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Violin: -Let’s try a version that goes until the beginning of measure 33… so that we would not make a diminuendo before that. Piano: -Yes. Which measure? Cello: -26. Piano: -Let’s start from 25 since the unit begins here. Violin: -Yes. Cello: -True. (Playing) Piano: -This is such a difficult page turning... Violin: -Now it was very clear. Cello: -It was much better. This is how it should go. Piano: -Great, great! Violin: -Yay! Piano: -We and Riikka should somehow shape the motion to secondary theme between measures 34 and 35. It is surprisingly difficult how to link it. It would be nice if you can start quite directly. Violin: -So no time there? Piano: -Maybe not so much in here, or what do you think, Csilla? Cello: -Well, let’s at least try it like that because I have the same thing than you had before. If there is a too big change it is difficult to continue from there. But this is basically like this all the time. No matter where you take your time, it will always be wrong for somebody! Piano: -Yeah, you are right. We can try it like that. At least for now, I would not like us to go quite quickly over the barline. But when Riikka begins the melody in m. 35, there is no rush to the next note. Cello: -Do you mean that in your place there is (sings the piano’s 16th notes of measure 34)? Piano: -Yes, but then again, maybe not... ...there is the diminuendo, which I continue...or do I? Or is it more like (playing)? By the way, I have an accent in bar 34. Violin: -Ah. Cello: -Okay. Piano: -So maybe not to slow down too much, but, on the other hand, it can be also like this (plays): Cello: -And one option is that you slow down at the end of you figure (sings) Piano: -Yes... Cello: -Yes, there are many possibilities. Violin: -Maybe not too much, though.

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