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Planet 51

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[music: ZZ Top - "La Grange"] ♪♪ (narrator) Astronaut Chuck Baker had all the right stuff... (Chuck) Throttling down now. ...but on a routine mission to explore a distant planet... ...he was prepared for anything... [toy squeak] Huh? [squeak exhale] ...except this. [dog barking] [yelling] [tin dog barking] [slurping suction noise] [alien boy yelling] [inhales deeply] I can breath! I found the alien. I'm not the alien here, you are. You are. . . You are. What? What? Heh? Eh? Hello! Hello (narrator) This thanksgiving, (boy) If they catch me helping you, who knows what they'll do to me. Rover! Boy am I glad to see you. Is it true you're hiding the alien? Search the house! [rubber glove snaps] This is obviously alien writings. It says "Surrender or die". Di - abolical. (narrator) The only way out of their world... There's a command module in orbit, and if I'm not it in 74 hours it goes back to Earth without me. Capische? You want me to take you to your flying saucer? Look, kid, you're my only hope. to try to fit in. [Chuck clears throat] Let the Dr. handle this. Ladies, who wants to meet an astronaut? [ladies scream] They're gonna eat us for dinner! Aliens don't want to eat us. Aliens? They want to harvest our organs and enslave us in their mines. [kids scream] Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. We better run! On November 20th Where's your master? Talk! [mechanicial jibberish, liquid pouring] Open wide, or the big monster will getcha. [crashing] [crickets, his smile rings] [scream] [electro-mechanical noises] [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 14, 2010

Planet 51 Captioned Trailer

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