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Kabbalah 3 - Class 1b Rav Increase Desire

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But in event, what remain is the thought that we should never forget wether we're going to be talking about restriction, but at the same time, we are here to learn how we can increase the desire to receive! How do you increase the desire to receive? I will give you the most simplest step, the most simplest step that you could begin. I say, where the Kabbalist has long forgotten, and that is: Go home tonight! Take 10 minutes and say "How many days a year am I happy?" Count them up! 365? I would doubt that, if you are involved in business its impossible, right?! I would doubt it! the banks, the customer, [the stock market] the stock market!! I mean, its too many factors right?! ok. How many hours a day do I have pleasure? I make a decision at the moment:"I want to be happy 365 days a year!" Never thought? First is it possible? But anyway, that's the most elemental state of developing your desire to receive, because we all forgotten that, you mean we could be, how many times do I hear people say: "be happy all week? Give me a few days in the year!" What has happened is that the KLIPOT has gotten so strong, not the problem of restriction is what we are facing today, we are facing people aren't aware of the fact that they are not demanding, we think people are demanding, people are hungry, people are selfish, ... they are not! The struggle is what they are looking, what they have already accepted! [You know, this busy thing of how many days are the other non happy, you know, thinking of how many days...] It's so simple! What does that demonstrates for us? What does it demonstrates for us? How remove we are from HEBREW ? How far from the desire to receive? We think we all have our desires to receive and... because they'd be great, of course! I'll give you one example... think about that I want to be happy one more day that I am or that I've being for the last ten years, a week more, a month more... start from there! start from there and then see what happens! and then see what happens!

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