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The Venus Project World Lecture Tour 2010: a walk in the park with Roxanne+Jacque in Munich Pt.01 (Repository)

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The Venus Project World Lecture Tour a walk in the park with Roxanne & Jacque Hi guys, this is Christian from the Zeitgeist Movement Germany and I’m here with Roxanne Meadows. They're here for their World Lecture Tour in Germany and we now have the chance to ask them a couple of questions about the Venus Project, transition and all that kind of stuff. Hi Roxanne. Hi Christian. Ok, well, first of all I’d like to talk about some of these ever occurring arguments against the Venus Project that come from certain critics like we always have that 'zinger, communism', we have words like 'utopia' and 'machine takeover'. Where do you think do these opinions come from the people, because we always hear them speak up the same way, we don't really get any logical arguments or we just hear those slogans basically. What is it in the people that makes them say these things? Well, in the educational system today, I don't think people are taught how to be critical thinkers. I don't even think they know what communism is when they talk about it. And they surely don't know what the Venus Project is, otherwise they wouldn't equate the two. So, it's very hard, this system fortifies people with quick answers to support whatever system exists. All countries train their people with their values and their behaviour to support existing systems. Otherwise you couldn't get people to go fight for their wars or put up with what's happening in society. They know very little about it. So they really have to look into the Venus Project to understand the difference. Certainly. I couldn't agree more and I think that nowadays you really have the kind of thing that people don't like to be noticed by others. If they say something that doesn't really apply to what other people would want them to think and feel and act like, they don't disagree with everything that the masters don't disagree with, then they will also follow the picture that they kinda keep themselves under control, you know. We don't need these uh.. the police to tell us what to think. We do that. We do quite a good job ourselves, don't we?

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Roxanne Meadows im Interview während der -Venus Project- World Lecture Tour 2010 in München On August 31, 2010 Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project answered questions to members of the Zeitgeist Movement at the Englischer Garten-park in Munich, Germany. Working-Location:

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