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The Hangover II (2011)

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♪[Kanye West] Could we get much higher ♪ (Alan) Hey everybody, here are some fun facts. The population of Thailand is 63 million people. It is twice the size of Wyoming. None of you know Stu like I do. I can't even tell you what we've been through,, 'cause we made a pact. What I can tell you is this. This is not Stu's first marriage. [silver drops, silence follows] There was a whore in Las Vegas, a couple of years ago, (Phil) Time's up. Time's up. You can sit down bud. (Phil) Come have a drink with me and the guys. (fiancee) Go, and do me a favor. Take my little brother Teddy with you. That is a great idea. Bring the kid. (Stu) Alright, one drink. You did it, buddy. (Stu) Sure did. (all) Cheers. [grunting] What the hell happened? [Band of Skulls - "Light of the Morning"] ♪ I want to see you in the mornin'. ♪ (Phil) Your hair is gone. No, up. (Alan) Now I'm scared. (Phil) Stu, come on, get up, we got a situa...holy... [Stu groaning] (Stu) Where are we? (Phil) You're gonna freak out, but it's gonna be okay. What? Is it my teeth? This is a real tattoo! Alan, what did you do? Did you roofie me? (Alan) I didn't do anything. [monkey screeching] Oh, jeez [continues yelling] (Alan) Oh, it's a monkey. [phone ringing] Where are you guys? (Phil) I don't know. We woke up in some city. Is Teddy with you? They've been looking for him all morning. (Phil) I can't believe this is happening again. Laura's little brother is lost. We are not going back without Teddy. (Alan) Ha-ha, we love to party. (Stu) All I wanted was a bachelor brunch. (Phil) Chow? What are you doing here? (Alan) What is 1+1? (Chow) We had a sick night, bitches. (Phil) Check your pockets. There might be clues. (Stu) Cheng Mei Monastery. I don't remember any of this. (Alan) What is this? A P.F. Changs? (fiancee) Where the hell are you? (Stu) We're in Bangkok. (Chow) Holla. Prepare to get squalla. [gunshot] (Phil) Pull that monkey in! (Stu) He's so strong! (Chow) Hold on, gay boys! (Alan) Oh my word! (Stu) What is going on? (Alan) Hey guys, check it out. (Stu) Alan, Cut it out. (Alan) When a monkey nibbles on the weiner, it's funny in any language. [Captions by]

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