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Liberland and Catalonia are looking into possible ways of cooperation

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It is a territory of 7km2 on the west shore of the Danube on the border of the border between Serbia and Croatia and neither of the two disputing states claimed control of the zone after the Yugoslavian war. A young Czech politician saw in this landscape at that moment the opportunity that he could carry out his dream. And so he planted a flag, and formed a government. With the motto, "Live and Let Live," the idea is to create a state based on a free market economy. and with minimum government spending and in which the taxes will be voluntary. The services will be provided by private companies or volunteers. There will be no standing army, and the official language will be English. The visit to Barcelona of the president and founder of Liberland Vít Jedlička is not casual. It is remarked that it would be in the mutual interest to find international partners. And here had meetings with many people, among them was Artur Mas, the 129th president of Catalonia. A meeting that the president has responded to with courtesy. I think we were the first government to support Catalonia in its struggle. But we are not taking sides, we were just basically commenting on the fact that a democracy shouldn't fight the elections in a way that we believe in the self determination of people. And this is something which we share deeply with Catalonia. On Liberland's Official website there is a statement that affirms In this historical hour for Catalonia, we stand with Catalan libertarians and wish them success in joining the international community as a sovereign country. Liberland was born out of nothing and has a huge and great challenge ahead of them. But this does not stop them, and their founder is anticipating even more. Positively creating something new, or re-creating something new, there are not many things that can stop you. Story by Laura Catalan-TV3 in Catalonia. Thanks to Marc Curcio-Director of Media Services in Catalonia. For inquiries: [email protected]

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Posted by: on Nov 19, 2017 El president de l'autoproclamada República Lliure de Liberland busca complicitats a Catalunya

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