposition leader in the Bundestag. Merkel nominated Schavan as education minister after she was elected chancellor in 2005. Schavan gained praise from both Christian Democrats and oppostion leaders for expending funding for both education and research. Now her career has ended with a crash. Merkel has already selected a successor, Johanna Wanka is original Science Minister from Lower Saxony. Despite their friendship, Merkel couldn't risk the fall out from the Schavan affair with elections scheduled in September.

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Posted by: xabierm on Nov 13, 2014

news from the resignation of Anetta Schavan

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