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What is the significance of dreams? Sadhguru

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What is dream? Most of the dream... ..over 90% of the dream.. just unfulfilled desire.. Because you have no control over this..You are not playing the desire, the desires are playing you Anything that you see, you desire.Isnt? We have no, this about, ok, i should desire for this and not for this. Anything that you see, your mind just runs after it. You may not pursue it really, but at that moment... Oh i wish i had it, i wish i had that. Everything that you desired for, till now... ..when you go from here today at 5.30 or 6 If all of it is waiting for you at home, you are finished. All the things and people that you desired for in your life.... ...if all of them are waiting for you at home, can you live there? hmm? Can you? ...No... So, isnt it a fortune that your desires have not come true? (everyone laughs) So because you are desiring in an unbridled way, is not in your control. All of it can never be fulfilled in life. But it needs to be worked out..because... Once you desire something, you are investing a certain amount of energy in that direction. You need to understand this. Now, if i say, oh! i want these lights..... immediately, a certain amount of my energy is invested.. in that direction. Now, i forget about this. Oh, i want the camera! I am investing certain amount here. But this is still going on..... I may not be conscious. But this is still going on In a day you do this with hundread different things. You become all scattered.. You are so scattered; Now, endlessly, mind is just going on with meaningless thought Because constantly your energy is been thrown in different directions... Its not going in one direction. Have you noticed? At a certain time in your life.... When you had a deep longing for something in particular... You created a big longing towards something At that time, all these things disappeared... Have you noticed this? Yes ? You invested in one direction. Suddenly all these thoughts just disappeared from your mind So dream is happening simply because your mind is just been constantly scattered around with desiring process. And all of it can never be fulfilled in reality So, you are working overtime in the night. Fulfilling them.... in fantasy ways... Yes, there are other dimensional desire But they are very small, if such things happen To some individuals we will handle it We dont have to disturb everybody with such dreams Desire is just, free cinema. Enjoy it. hmm.. Whether is a horror movie or a love story or a suspense thriller Just enjoy it.What is your problem? Free cinema they are showing you. (Everyone laughs) - End -

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seeker asks the question, what is a dream? Sadhguru explains that over 90% of a dream is just unfulfilled desire. (AO7)

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