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hey whats up guys sconce here for the fish like the SUN YouTube channel I received a message from somebody name seal man on YouTube and he had a list of things that were happening leading into September 2015 and October and obviously everyone is talking about what's going to happen in September what's going to happen in October is there an economic collapse you know is there a comment that's gonna hit the earth all kinds of speculations a lot of fear-mongering going on as well but I wanted to give you this list that he sent me and go over them because it is a pretty extensive list and this is something that I was looking for actually in the whole september/october fiasco going on on the Internet a list you know something where everything is compiled in one place and what I've tried to do for you and the limited time here is go through each one of these and at least look for citations are sources that you guys can go back and look through and %uh so you know you guys can dig through it on your own as usual so all that will be in the description section play here are 27 things that are going to happen are supposed to happen in the month of September and some in October number one rabbi Kadeem Kenny n ski stated that the Messiah who might be the anti-christ will be returning at the end of the sabbatical year which is the 29th day love ILU which falls on Saturdays Sept twelfth number two this is the show eighty-year the final date at the seven-year cycle and around September 13th number three Russia China feast of trumpets the Jewish New Year the anniversary of the creation and Adam n Eve sounding of the shofar is on september thirteenth and the creation of the e the celebrated September 15th number four the 5776 an old lucious the year love light begins officially on september fourteenth number five the UN resolution for Palestine to become a state will go into effect on September 15 number six Jade helm 15 which began on July 15th publicly and on september fifteenth number seven the International day of peace happens on Sept 21st any put in print the Seas peace and safety and that's a reference to you first special only in 53 where it talks about how people will be saying peace and safety and sudden destruction cometh upon them and as a side note the Day of Atonement against just hours after the International Day of Peace which completes on stem 21st so he is saying is that the sudden destruction that the Bible talks about number eight the you have to police the 70th year do police begins September 23rd and here's a chart looking at all the Jubilee years number nine the islamic mecca pilgrimage Hajj that day as arafat representing extending up the damn resurrection waiting for judgment and the gates of heaven to open is between September 22nd and 23rd number ten I you'd will ad hoc the feast of sacrifice the Muslim time a sacrifice is September 23rd through 26th and as a side note he put in 2016 the Muslim feast of sacrifice the EVE falls on September 11th and number 11 and this was interesting because a i saw this on another post I saw several people talking about this June 7th 1967 falls in the Hebrew year 5727 adding forty-nine prophetic years to the state we arrive in the Hebrew year 5776 which is 2015 on the Gregorian calendar if one counts exactly forty nine thats 360 days prophetic years that's seventeen thousand six hundred forty days from the June 7th 1967 data jerusalem's recapture we arrived at September 23rd 2015 the day the torment yom chip or note Dave Attell meant is on the 266 day of 2015 266 days is the earliest a woman's pregnancy is considered soul term very interesting and i know this has all the references to the birth pangs that Jesus talks about a Matty 24 number 12 the mine cycles 5100 26 years from September 11th 2001 to September 23rd 2015 there are 5,000 126 days so interesting there number thirteen Sheron and Switzerland firing at full power crossing over opening portals September 23rd their 24th now in a POS their number thirteen because I wanted to go back and double check what the schedule was 4 surn and what I found interesting is that I couldn't get back to that calendar pdf I requires a log in and you need to use credentials and this is interesting because originally the and the patch website had a link to this PDF and now its locked-out which is very fascinating considering all the things surrounding Anthony patches recent going underground in terms of talking about surn and also the other thing that's interesting and now that we've brought up surn here and I just wanna stick on this for a moment surn obviously is another organization that celebrating the year a blight and one of the things that they're gonna do is what's called sesame and sesame is the synchrotron light for experimental science and applications in the middle East and it's a third-generation synchrotron light source under construction in Allen Jordan it will be the Middle East first major international research center and they're trying to prevent the brain drain happening in the Middle east by creating a scientific a mecca if you will in the Middle East and what I found fascinating about the idea of sesame obviously we know the saying Open Sesame but if you look at the atom ology have the work sesame his we find it's an early 15th century probably from middle French see some E and directly from the Latin Sesamum or non-native sistema from Greek SESAM on door access and seed or fruit the sesame plant very early barring via Phoenician from late Babylonian shell %ah shamu and if you compare it to a Syrian it literally means oilseed first as a magic password and 1785 translated up gallons mill at mini nukes where opens the door over the thieves den in Ali Baba and the forty feeds very interesting and that's why the phrase Open Sesame which became current about 1826 so again strange coincidences rate right to opening up love some sort of portal and some sort of magical workings to surround all that concerning surn living on here though number fourteen in Madonna concert Washington DC and the opening scene is the desecration of the bride in a rival a fallen angels and this list says September 23rd I couldn't verify that I did however see that madonna is scheduled to play Washington DC on September 12th so up to date as of their but some nevertheless it's still September and interestingly the tour goes to Philadelphia on the 24th and Boston on the 26 it seems like she's hitting some %uh those areas on the East Coast right before the pope gets there which leads us to the next few thing she has you listed number fifteen the pope will be addressing US Congress on the 24th of Sept and this is the first time in world history that this is going to happen number sixteen the pope will address the UN General Assembly of world leaders the sustainable development this is the announcement at the unification of the world flaws the environment religion and distribution of wealth and he will also be issuing and in cyclical on september twenty-fifth and then number 17 the pope will be holding mass at Madison Square Garden in New York City at 6 p.m. on Sept 25th and just touchback Madonna is playing Madison Square Garden on September 16th and 17th about 10 days or eight days before the pope is going to do his mask I don't think that's coincidence either probably some sort ritual to set the way for the pope to do his mass very interesting 18 the pope will be visiting the church up Philadelphia on September 26th analyst years as the church itself has significance number nineteen the French Prime Minister and John Kerry discuss the end up the 500 a climate chaos which was declared on May 13th 2014 that five hundred day limit ends on Sept 25th this one leads into some other things about potential comments and stuff striking that's not on the list but a all leave a link to a couple Ground Zero episodes with Clyde Lewis from a few days ago who discussed this interesting phenomenon a actually there was a reverent who predicted that they will be some sort of meteor strike that would happen and then we had this Iran strike last week %uh the alleged meter that strike Iran and the media blackout not talking about the issue which is very fascinating on its own number twenty tomorrow world class tomorrow land it's the the grave concert it will be celebrating false love and light he's anti-christ opening gates and portals Atlanta Georgia September 25th through 27th and not the location 33 degrees north an 84 degrees west side on the 33 degree parallel north latitude there has significance and that's always fascinating that stuff always happens on the 33 degree parallel number 21 Feast of Tabernacles the holiday of Sukkot to feast at the nation's the season enjoy September 27th through October 5th another interesting one number 22 the fourth Blood Moon falls on September 20 8 and then number twenty-three the beginning first book and for the collapse at the US dollar September 2015 I know that certain people have predicted this so he i think he just concluded that on the list and again to leave a couple links to sources that are suggesting that this is the case number twenty four Chinese President Z Jinping to visit the US in September and there's no disclose date yet but there's another point a reference to September number 25 a possible new world order currency announcement to him by the IMF late October 2015 number 26 to note to the parable the victory the average generation last sixty-seven years and some people have linked to the budding up the fig tree to the birth of a nation of Israel in 1948 if you add 67 to 1948 you arrive at the year 2015 very interesting number 27 to note the muddy Muslim clerics are predicting the return up there Monte September 2015 the muslims have a prophecy a bold written by the Islamic Prophet alley been even be tallied which states that just before the coming up the mind he a tall black man will rise up to take command of the west and he will command the most powerful army on earth in sounds familiar doesn't it and I know certain people have talked about the islamic anti-christ which overall from a biblical perspective I don't really buy but I do think there's some interesting stuff there and to wrap it up that was all 27 but he writes in this note to me there is a legion of demands on their way here right now traveling at a high rate of speed the lesions scouts are already here the unveiling of the bath amidst at you in Chicago in July was a planting at the conference flag Satan is now in command the hand of God has lifted and this nation is no longer under his protection be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth pray for your family friends neighbors and countrymen so that's the note I received and again elite links to each one of these things at CS can do your own dating but let me just briefly comment on all this because a lot of people have asked me what my thoughts are with September I do think there are some interesting things to consider here and obviously there are a lot of things lining up to happen here could it be the announced official announcement at the New World Order could it be the official collapse of the dollar you know the Chinese Prime Minister coming over to america could that be that beginning of the exchange for a global currency that the IMF is discussing it's all possible and we'll just have to wait and see but my whole thing has always been to prepare spiritually yes prepared physically to a certain extent you know get your bug out bags be prepared to live off-grid whatever but make sure that you're spiritually prepared most importantly and that means putting on the former got daily that means reading the Word and be alert and aware being a watchman because things are obviously happening and a lot of changes are happening and I'm based on a conversation that actually got to have with mark Flynn who's the late David Flynn some brother last night for work America Radio that will post it days he was saying how the illumined once have 8 o'clock they understand that there's a clock and they've been building up towards something which is the arrival love their Messiah if he believes that its gonna be so miraculously looking that a lot of people are gonna fall for its gonna be literally he believes what will appear to be a man come down from heaven and my comment to that was in order for the anti-christ to arrive and having these signs and miracles to actually deceive people it's gonna have to be very very powerful you know the age-old CGI and you know video manipulation and stuff like that it's going to be very easy for people to be skeptical love this entity that will arrive so the miracles that he performs will have to be very significant so %uh that was my response to him and the other thing that is very interesting that I just wanna throw in here we know that in Genesis 114 it talks about the lights in the expanse of the heavens how separates day from night and let them be for signs and for seasons and for the days in years well if you go to revelation 12:1 a great sign appeared in having a woman clothed with the Sun and crown at Allstars over her head if we go to still area and actually brodsky was the one who showed me this last couple years ago and I'm I don't recall if he showed me the actual future date but he definitely showed me what he believes is the birth of Jesus and he goes to Larry M and you know which is the consolation in moving stars planets you know it has all that stuff in this program the date except to -2 was around the time of Jesus birth and you see that the view from israel is pretty accurate in the description love a woman which is Virgo version clothed with the Sun with the moon under her feet the crown of twelve stars over her head and thus tall stars which is represented by Leo which is nine stars and Venus Jupiter and mercury now free go to you October 15th the 2015 we see a very similar alignment in the heavens here where you have burger the version clothed with the Sun the moon under her feet and here's where find very fascinating is to have the 12 stars over Hadley 09 and then Jupiter Mercury and Venus but there's a another star fourth planet there and that Mars and we know that if you looked at the planet's at mars and its connection to the ancient Canaan night worship as marcia dona then we have a rabbit hole that goes into all kinda stuff with the connection to a red dragon that's chasing and so I'm not saying that there is significance to this for sure but I do want to point out because it is very very interesting and while I did mention a couple the years ago about how we don't know exactly when things will go down in what time frame which is still true I believe I I will say that these things that are listed here today from from CL man is very fascinating very interesting and I'm at the very least it should put us on high alert and again the most important thing is to prepare spiritually prepare for the battle here because we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities powers and dark forces in the heavenly realms so that's about it for this video hopefully it gets you guys thinking plenty links going out to do your own research on the stuff and a lot of you have already done a lotta research if you have something to add to the conversation which I know everybody does go ahead and leave the comment and leave links and you know different things that you have found in your search concerning the Sept fiasco so there you have it have an awesome day guys God bless that on my on

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