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Brief Explanation of the Omega Video Series

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[Drupalize.Me] [Learn Drupal] [Brief Explanation of the Omega Video Series] [Introduction to Omega 3.x] [Chapter 1] [with Addison Bery] Omega is a Drupal base theme that provides you with a really nice responsive framework. And one of the really nice things about using Omega is that it provides a lot of configuration that happens in the UI rather than in code. So, you can spend a lot of time configuring things and making sure that your responsive framework-- the grid that you want to use-- is all set up--in just the UI you can export that into code-- and by doing that you end up being able to spend a lot more time just making your site look really awesome and spending time playing with the CSS that you know and love, rather than taking the time to set up responsive framework, and grid frameworks, and things like that. In this series, we're going to be demonstrating the Omega module by actually converting an existing Drupal theme into an Omega sub-theme. So, what we're going to be doing is looking at the 960 Robots theme, and 960 Robots has--obviously it has HTML and CSS-- it also has a fair number of customizations. It has template files. It has things going on in template.php, and we're going to be making sure that all of those things get converted over into our new Omega sub-theme that we're going to create. So, in this series, what we'll be looking at is how to actually create a new sub-theme with Omega, and then we're going to walk through the steps of taking what we would commonly in a regular Drupal theming world, look at the page template file, and how do you make those pieces fit into the Omega framework and terminology. And then we'll talk about the CSS that's involved. What are the CSS files that Omega's giving us? How do you use those? How do those pieces go together? Making sure that we have things in the right place, we'll be working with theme functions and looking at the Omega best practices around how to break out your theme functions and where to put those and how to use them. Working with Omega, we expect that you already know how to install and work with a basic Drupal 7 site, and we also expect that you understand basic Drupal theming practices. We're going to be working with template files and theme functions, and if you don't understand how those work in just sort of regular Drupal theming, explaining how that stuff happens within Omega might be a little bit confusing. So, it's really good for you to brush up on those things if you're not familiar with them, and we do have basic and advanced theming videos on Drupalize.Me. And then the last thing is that you should also, of course, have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. We're definitely going to be working with HTML, looking at HTML, looking at our CSS files, and explaining how they work together. And so, having a basic understanding of how that stuff works before you dive into this is going to make your journey a lot better. We're going to stay focused on Omega in these lessons. We're not going to dive into a lot of detail about what responsive design is. There is a lot of information out there on the Web about that, but we want to stay very focused on Omega itself, and the framework, and the tools that it provides for you to achieve a responsive theme on your site. If you're interested in finding out more about that stuff to come up to speed a little bit, we do also have a video on Drupalize.Me called Responsive Drupal Today, which was actually done by Jake Strawn, who is the original developer and the creator of the Omega theme. So, you might want to check that out. So, let's go ahead and get started creating our Omega responsive theme.

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In this short introduction we explain what the Omega theme is and what specific points we will be covering in this series.

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