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2017 - MyTupperware Basics (English)

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So we're going to do some updates and then we're also going to talk about some new stuff, right? Yes, just kind of some basics, - to get through My.tupperware. - Okay... And it's a lot of slides, so... But I know we can get through them. Yeah, so, hang tight, guys, and then I will tell you that you'll be able to go back - and see this, right? - Yes... It'll be posted on Livestream, and then we will eventually... Matty will move it to the training website... - Yep, that's what we're hoping for soon here... - And it will be under the 'More' and we'll also post some of the PowerPoint with it, so you have it, okay, guys? So... And we're also hoping to post, like, a little sheet that has each of these topics, and when in the video it is, so that if you need to skip ahead... - Just to make it a little easier. - Oh, good, right, right, right... So, and so for all of you all, and most of you all probably already know this, but just in case if you don't, if it says, like, 'One One' and then it has the two little dots... - The colon, right... - The colon... ...26, that means it's a minute and 26 seconds into the video, and you can just fast-forward to that, just kind of hover over the bottom - Drag it right across, that's right. - and it'll show you all your minutes and stuff. I know. Guys, can you believe it? Look how techie I'm getting! Like, I was the [inaudible] at Tupperlive since Stein Ove wasn't here, - so... Anyway, so let's get started, Anna. - All right, let's get going. So, like I said, we've got quite a few things we want to go through in this. We're going to talk about some account settings, we're going to talk about tasks and alerts, just really briefly. We're going to talk about the contact manager as it relates to following up with leads from your website, the homepage widgets, we're going to talk about that. The Sales Force website and a few tips on how to find things, kind of describe how it's laid out. And then we'll talk about a couple of menu items that you might not know about. - So, ready? - Okay, we're ready. So, remember once again, Anna has the tech, I still have the papers. So, okay... All right, so the important account settings - I want to remind you first that to get to your account settings from your homepage, way up in the top. Cheryl, that's your picture and then your flag's picture - Yep. - and a little arrow that points down. - Right. And if you click on that little arrow, then you can click on where it says 'Accounts', and that's how you get to your account settings. - Right? - Okay. And then from here, what I want to show you is actually under 'Notifications'. So, you click on the notifications on the left, and then you arrive at this screen. And this screen is really important because this is how you can tell My.tupperware where you want to get important information and notifications. So, it's not turned on by default, - so you definitely want to go out there. - Okay. And one thing you'll notice right away is that your e-mail that you get your 'My Week' to and that you get your 'My Sales', order confirmations, and updates to, - that's going to be there already. Right? - Okay. So, if you want to get alerts to that, you just need to click the little radio button - to the right of it. - Okay, so if I don't click that, that means I'm not going to get anything in this notification center, correct? Right, exactly, exactly. Okay, so this is, like, really, really important - that you do this, y'all. - Definitely. Just don't assume that just because your e-mail, that's in your 'My Sales' that you were registered with when you were recruited or however you put it in there, that it automatically goes here, right, if you don't tell the system, "Yes, this is also the e-mail that I want my information sent from my contact manager. Exactly, all of your alerts, all your notifications, right. Right, it's got to be checked. I didn't know that, so I had an 'A-ha!' moment last night when Anna and I were going through this. So, okay... So you definitely want to go in and check that radio box next to the e-mail, and then down here at the bottom, these are the different alerts that you're going to be getting to your e-mail once you check that. And so, these are notifications when you have a new lead - through your My.tupperware website, - Okay. an e-mail letting you know that your credit card was successfully charged when it's time for your My.tupperware subscription to renew. Those types of e-mails, right. Okay, and you want those kind of things... Like, I know... You want to keep track of... especially those credit card charges, - right? - Yes, definitely. Because that's how you know that your card was charged and that your account is current... for your Tupperware website account is current for the next month. And, y'all, when you get a new lead, for example, it creates a task in the system. The system creates this task for you to follow up with them. So, you're going to get an e-mail when it creates that task, and then a few days later when it's... It's going to remind you. So, it's going to look like you're getting some duplicate e-mails, and that's something we're trying to figure out the best way to manage. But, just for now, just know that that's going to happen. - Okay? - Okay, so once I... So if I was going to recruit Nora, she was a lead from... Right, she hit my website, right, and so I get my e-mail that she wants contact, right, whether it's for a party, product, warranty, she wants to join my team, whatever. And then, once I click on that and I see that, right, then the system performs a task - and it puts it into my task manager, - Yes, as soon as she puts... - Yeah, exactly. - And then, a couple of days later, - I'm going to get another e-mail... - A reminder... Even if I've already followed up with Nora, - I'm still going to get that e-mail. - Unless you went - and checked the little task - "Completed". - That's what I was going to, right? - Exactly! So, once... Let's just say I contacted Nora - as soon as I got that lead, right? - Right away, right, you're not going to wait. Absolutely. So then, if I go in and I check off the little 'Completed', then I don't get that second e-mail, correct? - Right, - Exactly. And that's in the 'Tools' menu, in 'Tasks', - and you can just mark that as 'Complete'. - You have to mark it 'Complete', otherwise you're going to get a reminder e-mail, - okay? - Yes, you got it. Okay, perfect. All right, so the next thing I want to talk about is... Oh, wait! One thing we forgot to mention, Cheryl, on this page there is no "Update" button, there is no button... - Well, I was going to ask you. I have that written down here, okay. Yeah, so what happens is as soon as you click the little radio button, that that's the e-mail you want to use, it's going to update automatically, and you'll get that little green box at the top - that I'm pointing to. - Okay - So, there's no button you have to click... - you don't have to click... - But there are 'Update' buttons other places, - There are sometimes, yes. So, the rule of thumb, if you see that little green box appear, you know you're done. If you see an 'Update' button, it'll always be at the bottom right. Okay, so green box, you've done it, right. If you need to hit an 'Update' button, it'll always be at the bottom of the screen on the right-hand side. - You got it. Okay, perfect. All right, so the next thing we're going to talk about is... Oh, I'm going the wrong way, I'm hitting at the wrong button, Cheryl. Okay.- is 'Subscriptions', and we're going to talk a lot about Subscriptions in two weeks, on June 14th. - So, definitely tune in at noon on that day. - Okay. We're going to talk more about it, but there are a few things - that we wanted to go over today, right Cheryl? - Okay, perfect. So, the first thing I wanted to talk about was when a brand-new recruit signs up for My.tupperware for the very first time, right, she actually has the opportunity to get her Plus account for free for 30 days. Okay. And I remember we talked about this last night, Anna, because I said, "Anna, it used to be when I signed up Nora, right, she would get it free for her first 30 days." She had to put her credit card information in there, right, so that way they would have it, so after her 30 days was up, then it would charge on day 31, and then that would subsequently... What am I trying to say? That would be the date when they get charged. Moving forward so that... I can't think of the word, guys, I can't say it. That's the day they're always going to be charged, because we charge on the front of the month, not the end of the month. - Exactly. - Right? - Yes, you got it. - Okay. So they still do get it free. - They still do, if they choose Plus as a brand-new sign-on. As soon as they sign up, so, Nora... I mean, Anna, let's just say that I recruit Nora, okay, and I set her up in the system, I set up her website. - So then I would have to do it, correct? Because it has to be done - when you're setting up their website, right? - Yes. You are not setting up the website, but you're activating it, if you will, right? - Right. And if you choose "Basic", then they lose their chance of getting that free 30 days. - Right. So, always, always, always, make sure, guys, and pass this on to your girlfriends and your boyfriends, that when you're signing up that brand-new consultant, if you're setting up their... Activating their website, or they're doing it, they need to do it as soon as they go in, right? And if they hit "Basic", then there is no going back. - Right. Okay, that's good to know. Yeah. So then the next thing we wanted to talk about was downgrading and upgrading, and when it happens, and how it happens, and all that sort of thing. - Yep. So, if... One thing to remember, downgrading does not happen right away. So, if I have a Plus account, Cheryl, and I've decided to downgrade to Basic, I'm not going to get downgraded until my next billing date. - Okay? Because I've already paid... - Because you pay in the front of the month, not the... - Right, exactly. Okay, so let's just give an example. So it's May... Today is May 31st, right, so let's just say my billing date runs from June 10th to July 10th, or July 9th, that 30 days, right, that 30-day timeframe. If I go in and I downgraded today, right, I would... From a Plus to a Basic, I would still have my Plus, right, site, until June the 10th, right? And then on June the 10th, I would be downgraded to the Basic, right? You got it. Yep. Okay, now what if I upgrade? So, upgrading happens right away, because we want you to get started on that newer package as soon as you get started, but the system doesn't prorate. So, it's possible, Cheryl, that you could get charged, you know, right after you got charged for the package you upgraded from, right? - Okay. So let me, yeah... So, let's just talk about this in the way we talk, Anna. So, Anna, I have a Plus site, okay, and I go from... Like, let's just say, May 10th to June... or May 11th to June 10th, okay? - Sounds good. So, on June 10th, I know that I'm going to be charged for my next 30 days, right? So, I go in, and I'm at the Plus, and I want to go to Silver, and I go and I do Silver, on June the 9th. I'm going to be charged for that Silver, right, right then and there, right, which is a good thing, right, because my new thing starts the next day, right? But if I go in and I upgrade in the middle of the month, I'm paying for Silver, and I've already paid for my Plus, and you're not going to give me a credit of the difference. - Exactly. Right, there is no prorating. So, you definitely want to take a look at when your next billing date is if you want to upgrade, and wait until a day or two before the end. Right, upgrade right before... Right before... like, the day before, okay? - Yeah. And then, guess what, guys, you're not, you know, you're not double charged, okay. That's how I would say it. Okay. All right, all right, good. So, Cheryl, a lot of people might be saying, "How do I know when my billing date is? - I forgot." Right? - Okay. So, if you actually go into the subscription page and I've got a little arrow pointing It actually tells you when your next billing date is. Right there. And whatever package you've chosen is on the top right-hand corner of it. - So you'll always know, guys. - Yep! Okay. Perfect, all right. On the subscription page, I want to show you, down at the bottom, if you're going to need to update your credit card, right. You know, you get a new credit card from the bank, because it has a new expiration date, - or whatever that might be. - Or you moved and you need to update your address... your mailing and zip code, whatever, right? Anything. - Anything like that, you're going to go to your account, and you're going to go to the subscription page, and go to the bottom, and that's where you can edit your credit card. Okay, and then do I have to hit 'Update' on that one? Yeah, it'll actually pop up in a little box and then you'll hit 'Update' on that. Okay, so that's one of the ones that you do have to update, okay, for it to take effect. - Okay. - Yes. All right, so let's move onto Tasks and Alerts... - Can I just go back for a quick hot second? - Oh, sure! Okay. On June the 14th, y'all, Anna is... I won't be here, but Anna is going to go through with you when we talked about all of the different subscriptions, and the differences, and why you want to have, okay? And what is the difference, what are the prices, right, and the 'why' behind it, and what does each one of them do. So from Basic, to your Plus, to your Silver, and then to your... - Do we call it Gold and then Platinum? - Gold, then Platinum. Okay, Gold and then Platinum, right? And what does one offer that maybe you might think, "If I did this, I would have this," but not necessarily, right? - Right. So, we are going to walk you through all of... Well, she's going to walk you through all of that on June the 14th, so make sure you tune in, okay? Okay. Yep, definitely! Okay, so, Alerts and Tasks. Just really briefly on this, a lot of people ask me what that little bell on the top right-hand corner of their page is all for. It's Cheryl, ringing her bell for y'all! That's what it is, exactly. See, yay! So, that is actually the alerts. So, anything... this is actually the same as the things you get the notifications to your e-mail for. But they're alerts in the system. So, if you click on that little bell, it drops down the most... the five most previous alerts, and then there's a 'View All' at the bottom, and if you click 'View All', then that shows you all of your alerts. And so I just wanted to go through what these alerts are... - I was just going to say it, let's just talk about what is an alert. Yeah. So, alerts, again, are... A lot of these are task-oriented, because the system creates tasks when you have a new lead through your My.tupperware website. It creates a task. If you're a director, and someone in your down-line recruited someone, right, it creates a task for you to call that someone and welcome them, okay? - Right So, those are there. There's also... If you created your own task, right, because we can create... and we'll show you a little bit later... tasks to remind you of things. - Right So, those would be there as well. But it also includes a couple of other things. One goes along with reports, and we're going to talk about that, I believe in four weeks. - Okay. And there's a way to, you know, do custom... Like, put little filters on your reports and run them and download them, and sometimes it's not done right away, so it alerts you when it's done, right? Oh, okay, okay. And then also, again, those billing alerts... - Oh, the billing... - They don't show here. Okay. Saying that my credit card has been charged. Yes, and if you look at this alert page that I showed you, it actually has little folders on the left-hand side. - Okay. - And it... Well, actually, you can click on 'Billing History', and it will show you only the billing alerts, fairly simple. - Okay, okay. And you can click on 'User Tasks' and it will only show you the ones... the tasks from you... what you've created. Okay, so, okay... So, there's ways to go and kind of drill down. Okay, so when Anna and I were talking about this last night, I said, Okay, Anna, let me just give you an example, a field example. So, let's just say that Danielle hit my website, right, and she has a lettuce container... That's what they call it. I have a lettuce keeper,right, and I'm missing the seal, right? Or, I'm missing the thumbtack, or whatever, right, and so you're like, "Well, shoot doggy!" If you're new, you're like, "What is that?", okay, so... If you're seasoned, because I'm not old, you know it is our lettuce keeper or our Super Crisp It, right? So, I could go in and I could create a task, then and there, right, that I'm going to follow up with Danielle because I was able to secure her a brand-new, or the seal, or whatever she's missing, right? Then I could follow up and create a task for two weeks to make sure that she received it, right? - Yep. Especially if she doesn't live anywhere near me and I'm shipping it to her, I could create my own task and say "Follow up with Danielle and make sure she received her blah, blah, blah, and is she happy?", right? I can create that, right? Yes, and we'll show you in a few slides, yep. In a few minutes, right. If I go to a party, guys, and somebody says, "You know what, we always talk about pencil dating," right? So pencil them in their date-book, pencil them in your date-books, right, and then you can go home, create a task, right, to call back, you know, so and so... Annie, in two weeks. So now you have it in your date-book and you also have it in your task. So then if you're out, it'll show up, right? I can go in and I can see it and I could put Annie's information - because my date-book is at home, right? - Exactly. - You got it. - So, it's a win-win, once you learn the usefulness of how to use the task, okay, guys? - So, okay, perfect. - All right. So let's move on to the Contact Manager, all right? And a lot of people see this and think, "Well, I don't really use the e-mail, I don't need to use the Contact Manager." but there's some great things in here that you definitely want to use, especially when it comes to the leads that come through your My.tupperware website. - Right. So, just a reminder, the Contact Manager is available from the Tools menu, and when you click on it, the very first thing it does, right in the middle of the page, all of these things with the little red buttons are your new leads, right? - Okay, - okay. - And it's letting you know to contact them. - Okay. - This is from a test, So don't look at all these names, right? Really weird names, so... When you click on that name, it brings up their details. And this is a question, one of the biggest questions I get asked, Cheryl, right, because we know that on that My.tupperware website, they fill out a form, and they put their name, and they put their e-mail, and they put their phone number. They do a little drop-down that says, "I'm interested in the opportunity or the party or the product or fund-raiser," right, and then they fill out, they type something in. A lot of them type something in. So, where is all of that information? Well, the name and the phone number, the e-mail address, and even what type of... What they chose when they dropped it down is all on this screen. - Okay. - Okay? So, once I click on that person's name, right... Yes, all of that is on that screen. But what's missing is what they typed in, right? But if you go down in the very center of this page and click on 'View History', then that's where you're going to find whatever they typed in. Okay, so if you go over to and you click on 'View History'... - Yes And then when it comes up, I'm going to see everything that they typed. Yeah, you're going to see... You'll see where they were created, you'll see any notes they typed, you'll see any interaction you've had with this record. But that's where that will be. And I know that we want to see it all on the same place, and so I am trying to get that moved to this screen, the 'Details' screen. - Right, so when I look... Clicked on the Details, I said to Anna, "Why can't we just put it here in this white space?" right? Right. Exactly. And that's what I want. So, we don't have to... - One click! - Yeah, that is on my list for sure, yes. One click, it makes it easy! Okay. So, all right. So, while we're in the Contact Manager, let me show you just a couple of other things. And again, right in that middle column, are all your choices... just pointing out the... It says 'Calling strips', but these are really just word choices that you might want to use when you're on the phone with someone. Right, they're just kind of references for y'all, and, you know, they are things that I worked with the Communications team, guys. But I will say this, and I will say it, and say it, and say it... make sure when you're doing it, these are just some guidelines for you and word choices. Make sure you're infusing your personality, right, and make it you, because if you're reading a script, trust me, they know, okay. And I'm so disingenuated because I don't feel like it's authentic. - Exactly. So these are just kind of thought starters and maybe just to kind of get you started, okay, so... And then we have 'Notes', and this is great. So that you can actually take notes whenever you interact with them. I think it's great, you know. Maybe you write down their kid's name, so that when you call them the next time, you could say, "Oh, my gosh, did Susie graduate? I know that she was really close." And then you, you know... That's just an authenticity that you can't buy. Okay, guys, so let me tell you how seasoned I am, okay? We used to do this, and we'd have our little file box, okay, and we would file 'em on 3x5 cards. And we would write that information, because you couldn't put it all in your date-book, right? So, we'd write it on our hostess's stuff, so that we could follow up, and I used to do it all the time, especially if there was something big coming up in their life, like a wedding, right, a big anniversary, they were taking a really dream vacation. If there was an illness, right, or an accident or something, and I wanted to follow up. So, now you can put it all here, it's all online. - Yeah, now your file card is here. Stars and garters, it just makes it so much easier! - It does. Okay, so, use it. - And then we talked about tasks earlier. - Yes. So right here, you can actually create a task that's tied to that user to remind you to call them. To call them back, right. So if, you know, after the dream vacation, or if somebody graduated. So, "Hey, Daniela, it's Cheryl. So how was graduation? It looked amazing! So, just wanted to say congratulations." or "How was the wedding?", "The dream vacation?" Or, "How are you feeling?" if it's been something that they've been ill or something. - Yep. Or even if they have somebody in the family, right. Can I tell you to get a phone call from you to a hostess or a really good customer, or even somebody in your organization, your company, or directors on your team, or managers in your unit, to say, you know... I mean, I've said to Anna, "So, how's Stan doing?" right, and just following up, because, you know, Stan had a surgery, right. So, just following up, "How's Stan doing?" so... - It means a lot. Yeah, so, guys, this is a great way to get started, and it's a great, useful tool. I just don't think people realize what you can do with it and how to use it to benefit your business, right? - Right. So, good job. Thank you. All right, so let's talk about widgets, Cheryl. Yeah, remember the widgets, y'all. - So, what's a widget? - What's a widget? I know what a widget is. - Do you? - I know, okay. So, it's not the widget of the week, okay? So, that's what we used to say - if we were doing a Sales Force challenge, right? - That's right. That's where we got the word from. It's all those little boxes on your homepage, all those little areas on the homepage that are... got a little grey box around them. They are all little individual creatures called widgets, you know. And you can... at least the bottom half once you can move them around, you can remove them, you can add new ones. And my advice with widgets is to play around with them and don't be afraid. Because there's nothing that you can delete - that you can't add back, - Right. So nothing's lost forever. - And there are some widgets that are in place, - Yes. - that you cannot move, right? - Like you can't get rid of Cheryl here. Yeah, sorry, guys. And isn't it kind of easy? This is what I said to Anna, "So, everything on the top half of the screen, the widgets are in place and I can't move them, right? But everything below it, like, the center... Like below the center line..." - Below that last 14 days, yep... - Yes. Those are widgets that I can customize, I can move them around, I can delete them, I can add them, I can do whatever, right. So if it's above, you're stuck with it, right, but if it's below, - you can customize it, okay. So sorry, guys, - Exactly. you're going to have to look at my face. So, okay, so... So, you can only do this on a desktop, you can't do this on a tablet or your phone. Right? - Right, so you've got to be on our desktop, right? - Yes. - Whether it's a desktop, your PC, right? - Yep. Or a Mac, or whatever, it just has to be a computer. - You can't use this or your phone. - Exactly. - Okay. - So what you do is that... I'm pointing at that little, tiny box that says 'Widgets', 'Edit Widgets', I think, and if you click on it, it actually pops out this little box. And this little box has all the names of the widgets that are available to you to add. Can y'all see that? Probably not, it's a little box... They can probably see it better than... - even than you can... - Okay, good. So, when you look at that... in this particular case, I decided I wanted to add the Personal Recruits History. So, if you click on the Personal Recruits History in that little pop-out... Click on it and hold it and then pull it and drag it down onto the screen, you'll actually see it create a little box, and if that's where you want it, you just let go, and then boom... there's the Personal Recruits History. Okay, Personal Recruit History... Is that the people who... all of my personal recruits? That's your personal recruits. Right, whether they've come in through the My.tupperware, they've hit the My.tupperware website and I've recruited them, or I met them at a party... - Yeah, no matter how they're recruited in this. - No matter how they're entered, whether they do it, I do it... - Exactly. Right. - and it's just a monthly number, - Okay. and there's just a little grey bar. And it just is a number, right? It doesn't give me all of my - new recruits' information, right? - No, you can get that in the reports section, and we will talk about that in a futureTupper Tech Talk. Right, okay, but this would be just if I wanted to know - how many personal recruits I've had, right? - Exactly. - Just something to look at every day, right? - Right. And only I see that, right? So, as a business leader, they don't see their people, - or an org, or a director or a manager, right? - Right. This is just the personal... and you can see there's different types of widgets. - Yes. - Yes. So, then another thing you can do is, you see how on this screen, - I have the business snapshot on the left? - Okay. - Maybe I want it on the right. - Okay. So, there's these three little bars that are right next to... - that are stacked on top of each other. Right? - Okay. - Next to the name of the widget, - Okay. and if I click and hold on that, I can drag the widget. So, here I am dragging the widget from the left side to the right side. - Ohhh! you showed me that yesterday, yes, okay. -Right? So, it's really easy to move things. So, just look for the bars. Those little bars that are stacked on top. And so you see, I was dragging it, and then we get here, - and it's now on the right-hand side. - Okay. - Okay? - Yeah, perfecto! And then, the next thing I wanted to show you is how to delete a widget. So, if there's a widget out there that you don't really use that much, you can just remove it from the page. It's really easy, that little trashcan, right? Oh, yes, I remember it. Right next to the little three lines that are stacked, - there's the little trashcan, right? - Yep. and you'll only see those stacked lines and the trashcan icon when you've hit the little 'Edit' and popped out the box. Once you close that and get rid of it, everything's locked back in place. - Right? - Okay, okay. Oh, that's good to know. Okay, perfect. Yeah, so, I just wanted to take a second - to remind everybody of probably my favorite widget, - Okay. and that's the progress report. And... here you go, - I didn't print that one out for you, sorry. - Oh, I'll just watch the screen. And this is just my favorite, - unless you're already a leader. - Right. Then this progress report is really cool. But I remember we trained on this, so it is pretty awesome. Okay, so you want to walk them through, just in case we have some new viewers? It shows you what your current title is and it shows you your progress towards your next title. And it breaks out that progress, so that you know each of the steps you need to take. Wait, so it breaks out your personal, right, sales, - it breaks out your personal active recruits, right, - Yep. - and it also breaks out your unit sales, right? - Exactly. And this will go for consultant going to manager, manager going to star, star going to executives, and then in the DIQ program. - There'll be a little checkbox in there, yeah. - Right. So then I can track that, - as I'm in my DIQ program, right? - Yep. So, and then, once I'm at a director, right? it doesn't... You can go star to director, yeah. So, have my progress with that, right, so, it's pretty cool, right. And you can keep this on the front, so that you can see it, right, on a daily basis. And it's animated, it's really cool, nice and visual. Yeah, it's fun. Okay, perfecto! All right, a little update, I want to talk about - the business snapshot widget - Okay. that is on your homepage by default and most of you probably still have it. We added a little pink link - to the bottom of it called 'My Upline'... - Okay. Oh, here it is, I don't need to advance the slide... and when you click on that, it actually expands and it shows you your Upline. And this is a test user, so you're not seeing a lot of names in there, but it'll show you your recruiter's name, and then, you know, if you have a manager above that recruiter, their manager's name, and then the director's name above that, all the way up to the regional. And the reason we did this is because a lot of our consultants especially, that are brand-new, and earned their way to Jubilee, and they get there and they're like, "I'm not really sure which regional I have, " or whatever, so this is just a great, kind of, view for them to see that. And so, let me... And I know we talked about this yesterday, and I don't see it. But if I am a business leader and I recruited you, I would show up as... The recruiter would be Cheryl Smith, right? Manager would be blank. Okay, but I would... - My name would appear next to director... - As director - and business leader. So, you'll be there three times. - Okay, and business leader Okay. So, if I'm an organizational leader, it's going to be under recruiter, under director, because it's on my orgs... - my personal team, - Yep. and then the business leader would then say who the business leader is, right? - Exactly, yeah. - It's a real simple calculation, - Okay. but it's getting that information out there. Okay, perfect. So, if you're... especially if we're doing a challenge like for Regions Week, - Yes. - Right and, you know, they're like, "I'm not sure what region I'm in," right, they can go in there and look and all of the regionals are in there, so that way, they'll know instantly, you know, where they are. And I will tell you, sometimes, guys, on Tupper (indaudible] and stuff, they're brand-new, this is their first time ever joining us, and they might say, 'I don't know - who's my business leader," right, - You'd be surprised - how many times we get that question. - So, yes. So, it's a great way for them to go in, to be able to find out who they are, so it's a great tool for you to be able to use this with those new consultants - so they always know. - Yes. So, good, okay. Allright, so Sales Force Website, okay. So, you know, there's a lot of words. There's a lot of words, and a lot of lists, and you're trying to find a needle in a haystack, Cheryl, right? So, I'm going to give you some tips. And my tips aren't going to help you find absolutely everything, - but it's going to help you out a lot, all right? - Okay. So, when we go into the Sales Force Website, the most important section is the 'Last 14 days'. And just to explain what that is, it is quite literally, anything that has been added, or edited in the last 14 days, right. - Can I make a comment? - Absolutely. So, when I was still on the field as a business leader, as that's what my title would be today, I used to tell all of my new consultants at Success Class, you want to go to the 'Last 14 days' every Saturday morning, okay. Now we do get... you get your 'My Week' e-mail to you, you can also get it on your phone, right, guys? Lots of different ways, but I used to tell my people, "Go to it on Saturday morning, right, check it again on Tuesday, okay, after Monday, check it again on Tuesday, and then go back in and check it, like, on a Friday," right? Just three times a week, guys, three times a week. So, my directors... everyday... Guys, I would get up, and after I did my bike ride, got Ashley off to school, went and did the bike ride, came back, one of the first things I did was I would go in and check last 14 days. Because I knew that that's where Tupperware was going to communicate to me, - and I could find it instantly on the last 14 days. - Yep. So, it's really important that you guys are checking your last 14 days. - Definitely. - Okay. So while I'm here on this screen, I want to point out a couple of things. One of the things that's missing since September is the date. - We used to have a date column. - We did. And so we are working really hard to get that date column added back... And in the meantime, Norah's group has been wonderful and they're giving us these dates to add into the description field. So, you'll see those dates in the description field, you know, temporarily, until we get that added back. And that will just make it easier. So if there's a revised flier or if we've revised something, you're like, "Well, what was the other one, is this the new one, is this the old one? I don't know." So, the dates will tell you, right? - So, love it, thank you. - Yeah. - And then the next thing I want to show you here... - Thank you, - Nora, and Communications. - Yes, thank you. The next thing I want to show you is, anytime you're looking at any of these resources, if you look at that location column, it actually tells you where that resource lives - in all of those categories on the left. - Oh, on the left-hand side. - So, it's nice to look - Yes. and kind of glance at that and kind of learn over time - where things live, - Right? Right, love that. - Okay, so let's move on. - Okay. - And I want to... Okay, - lots of arrows... There's lots of arrows. Cheryl has... you should show them all your arrows. Can you all see my arrows? So, We're just going to... I animated them, but I didn't animate them for Cheryl. - So, lots of arrows. - So I want to show you on the left-hand side, these are actually broken down. When you see those pink names, right, those are categories, so each one of those is a category. When you expand that category by clicking on that "+" sign, then underneath you have sections that are part of that category. And when you click on a section, it shows you a list of resources in the middle, right. So we call these 'Resources'. So, for example, the one we're looking at is the Host Flier, that I'm pointing at here, and that is a resource. And then, when you click on this attachment thing, and you expand it out, these are attachments. So that's the four things I wanted to point out... you have categories, and underneath, you have sections, and when you click on a section, you have resources - and those resources have these little attachments. - Attachments. - Okay. - Got that, y’all? So, when we’re looking here, we’re in the… It’s the Added Offers section, right, and the first one is the host, and then we have the consumer underneath here, and then we have… Let’s see, I think we have the thousandth birthday month added on that we had. Those are the different resources. But first I want to take a look at one of the host fliers, so I’m going to click on the English attachment from the host flier, and this is what I see. So, it pulls it up in a viewer, right, so I can see what that looks like. But, if I want to download it, which a lot of us want to download these and print them, right, and save them for later. This download button on the right, this little icon anytime you see an arrow pointing down in a little box, that’s a ‘download’ icon. - Okay. - So, that’s what you're going to click if you want to download it, and it’s just going to download it to your ‘downloads’ folder on your computer. And then you’ll go open up the ‘downloads’ folder - and there it is. - And then there it is. Then you can click it and print it and run with it. - Exactly. - Okay And if you just need to view it, you're viewing it, you can scroll through the pages here, you can see everything. And on the US, whenever we have something like this, Anna, we’re going to show you the US English - and then we’ll show you the Hispanic, right? - Exactly, so, that’s the next thing - I wanted to show you. - okay. - Am I jumping the gun? Sorry. - No, that’s fine. This teeny-tiny arrow and trust me, we’re going to make sure that that’s not teeny-tiny, we’re working on that that’s to the right of one of two for this resource, if I click that little tiny arrow, then it’s going to take me to the Spanish, right, because that was the next attachment in that resource. And if it was… If there were nine attachments, I could keep going. And you just keep clicking up there, right? - Yeah, keep clicking and it’ll go to the next one. - It’ll keep going next to the next one, next one, next one, next one… Now, remember we were looking at the host’s resource, but there was the consumer resource underneath that, Right, So, up at the top we also have this ‘Next Resource’, - Okay yeah - Right and if I click on that, it actually brings up the next resource, which is the consumer. So, this is the first attachment - in that next resource. - In the next resource. And once again, it would be English, and then, the next one would be Hispanic in the US, and in Canada, it would be Canadian English - and then Canadian French. - And then French, right. And so, if you’re going in on Monday and you're wanting to download all of these fliers, then this is probably the quickest way, is to just keep clicking ‘Next Resource’, and then you download each one. - It’s all right there for you. - You don’t have to go back and forth. Don’t go back and forth. One click, okay, so… And then really, really important, Cheryl, we’ve talked about this before, and it’s important - in My Sales, it’s also important in My.tupperware, - Yes - is that we don’t click that back button, Cheryl. - Yes, I know, don’t do that. Don’t click the back button, click the X that’s in the top right-hand corner. So, just like, guys, I used to drill it in my I used to say, when you’re in your My Sales, never, never, never, never Did I say “never” enough times? click the back button, right? So, you want to do the same thing when you're in your My Sales Force Website, just click the X, okay, don’t click the back. Okay, perfect. - All right. - Right - So, then, Cheryl, you wanted to talk about this. - Okay, I did, because on the left-hand side of your Sales Force Website, there’s a little icon that says ‘Training and Coaching’, right, and if you click on that ‘Training and Coaching’, guys, there’s nothing there, okay, because everything… And it says, it’s all been moved to the training website. So, if you see where Anna has it circled at the very top, right next to ‘Sales Force Website’, it says ‘Training’. If you click on that, the ‘Training’, if you click on that, - it opens up another website, okay. - Yes. And we’re going to do a whole Tupper Lab on that. And we are, we’re going to walk you through so that you understand that entire website, right, because we’ve had lots of great feedback, so thank you, guys. Just the other day, Matty was telling us we had over 300 views on some of the videos in the training website, so… And that’s just been in the last year, guys, so, you’re using it, so thank you. So, that’s where you want to go for all of your training stuff. And then, everything is video formatted, but on the left-hand side, we have toolboxes. And there is a Consultant toolbox, a Manager toolbox, a Director-and-above toolbox, and a Business Leader toolbox, and then there’s a Community toolbox. Now, business leaders can see everything in everyone’s toolbox, directors can see their toolbox, Manager toolbox and Consultant, managers can see Manager, and consultant can see Consultant. Everybody can see Community, and what we put in the Community toolbox are things that you would want to use all the time, and I don’t want you to have to go hunting and pecking for it, right. So, my auction money is in there, things like that, that, you know, you would use on a regular basis, that everybody might use at a party, - we put those in Community, okay? - Right ,yeah. - So, we’ll do a whole Tupperware - Okay. Live on that. But I wanted to just make sure you guys were aware of the training website, okay. Alright, so I want to talk about the Search, Cheryl. Yes, oh gosh, yes. There’s a little bit of a stigma around the search - so let’s just talk about that for a second. - Yeah let’s just call the duck a duck. Let’s call a duck a duck, so the search didn’t use to work, right. - No. It didn’t. - It didn’t. - No. - But, I can tell you that while it doesn’t work 100% of the time and that’s because sometimes we call something different than you call it, - Right. - and we’re working on that, it does work a lot better than it used to. And I know a lot of you are telling me, "‘Oh, I use the search for everything, I find everything with the search", right, - Yeah you. - so yeah, I just wanted to show you - a couple of tips, right. - Okay. So, we have this great flier that Communications and Creative have created for us, that you can print out and sit with your new recruits and talk them through the different levels of My.tupperware, like whether they want the Plus, or the Silver, right, what we’re going to talk - about in a couple of weeks. - Yes. So, this great flier on other different subscription levels. - So let’s search for it... where would that live? - Because I don’t... I have no idea, - I don’t know. - which are those categories - I don’t know… Where would it be? I don't know - Right… So - let’s take a look. - Okay. So, I go to the search and I type in the word "Subscription", no ‘S’ at the end, right, nothing at the end. That’s really important when you're searching for a word, don’t put an ‘S’ at the end, don’t put an ‘ed’ at the end, don’t put an ‘ing’, because you don’t know what we put it on it, right but if you just use the base of that word, - you're going to find it, okay? - okay. So, I just typed in "Subscription" and the results that came up. You can see the second thing that came up was exactly what I’m looking for, which is the My.tupperware subscription plans. - Yep, it’s right there. - Yep, and then all I have to do is click on "Attachments" and there is the flier download… So, let me ask you, so I’m fairly new, and my amazing director, Norah told us that there was a host flier, a one week consumer offer, right, and I can’t... she’s gone, she’s at soccer, right, so oh my stars and garters, where is it? If.... When I hit the search button, this is my... this is what I get confused on. Do I call it a host flier and it would come up? Is that what I would – if it’s a consumer offer... If I typed in "consumer offer", or just "consumer"… - Consumer – it would come up, yes. - It would come up, right? So if I typed in customer, would it come up? If it was a customer offer, yes, - Right so whether we... - because we actually call them those things. Right, we call them consumer, some people call them customer, right. - Custom excuse me No, Anna... So it’s customer. - Custom cumtomer So if I typed in "consumer", it would not come up. - Right so "customer" - Okay so it would have to be so we have to type in what Tupperware’s - word that they call it, - right. Right? So, that way if I typed in "Surprise packs", would that come up? If we had, yes. - Like this week, we have surprise packs - Then, yes. - for our customers. - I would type in "surprise". I would start with surprise, I would always start with one word and maybe add a second word - if I needed to, allright? - Okay okay So you can search sometimes by different words? - Yes. - Okay, that was my whole point. So, okay perfect. Okay. And we’re going to get, the search is going to get better, it’s going to get better. - I don’t want to spill the beans, all right. - Okay so So, let’s talk about the "My Sales Menu", just a quick reminder, this won’t take long, I just want to remind you that from inside of My.tupperware, you have this" My Sales Menu" in the very top and when you click it, it drops down and you can use these to go straight - into My Sales, - Right. - Yes - Right so, that is always available to you and you can – it opens up a new tab and you can just close it when you're done and you're back in My.tupperware. Which is nice, I really have to say I like that. So, it didn’t use to be that way. If we were in My Sales, we were in My Sales, then we’d have to logout and re-log back - in to the My.tupperware. So - It’s all connected, now it’s all the things together. Yay! I think it’s a good idea to teach the new recruits to login to My.tupperware. - Yes I agree. And then go into My Sales - and then go to My Sales - through the My.tupperware. - Because ethen they’re going to be seeing you on the video they’re going to be seeing - the latest news, I think that’s important. - Okay, I agree. Alright so, and the last menu I want to hit is the "Tools" menu there’s a couple of things here that I think some people might not realize are here. - Okay. - So, this is really important for those of you who have a paid website. Because you’re going to have online orders, - right, and one of the things… - As long as they have their Sales - the month before… - Well no, online orders… Oh online orders, oh the Tupper Connect… Well, or just online orders… Or online orders because they have a paid website, I’m sorry, yes, forget what I just said, okay. So, you can see those online orders, you can see the total in My Sales - but you can’t see the customer’s name, - Name. their contact information. But you can in My.tupperware, okay? And these were some older reports that haven’t really been converted. But, they’re still very helpful. - Okay. - So, in the "Tools" menu, the second to last thing says My Website Orders and when I click on it, I get this little pop-up, and in this pop-up, you can see, I can see the date an order was placed, I can see the person’s name, I can even see my Sales credit and my commission, right. It’s all right there. And if I click on the person’s name, then it’s going to pop-up the items - they actually ordered… - Which is a big deal… It’s a big deal, right? And then also their information, and this is important when it comes to that customer’s information, their e-mail address, their phone number, they have to opt in, well, they have to not opt out I guess, I should say, right. So, when they place am order, there’s a little checkbox that’s already checked, Right. As long as they don’t uncheck that box, then you’re going to get to see this information. - Okay. - Right, if they uncheck that box, they’re saying to us, I don’t want you to contact me and that means - we can’t give you their information, right. - Okay So, if you ever see a message that says ‘This customer asked not to be contacted’, that’s what happened, right. And you also see that, like, if an order is placed, you might see that for 15-20 minutes, until it gets updated, you might also see that. So, I would wait till the next day and come back and… Okay, so this is really helpful with your TupperConnect Party, so, if I had a party with, you know, Kali, right, and she had three or you know, four TupperConnect orders, because I key in the orders at the party, that’s on My Sales, right, and I can see all of that. But, I can’t see the people with I know there are sales there, right, because I - it’s TupperConnecting, it’s connecting those sales with Kali's party so I know what it is but I never knew like who it was and how much, this is where you go to find all of that guys. And then, if you look at the next thing, in that Tools Menu, that is the My Party orders, right, and that’s where we’re going to see those TupperConnect and when you click this, the very first thing you see is any of your TupperConnect orders - or your parties, right. - Right. - So, you're going to see the host names, - Right. so, that’s where I’m pointing at right now, these are host names and when you click on that host name. Well here, let me walk you through. Yeah, let's go through it. So, you see not just the host name but you also see the party reference number from My Sales is there, and then you have the number of orders, right, and your sales credit and commission are all here. But, you also see here in the middle, these dates, and how many days are left like I said, this is an old report that hasn’t been reformatted, - so, let’s just, we’ll ignore those - Okay - so just pay no attention. - Pay no attention. - Okay. - But, if you click on that host name, then it’s going to take you to a detail about their party and you’ll see all of their orders, online orders. - The other TupperConnect online orders, right? - Exactly, right - there on the bottom. - Yes. - Right. - Right, right down here. And it’s the same as I showed you before. If I click on that customer’s name, then it’s going to pop up their order detail… - Right, what they ordered, right. - Yeah. And this is a great example. You can see, this particular customer opted out of sharing their information. So, you only get to see their name, I think their city and state, - and what they ordered, of course. - Right. And that’s it. And we can’t change that. We can’t, no. So, we have to do that by law, right? Okay, so… But at least now you know where to go. So now you know where to see your online… Somebody hits your Tupperware website, places an order – don’t you love it when you're sleeping and you're making money? - Yes. - Love it! Right? And then if you want to see your TupperConnect orders, right, and how much sale I mean, how many orders are coming in through those online sales through TupperConnect, you click on your My Sales… I mean, not the My Sales, the… - My Party Orders. Yes - My Party Orders, right, and then you’ll see all of your TupperConnects - by the party, right? - Yes. By the party, which is really cool. So, it gives you your host name, and then all of the customers that have ordered through. So, you could do some recognition, you could even give a challenge to your host, guys. I just had an idea! You know, we always talk - about having 10 guests in attendance, right, - Yeah. at the parties, right, because we that’s just a golden rule of thumb, it’s 10 in attendance. Because we know if we have 10, - seven will probably show, right, - Right. and if I have seven show, I’m probably gonna… My odds are pretty good that I’m going to get at least 1, if not 2 datings out of that, right? Could you imagine having – giving your hostess a challenge to have… TupperConnect that party and have 10 online orders? - That’s a really great idea, Cheryl. - Oh, my stars and garters, guys, you could do that! So, that’ll be a fun – and this is how you can track it, right, and you can see it. I love it! Yay! And that’s a good way to connect the in-home party with the people who can’t attend, and give your hostess a – So maybe she has seven in attendance, so she didn’t hit that “10 in attendance”, but maybe she doubled and had that many online orders. Maybe you would want to give her that extra gift, right. So, maybe you can combine the two, or double up, if she does 10 in attendance and 10 online orders, you double her gift. Or, I don’t know, just all kinds of fun things. So, that just popped in my head, y’all. So, good, yay! Okay, we’re always going to tie it back to the party as long as I’m here! So, okay… All right, so let’s talk about this we said this at the beginning, but I just want to make sure everyone understands. We’re going to get these slides put on to My.tupperware they will live in the technology and social media tips and tools until we get to where we can download them all and put them in training. And this video will be you can go to Tupper Live - and see this video – it’ll still be there, right. - Okay. And, like I said, we’re working on downloading all those videos from Tupper Live and putting them into the training section on My.tupperware, just to make things easier. Yeah, so it’s a one-stop when you're looking for videos, - it’s all right there on the training website. - Yeah. But, right now, you will have it available - on the Livestream, right, and you are going to post - Yes. - this PowerPoint under… On your My Sales, - Yes. - under technology and social media… - Technology, I always have to look. technology and social media tips - and tools, it’s really long. - Okay. - So, it’s really long and it’s down at the bottom. - It’s on the left-hand side, it’s down at the bottom. - So, we’ll get that posted today? - Yeah. Yeah, we should get it posted soon, - and then we’ll get it translated… - Translated and everything… Okay, great. Well, Anna, you do such a good job, - I know everybody loves you, so, thank you for this. - Oh, thank you. You do a great job too, Cheryl. I appreciate it. So, do we have any questions that have come in, Daniela? Yes? Okay, so we’re going to answer questions, we’re not going to ask, okay, we’re going to answer. So, okay, so here we go. All right. Okay, so the question that was asked the most, it seems like a lot of people are getting a lot of spam e-mails, so do we have a spam folder under e-mail, on My.tupperware? I do get asked that question a lot, and it’s something that’s been really difficult for us, but I know that we are working on that, and we’re hoping to get a solution in there towards the end of June, that’s the last thing I heard, to reduce the number of spam. - But here’s what I always tell people. - Okay. If you're not giving your My.tupperware e-mail address away, which most people are not, right, then there’s no reason for you to look in that inbox. I know that sounds really weird, but if you go to Tools, and you go to Inbox, on the left-hand side, there’s a couple more folders. One of the folders says “Contacts”. So, all of your new lead e-mails will be in that. There won’t be any spam there, right? Oh, okay. - So, you can ignore the inbox until we get this fixed, - Okay. and just click on the contacts and you’ll see all those new lead e-mails. Okay, okay. Oh, that’s good to know. - Thank you. - That was a great question, thank you. Yes, that was the most asked question. How can I get notified that someone has placed an order on my website? That is something that is on my list, Cheryl, and it’s not something we have right now, but I promise you, it’s on my list. Okay. So right now they wouldn’t know unless they went in and looked, right? So whether you go in and click on your personal if you go into My Sales, right, and you click on your personal sales, guys, it takes you to your personal history page, and it’ll show you what you have keyed through the My Sales, but it’ll also show you your online sales, two to three on My.tupperware, so… But right now, we don’t have, like, a notification that would be sent to you that says, “Hey, somebody just placed an order on your website,” - unless you go and look for it, right. - Exactly. So, good question. And the last question is, what is the reason we don’t click the back button? Why? Well, then you're going to make me get really techie and talk about when I used to be a programmer. Okay, but just tell me that – I can tell you, in My Sales, if you click the back button, you have the possibility - of doubling up everything, right? - Right, so, the thing to remember is that when a webpage is shown to you, there’s no connection to us now. You're just looking at this page with no connection to us, until you click something else, right. We don’t know what you're doing until you click something else. So, sometimes when you click the back button, we think you’ve started something. We don’t know how far you got with it, - so we just send you back to the beginning, - Right. - and you don’t want to do that. - You got to start all over again. Right. I used to do that, y’all. It used to frustrate the snot out of me, right. Hit the back button, then it’d take me all the way back to the beginning, and I’m like, “Ugh!” And I’d have to go back and start all over again, and then go back into My Sales, click that on, go back in, find where I was, click that on, - look for the attachment if I’m looking for a flier. - Yeah. Right, so it’s just a pain in the drain. I will tell you, in My Sales and I’m not sure if it’s still this way, but it was up until as long as I know - I think it still is. - If you hit the back button, guys, and you're keying an order or a party, it has the potential to double up everything that you’ve already done, right. - So, that’s it… And that’s not good, okay, - Right. because whoo! So that’s why - you just don’t hit the back button. - Exactly. Okay, great. Great questions. Daniela, anything else? - No more. - She said, “No more.” - Okay, I think we’re done. - Awesome. - Yeah. - Okay, so, you know what, guys, thanks for joining us, and you know how much we love and appreciate you and as (Inaudible) always says, - “Think big, start small, but begin now!” - …now!

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2017 - MyTupperware Basics (English)

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