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The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

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Let's roll, Earl. (Earl) Hey boss. (boss) Pull over up here. (biker) Counselor? (boss) Eddie, we had a deal - either pay me, or go with the public defender. (biker) Another 5 grand? (counselor) 10. [rustling] (biker) Ain't you gonna count it? (counselor) Just did. (kid's voice) Your car is fun. But why can't you get a real office? (counselor) What's more fun - my office, or your mom's? (kid) Yours. (counselor) Boom. Umm. Got her? (woman) At least we did one thing right, huh? (counselor) We did a couple. Good night. Hey Mick! I got something really big for you. (Mick) What's his name? (man) Louis. Louis Roulet. (Mick) Louis Roulet? (Louis) This whole thing is a setup. I made a mistake, with that woman, and she is setting me up. (Mick) Keep your voice down. I need 100 grand up front. I work on 550 an hour. I take it none of that's a problem? (man) No. (Mick) I just got lucky. (woman) The charges against my son are ridiculous. So is that woman. (man) Regina Campo. Part-time actress, part-time office temp, (older male) And hoping to retire after suing my client. (male) According to the victim, she was at home, alone, when the suspect forced her down. (Mick) You didn't strike Ms. Campo with your left fist? No. (Mick) Threaten to kill her... No, I am not that guy! I don't know, Mick, this kid feels wrong to me. (Mick) You sure there's not anything that you're not telling me? [woman's scream] Nothing. I got it. There were others. Other girls he killed. Their injuries to the right side of their face are all too similar. (client) Your daughter, Haley, she's got, uh, soccer practice tomorrow, right? (Mick) You think you're the first client that ever threatened me or my family? (Mick) I'm trying to make it right! (man yelling angrily) Aaaaaa! [Captions by]

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