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SpaceVidcast SpacePod 28.6.10

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Jason Rhian: Hi, I'm here live with the two guests who host Star Trek Live, Sovak and Commander Sean Christopher. Sean: That's right. Jason: Guys, tell us a little bit about what guests can expect to see when they come see this amazing setup you guys have here. Sean: Well it's the first day of the Starfleet Academy, which is important. We have all our cadets ready to get ready on their adventure through the Starfleet program but something happens, something that we wouldn't expect and it's a Romulan threat. Then we're introduced to this gentleman. I call him Sovak. Sovak: And we meet Simian, who is a Romulan threatening to destroy the International Space Station so he can obtain the core, one of the most intelligent and creative scientists of the 21st century. Jason: Now, from what I understand, there are a lot of tie-ins showing how what we're doing currently in space could benefit the future. So tell me a little bit about that. Sovak: Absolutely, well we talk about NASA's research with 3G phones is it? Sean: Yes, 3G phones. ... and how it is much like my modern tricorder and how it senses chemical and biological data much like a phone. Sean: And there's work being done with that right now and it's interesting that you know, these things that seem so impossible in the future are really being sparked now as we are learning about space and technology. These shows, this Star Trek, is really something that makes people think that that's possible and that's how we achieve these great breakthroughs. Jason: So you see Star Trek as basically a point of inspiration that's guiding where we're going towards in the future? Sean: Exactly. Jason: And that part where we go back to the moon and on to Mars, this would help exploration efforts such as that? Sovak: Indeed. In fact we use the Hubble space telescope to solve the problem that we deal with. Sean: Exactly. And there is actually work being done right now to get an outpost on the moon and to make that next trip to Mars. So we're very excited about that and hopefully we'll get to be a part of it. Do you think you'll hang around for that Sovak? Sovak: That would be highly illogical. Sean: Of course. Jason: Well with that, we know Sovak's got to get back to the 23rd century I believe it was? Or was it the 24th? Sovak: It is far in the future. Farther than you can imagine. Jason: I will accept that. I'm not good with math. And with that guys, we're going to make it a wrap for the day. Thank you for taking the time and thank you very much for putting on Star Trek Live. Sean: Well, thank you for coming out. More at

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Posted by: spacevidcaster on Jul 2, 2010

When vacationers visiting the Central Florida area search out fun, interactive shows to take the kids to the first locations to come to mind are probably Disney World or Universal Studios. Now there is a third option -- Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (KSCVC). The roving KSC reporter had scheduled a visit to KSCVC to film a segment on the Astronaut Encounter and Shuttle Launch Experience attractions (stay tuned for those segments) -- when it was decided to include a third, awesome segment regarding one of the complex's newest editions -- Star Trek Live.

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